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Character spotlight ~ Eric Wilson’s Cal Nichols

Today the spotlight shines on…………………………Cal Nichols

When I asked novelist Eric Wilson to share about his character, Cal Nichols, Cal himself decided to visit! Can’t get better than the character himself sharing about his own life :) Be sure to read Cal’s story in Eric’s Field of Blood and the just released, Haunt of Jackals.

Thanks Cal (& Eric!):~

Brief physical description

Cal Nichols…Being one of those raised from the grave when the Nazarene died and was resurrected (Mt. 27:50-53), I am immortal. I’ve changed looks to hide this fact, but I’m tall, broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped, with tan skin

June Bug by Chris Fabry ~ Tracy’s Take

What is it About?

Nine year old June Bug never thought to question anything her Daddy told her. Not until the day she walked into a Walmart in Colorado and found herself staring at a picture of herself on the board of missing children. All of a sudden June Bug (or is her name Natalie Anne Edwards?) starts to question everything about her life and who her Daddy really is.

Johnson and June Bug have lived a vagabond life in an RV, drifting wherever the road takes them. They’ve never been inclined to stay too long in one place,

Worth A Thousand Words by Stacy Hawkins Adams

Life has always gone Indigo Burns’s way. She’s smart, pretty, and talented, and she knows exactly what she wants. A photography internship at her hometown’s local newspaper is the next step in her well-laid plans for her future. But her long-term goals are put to the test when her boyfriend Brian proposes–two years before he’s supposed to and in front of all the guests at her college graduation party. Too concerned about his feelings to say no, she heartily agrees, but inside she’s cringing.

Indigo knows in her heart that she’s not prepared to sacrifice her dreams to become Brian’s

Coming in 2010 from Revell ~ Historical/Amish

Next up from Revell are their historical and Amish releases for 2010.

Thrilled to see debut author Sarah Sundin starting a three book series set during World War II and Jill back with her second book in The Wives of King David, Abigail!

Suzanne, Ann and Amanda write beautiful novels so you there is plenty to love about next year!

Enjoy and remember to click on the links for more :)

The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher

With a vibrant, fresh style Suzanne Woods Fisher brings readers into the world of a young Amish woman torn between following the man she …

Coming in 2010 from Revell ~ contemporary

Now it is Revell’s turn to reveal what’s in store for 2010!

Highlights for me are Sharon Gillenwater’s book ~ I love her Scottish Highland books from many years ago, two new romantic suspense novels from Irene and Lynette and Ginny Smith’s final Sister to Sister novel. That being said, I am really looking forward to Janice’s Weddings by Bella series which debuts with Fools Rush In in September and I have just finished reading Stacy’s Worth A Thousand Words which was very enjoyable!

To summarise, I can’t wait to read them all – LOL!!

Your thoughts ~ Covers? Story

Character Spotlight ~ Claudia Mair Burney’s Amanda Bell Brown & Jazz Brown

Today the spotlight shines on……………………..Amanda Bell Brown & Jazz Brown

Claudia Mair Burney is courageous, funny and deeply reflective and her writing exposes those traits beautifully! Deadly Charm is the final book in her Amanda Bell Brown mystery series and is well worth discovering. Enjoy this insider’s peek into what makes Jazz and Bell tick!

Thanks, Mair:~

Amanda Bell Brown

Brief physical description

Bell is short, a mere five feet one and three quarters of an inch tall. She has what she’d sarcastically call “generous curves”. She wears between size ten and twelve, and her weight varies from 140 to