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Defiant Heart by Tracey Bateman

Fannie Caldwell has been trapped in a life of servitude to an abusive master and for three years she has plotted to escape with her younger brother and sister. Blake Tanner’s wagon train is Fannie’s chance but convincing Blake to allow an unmarried women on the train proves to be an impossible task. Refusing to give in Fannie takes an incredible risk to protect her siblings but her past life threatens to endanger them all.

Tracey Bateman’s first Westward Heart novel, kicking of the new Avon Inspire range is a lovely read. Fannie is down to earth and her desperate

The Divine Appointment by Jerome Teel

President Richard Wallace finds himself with the potential power to alter the course of judicial thought when a vacancy arise on the United States Supreme Court. The President, believing this very decision is God’s reason for him becoming president, calls on Porter McIntosh, his Chief of Staff to ensure his nominee, Judge Dunbar Shelton is confirmed despite the opposition he will face given the judge’s conservative views. When the stakes are as high as reversing of the Roe v. Wade verdict on abortion, this will not be limited to a vicious political bun fight. Blood will be shed and the