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Character Spotlight ~ Linda Leigh Hargrove’s Isaac Hunt and Catty Wright

Today the spotlight shines on…………………………………….. Isaac Hunt and Catty Wright

Linda Leigh Hargrove’s first novel, The Making of Isaac Hunt is a heart wrenching story of a man desperate to find where he really came from and who whose true family is. There is lots to think about in Linda’s stories so it is great to find out more about her characters here ~ enjoy!

Brief physical description

Isaac Hunt is a young fair skinned blue eyed black man. He has strong African American facial features but is so fair he could pass for white.

Think Wentworth Miller.

Catty Wright

Character Spotlight ~ Kevin Alan Milne’s Katrina Barlow & friends and US Giveaway

Today the Christmas spotlight shines on…………………………………………Katrina, Dr Ringle and Molar
Christmas is the time for little gems of novels to make their presence felt and Kevin Alan Milne’s latest release, The Paper Bag Christmas, is such a gem. Kevin kindly provided background on all three of his major characters so enjoy the insight:~

Brief physical description of your main characters:

Katrina Barlow is a contentious nine-year-old girl whose physical appearance has been marred by cancer and the intrusiveness of the medical treatments she has endured. Little remains of her once beautiful brown hair, and her scalp and face

Page 56 Meme!

CJ Darlington has tagged me to play this fun book meme.

The rules:

Grab the book nearest you, turn to page 56 and go to the fifth sentence, typing that sentence and a few others around it.

For me it was a toss up as to which of the books that surround to pick up! The lucky book was Fireproof by Eric Wilson

Page 56, sentence 5:

“That sounded like surrender, like giving up. But who was Caleb fooling?”

I now tag Tracy, Cee Cee, Jennifer, Deborah & Ausjenny

Have fun!

Havah: The Story of Eve by Tosca Lee and Open Giveaway

Fashioned by the hand of God and the rib of man, the first woman’s story was born, one of exquisite joy and crushing heartbreak that would forever shape the destiny of all humankind.

Havah and the Adam live a life of beauty and ultimate harmony in the Garden created by the One for his creation. Communing as one with their Creator, the animals, the earth and its overflowing bounty, joy and peace fill their souls until that fateful day. A day when temptation and desire collided with the enticing allure of the serpent’s honeyed words. Their idyllic world shatters and

Character Spotlight ~ Elizabeth White’s Gabriel Laniere

Today the spotlight shines on………………………………………………….. Gabriel Laniere

I have loved Beth White’s stories since reading her novella, The Trouble with Tommy, in the anthology, Sweet Delights. You will have to wait a little longer for Tommy’s spotlight but for now I have Beth’s latest leading man, Gabriel Laniere from her recent release, Redeeming Gabriel. Enjoy!

Brief physical description

Gabriel Laniere, hero of Redeeming Gabriel, is half Creek Indian, half French-Canadian. He’s dark-complected, dark-eyed, with black hair. As the foster son of a blacksmith, he’s tall and strongly built. Think Michael Greyeyes…

Strengths and weaknesses

Having trained as a physician, Gabriel …

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Tricia Goyer, a wife, mother, “Generation Xer” and author of 18 books including “Generation NeXt” series, “From Dust and Ashes,” “My Life UnScripted” and the children’s book, “10 Minutes to Showtime.” She won Historical Novel of the Year in 2005 and 2006 from ACFW, and was honored with the Writer of the Year award from Mt. Hermon Writer’s Conference in 2003. Goyer’s book “Life Interrupted” was a finalist for the Gold Medallion in 2005. In addition to her novels, Goyer writes non-fiction books and magazine articles for publications like Today’s Christian Woman and Focus on the Family. She is