Kara Isaac: The Writer & Her Book (with giveaway) Coming in early 2018 from Bethany House Jennifer Delamere: The Writer & her Book (with giveaway) The Whys Have It by Amy Matayo

Lawana Blackwell: The Inside Scoop! with a giveaway

Lawana Blackwell



The Inside Scoop!


Lawana Blackwell

and her Victorian novel

A Haven on Orchard Lane

Bethany House


I grew up in…Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I was inspired to write my first published novel by…my mother.

The books that have most influenced my life are…biographies, actually!

My biggest challenge when writing is…staying focused.

One of my favourite authors is…Rosamunde Pilcher.

If I wasn’t a writer, I would be…a geologist. I fell in love with rocks on a family vacation to Tennessee in 7th grade. South Lousiana has none beyond the size of gravel.…

Cover Art Reveal: Waterfall Press Summer 2016


I’m super impressed with Waterfall Press, Amazon’s Christian imprint, and the quality writers they are selecting. Amy and Tammy are two of my favourite writers, I adored Christy’s traditionally published novels and her writing has exploded with her indie books. Rick Acker is a fabulous writer – I own his first editions of his books below and I’m really looking forward to his October release, Death in the Mind’s Eye, which I will feature here when more information is to hand.

Kudos to Waterfall for their honesty with readers, highlighting that Rick and Laurie’s books are reprints, especially Laurie’s …

The Reading Habits of Victoria Bylin and a giveaway

Victoria Bylin



The Reading Habits


Victoria Bylin



Are you a re-reader? Why, or why not? And if you are, what are some of the books you have read over and over?

There are several books I’d like to read again, but when I look at the stack of new ones on my desk, I usually grab one of those. What I frequently do is reread favorite passages–the ones where the language sings or the kiss is just too exquisite not to read again … and again.

Charles Martin’s books do that for me. There’s always a paragraph …

Bookish Question of the Week

BookishQu250Here’s a fun question for you all! I’ve never been one to celebrate anniversaries on my blog – or blogiverseries as they are called – but when September rolls around this year, Relz Reviewz will be 10 years old! I can hardly believe it. A decade connecting readers to books and authors – it blows my mind, really.

Despite my usual non-existent approach to these things, I do think ten years of blogging is worth celebrating, don’t you? And given that this blog is about readers and authors, I’d really love your ideas on what YOU would like to be …

Character Spotlight: Julie Carobini’s Liddy & Beau



Meet a hotel concierge and an entrepreneur in 

Julie Carobini’s

contemporary romance

Walking on Sea Glass

Dolphin Gate Books


The Story

Falling in love could tear them apart …

Suddenly single, Liddy Buckle flees the desert to work at an up-and-coming seaside resort with her best friend, Meg. The breezy backdrop of an inn by the sea offers Liddy the dream of starting fresh, but soon she is shocked to discover another setback brewing in her life. Despite the battle that lies ahead, she finds herself drawn to Beau Quinn, a captivating widower with a wounded heart of

Made Perfect in Weakness by Lynnette Bonner

Made Perfect in WeaknessSynopsis:~

Rovuma River, Headed Inland, Mid-1866

Resigned to the fact that Papa has made up his mind and will not return to Zanzibar, RyAnne determines to make the best of it. She won’t leave her papa to die alone. But with the arduous journey they face, Papa might not even make it a few days down the trail, much less the weeks it will take to reach the village where he’s determined to build his mission station. What will she do if he passes away before they arrive? Recently she’s seen a softer side to Captain Dawson, but can she