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Wings of Morning by Kathleen Morgan

3 1/2 stars

The second book in the These Highland Hills series by Kathleen Morgan reintroduces the reader to Iain Campbell, Scottish laird and warrior, who was thwarted in his love for Anne in Child of the Mist, the first book in the series. He has returned to his home, Balloch Castle, and is leading a peaceful, if somewhat lonely life, far from the intrigue of the Scottish court. Searching for cattles reivers on his land, Iain stumbles across a gravely injured woman who cannot remember her own name and brings her home to be cared for by his

Deliver Us from Evelyn by Chris Well

4 stars

Chris Well has provided another genre for the ever burgeoning Christian market by writing a feisty crime novel, complete with quirky characters, great dialogue and the detestable Evelyn Blake.
The sequel to Forgiving Solomon Long continues the story of Detectives Tom Griggs and Charlie Pasch as they focus on the mysterious disappearance of Evelyn Blake’s billionaire husband. At the same time an anonyomous employee of Blake Media is posting tell all blogs regarding the erratic and dictatorial Evelyn and a religious con artist is cooking up a scheme to line his pockets with contributions from the faithful.…

Possibilities by Debra White Smith

3 stars

Debra White Smith continues her series of contemporary retellings of Jane Austen novels with a fresh look at Persuasion. Possibilities tells the story of wealthy Allie who regrets her decision of a decade past to reject the proposal of the family’s yardman Frederick Wently on the basis of social prejudice.
Frederick reenters Allie’s life after sacrificial service in the war in Afghanistan as a pilot. Allie’s family fortunes have waned due to the indulgent lifestyle sought by her father and sisters and Frederick harbours bitterness stemming from Allie’s rejection of him in the past. Both Frederick and

Castles in the Sand by Sally John

5 stars

Sally John has penned another novel with a poignant and challenging message. Kenzie’s father, Drake Starr, is the pastor of an expanding church, her mother, Susan, the epitome of a submissive wife. Kenzie’s announcement of her pregnancy to Adrian Carlucci, despite their unwed state, shatters the Starrs’ world with Drake shunning Kenzie and demanding Susan do likewise.
With the encouragement of some precious friends, Susan embarks on a journey of self discovery risking all she has held dear in an effort to find her true self and reconnect with her unforgiving husband and defiant daughter.
This book …

The Guy I’m Not Dating by Trish Perry

4 stars

Trish Perry has written a delightful, contemporary story about life, love and trying to do it right!
Kara has sworn off dating after her last relationship went south when her boyfriend’s true colours were revealed. Gabe is making a fresh start with a new city and business venture. Their humourous first encounter is filled with embarrassment and attraction and you can’t wait to see where it will lead. Gabe is intrigued by Kara and her dating philosophy. Kara is regretting her philosophy as soon as she claps eyes on Gabe!
A road trip with three wayward teenagers, …

A Seahorse in the Thames by Susan Meissner

5 stars

Susan Meissner has written an intriguing and inspiring story that was impossible to put down. Alexa Poole has spent a good part of her life finding meaning in supporting her older sister, Rebecca who has an aquired brain injury, resulting from a car accident.
The Poole family has been torn apart following the accident, emotionally and physically, dividing the family. When Rebecca goes missing from her residential centre, Alexa’s search for her uncovers more than she ever imagined of past hurts, personal frailty and rediscovered hope. As the mystery of Rebecca’s disappearance unfolds so does Alexa’s budding