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Making Marion: Where’s Robin Hood When You Need Him? by Beth Moran

Making MarionSynopsis:~

She had been looking for somewhere to stay, but instead Marion Miller finds herself on the wrong side of the reception desk at the Peace and Pigs campground and, despite her horrible shyness, promptly lands herself a job.

Marion came to Nottinghamshire–home of Sherwood Forest–to discover her father’s mysterious past, but all she has to go on is a picture of her father dressed up, it would seem, as Robin Hood.

Life on a busy campground challenges Marion’s formerly controlled life–the pigs roam free, the resident chickens seem determined to thwart her, and an unfortunate incident with a runaway

Bookish Question of the Week

rp_Quoftheweek1-300x300.pngA quick and easy question today! Family sagas – are you in or are you out?

Series seem to be pretty popular these days and family sagas seem to be the rage – Susan May Warren‘s Christiansen family, Dani Pettrey‘s McKenna clan, Denise Hunter‘s McKinleys, even Karen Kingsbury‘s Baxter family who populated more books than I can count! And who could forget Dee Henderson‘s O’Malleys? Orphans who created their own family.

What appeals to you (or not) about a series of books that focus on the one family? Do you have any favourites?

I’d love …

Character Spotlight: Cathy Elliott’s Thea James

imageMeet an antique lover in

Cathy Elliott’s

Quilts of Love novel

A Stitch in Crime

Abingdon Press


The Story

Thea James has accepted an assignment as co-chairperson for Larkindale’s first quilt show extravaganza. Juggling the new assignment with running her antique business, she’s already feeling frayed when things start to unravel.

Mary-Alice Wentworth, a much-loved town matriarch, respected quilt judge, and Thea’s dear friend, is covertly conked on the head during the kick-off Quilt Show Soiree, throwing suspicion on her guests. It also appears that a valuable diamond brooch has been stolen during the attack. The family is furious.

Character Spotlight: Susan May Warren’s Casper Christiansen…with a giveaway

Always on My MindMeet Mr. Charming & Impulsive in

Susan May Warren’s

contemporary romance

Always On My Mind

Tyndale House


The Story

After a failed dig in Honduras, aspiring archaeologist Casper Christiansen heads home to Minnesota to face his unresolved feelings for Raina Beaumont, the woman of his dreams. But when he arrives unannounced on her doorstep, he receives the shock of a lifetime: Raina is pregnant with someone else’s baby.

Heartbroken, especially when he discovers the identity of the baby’s father, Casper tables his dreams and determines to be dependable for once, helping his older brother, Darek, prepare the family resort

Bookish Question of the Week

QuoftheweekWhile I don’t have the time these days with my reviewing obligations, I’ve always loved to re-read my favourite novels. They are like comfort food to me :)

I’m a bit of “fussy librarian” when it comes to looking after my books – most often you can’t tell I have read them but then there are those that you can see have been loved on a little bit more than others. Here’s some books I’ve read multiple times:


  • Angela Hunt’s Heirs of Cahira O’Conner series
  • Francine River’s Mark of the Lion series
  • Bodie Thoene’s Zion Covenant and Zion Chronicles
  • Dee

Siri Mitchell: Discover more…with a giveaway

Siri MitchellDiscover more about

Siri Mitchell

and her historical romance

Like a Flower in Bloom

Bethany House


A book character that sticks in my mind is… Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables series). She was always so completely herself. Absolutely unique among the characters of literature.

The last book that made me cry was…One Shenandoah Winter. I re-read it this Christmas.

The last book that made me laugh out loud was…Becky Wade’s Meant To Be Mine.

I’m completely immersed in their storytelling, whenever I read a book by…Maureen Lang. She’s my critique partner. I …