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CFBA Blog Tour of Wedgewood Grey by John Aubrey Anderson

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing Wedgewood Grey
(Faith Words, February 2007)
by John Aubrey Anderson.


John was born five miles north of the setting for Abiding Darkness, a cotton country town within a rifle shot of two rivers, a bayou, a double handful of lakes, and endless acres of woods.
After graduating from Mississippi State, he flew six years in the Air Force then twenty-nine years for a major airline. And now he gets to write.

He and his wife have been married for forty some-odd years and live in Texas—about twenty

Book giveaway ~ Fair Game

Here’s another book I have to give away to any of my Australian readers ~ Fair Game by Elizabeth White. Just post saying you would like to be entered into the draw by Monday 26th February, 07.

Leave an email address so I can contact you :) Just leave a space before and after the @ so trawlers can’t pick up the address.

Wedgewood Grey by John Aubrey Anderson

5 Stars

“If you forget everything else that happened here tonight, you need to remember this…this isn’t a crossroads, it’s a threshold.”

Missy Parker is married and has moved away from Cat Lake but despite the passing of fifteen years, the evil that lurked in the murky waters still exists biding its time for her return…

Mose Washington shares his days with his former employer and now close friend, Mr Bobby Parker, ignoring speculation about their unusual relationship from folk who don’t know any better. His evenings are spent wandering around the woods watching the deer and thanking the good

Book Giveaway!

Oops! Aussie readers ~ Forgot to add the book giveaway to my review post……let me know by posting a comment here that you would like to be entered into the draw for a copy of White Chocolate Moments before Friday 23rd February!

Midnight Sea by Colleen Coble

4 1/2 Stars

Midnight Sea is Colleen Coble’s latest Women of Faith novel and draws on characters from her Aloha Reef series.

Leilani Tagama is making every effort to lay to rest her reckless past, working on her aunt’s coffee farm and pursuing her love of floristry design when she is blinded by a bullet in an attack against a fellow worker.

Ben Mahoney reluctantly agrees to help Lani as she comes to terms with her blindness as he has a special affinity for those without sight, stemming from his past and the guilt that eats away at him. He