Character Spotlight ~ Robert Liparulo’s Taksidian with signed giveaway!

Today the spotlight shines on…………………………..Taksidian

I was hoping Bob would be able to share some insight on his bad, bad guy, Taksidian from his Dreamhouse Kings series in this spotlight but something went seriously wrong! I think I’ll let Bob explain ~ I’m not going to rock Taksidian’s boat, that’s for sure!

Over to you, Bob:~

First, a word of explanation. It wasn’t until after midnight that I sat down to answer your queries about Taksidian, the man who causes so much trouble for the King family in my chronicle of their adventures, the Dreamhouse Kings. I like to write in my study by the light of the computer screen and a fire, so I wasn’t aware of someone else in the room until Taksidian stepped out of the shadows. The guy’s creepy in broad daylight; he’s an outright nightmare in the dark. He insisted on answering your questions himself, though I did make him promise to be honest and transparent (as much as a black chunk of evil can be). The following are his words, for what they’re worth.

Over to you, Taksidian:~

Brief physical description

Stunningly handsome, if I do say so myself. Actually, I’ve heard people say my face is a bit gaunt, but that’s only from lack of body fat. I like to keep fit–strong and muscular. You can say my occupation demands it. Hard to chase down people when you’re out of shape. In ancient Assyria I trained as an assassin, so I became strong and agile. Though I’m now over fifty, I’m proud to say I’m as fit as ever. (If you calculate my age from my birth year, I’d be over 2,700 years old; I found the portal into the Dreamhouse when I was in my twenties.)

I’ve kept some things from the era of my youth, such as armour (in storage) and a dagger (always with me). I’ve also kept my hair long. It’s kinky, black, and hangs to my shoulders. My eyes are as green as a lizard’s hide–I love the way people shrink under their gaze. My fingernails are long and sharp, last-ditch weapons in a fight. I’m rarely seen without my black leather trench coat. Forget fashion; it helps conceal the many scars I’ve sustained, as well as my weapons.

I’m told Lance Hendriksen could be my twin. You know, the actor from the Alien movies . . . even though the guy tries too hard to appear genteel. But I have to say, he was wickedly good in Near Dark, playing a old vampire. Xander King should appreciate that, with the way the boy’s always relating things to movies. I’ll ask him if I remind him of Mr. Hendriksen . . . next time I go after him with my dagger.

Strengths and weaknesses

Ah, strengths: too many to enumerate. Cool concentration, charm–I guess you’d call it old world charm, a calculating mind, physical strength (but we’ve been over that), patience (to a point), the ambition to get what I want. Occasionally, I get people to do my bidding through bribery, but I much prefer intimidation. It’s amazing how easy it is to scare people. (You should see Liparulo, pacing in front of the fire, throwing me frightened glances, practically shivering out of his clothes from sheer panic at my presence. Xander and David–mere boys–are braver than this joker.)

As far as weaknesses, ha! Wait a minute . . . Liparulo says I should mention that my single-mindedness can sometimes drive me to rash action, but I really don’t believe he knows what he’s talking about. Wait a minute . . . the man is rambling now, totally out of his mind . . . something about narcissism, heartlessness, greed. Pay him no mind. Ok, ok, I did murder my best friend, but I had to in order to win a challenge and move on to the next level of training. Who wouldn’t have done the same? Liparulo is asking about the King children. Yes, yes, they have to go too. The little brats are interfering with my use of the time portals in the Dreamhouse. Again, I ask, who wouldn’t do the same?

Quirk (if any)

I like to think of them as eccentricities. I often find myself rubbing the scar on my hand while thinking. It reminds me of my many battles, the times I wasn’t fast enough or had underestimated my opponent. I rarely make that mistake now. It is I who give scars, now, not get them. Did mention that I retained trinkets from my past? One of these things is the Assyrian custom of keeping a body part from each of my conquered enemies, sort of a way of remembering my victories as well as my own mortality. They make up a fine sculpture I keep on display in my house. It’s gotten quite large . . . soon to be larger as I vanquish this pesky King family.

Your inspiration for the character

I am my own inspiration, thank you. And character? I mean, really, you are as mad as Liparulo. He says to tell you that every good story needs a villain, and since I want the Kings out of the house I guess that makes me the bad guy. As if! Was it I who moved into the house, interfering with another’s hard work? I think not. Thank the Kings for their own misfortune. Liparulo says the bigger the story, the better the opponent ought to be. Well, I like that idea: I am a better opponent. Since it’s taking him six books–oh come on . . . six?–to tell the Kings’ story, what better villain than an ancient Assyrian assassin? Ok, he has something there. But since I’m the one being interviewed here, let me offer some conjecture. Nothing happens by accident. It’s all in the cards or the stars or whatever. Now, look at Xander: a fifteen-year-old tyke who is obsessed by the movies. He revels in the heroics of Gladiator, 300, Terminator. That boy needed a taste of reality. He needed to understand what real heroism looks like, heroism in the face of true danger. I am that danger.

Background to the story

Oh, everything was running smooth as a fire-tempered blade–until the Kings moved into the old house. They soon discovered the rooms on a hidden third floor. These room lead directly into various times in history. But not only can they go back in time, people from the past can also come into their house. Well, of course someone did, and made off with Mom, took her right back into time with him. Now, the family is doing everything to find her–in and out of time, running into all kinds of dangers and I’m sure the boys would say adventures. That’s where I come in. I don’t want them messing about, keeping me from using the portals to change history–why I want to is my business. But never fear, I’ll have them out soon enough . . . one way or another.

Speaking of which, I must get back to it. I hear the Kings think they found their mother. That just won’t do. I have to get to the house, see what’s going on. I have a few places on my sculpture in dire need of parts. And if Liparulo doesn’t stop looking at me like he is, he’ll be the first to contribute.

Um…Bob? Are you still there? All okay? Yikes, I hope Bob didn’t tick Taksidian off too much!

Well, I guess thanks is in order to you, Taksidian, for sharing your honest opinion of yourself. And be nice to Bob, won’t you? We really want the chance to read the last DHK book, Frenzy and we can’t really do that without him!

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To enter, post a comment on or before Sunday 13th December, 2009, telling me the bad guy you love to hate, from a book or movie!

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Come back on Monday, when the spotlight shines on Alex LaDuca from Noel Hynd’s Countdown in Cairo. I’m sure it will be safe to return!!

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44 Responses to Character Spotlight ~ Robert Liparulo’s Taksidian with signed giveaway!

  1. That would be Clint Eastwood's characters. But I'm signing as anonymous so I'm not ID'd.

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  2. The bad guy I love to hate…is probably in a movie. Wow, you've stumped me. My first thought was Hannibal Lecter, mostly because of the psychology of his character. But that answer feels a bit overdone or maybe even cheesy.

    Then my second thought was Joker (Heather Ledger). But that could be because I'm a sap–I'm still sad over the loss and waste of his (Heath, not the Joker) life.

  3. Hmm i would have to say my favorite bad guy i love to hate is Lord Voldemort because he asks so big and bad, but when it comes down to it, he can't win against a little teenager. i mean he has had many people kill other people for him, but when he wants this one person to die, he can't do it. and there is no third times the charm either. the only thing he was good at was intimidation and persuaision.

  4. That's hard. I'm bordering between the Duke from Redeeming Love, and the villain from the de Granville trilogy whose name escapes me at the moment. I wanted to choke both of them. At multiple times.

  5. Benjamin Linus from the television show LOST. Such a complex, creepy, intriguing character–and so hard to figure out. And he's not completely evil…he still has emotions and reasons for doing the things he does. I dunno, he just feels more human–more REAL–and that makes him more despicable than your average villainous villain.

  6. Ahh so interesting. I must say Marsuvees Black, Of the Ted Dekker CHronicles of istory novels.
    Or maybe Saruman. Both evil who paint themselves as good. Just as Taksidian seems to. Yet made of evil that should not be taken lightly. Though merely a puppet to the master.

  7. well taksidian is such a man that gets what he wants, and he probably is thinking that is what is going to happen. but only robert can tell with his new book, can't wait!

  8. Thanks all for dropping by!

    A little hint though – if you don't leave any contact details in your post I can't include in the draw for Whirlwind.

    I need an email or a blog/website address where I can reach you!


  9. I would say the villain I love to hate is Smeagol/Gollum from 'Lord of the Rings' – so creepy!

    I have wanted to read one of Robert's books for a while – hope to win one here!

    Thanks – Andrea

  10. It would have to be Mr Smith from the Matrix, always appearing where never wanted, never a wrinkle on the suit!

  11. Old Glory Soldiers

    Hmmm …. the bad guy I love to hate ….

    Taksidian – he is such a wonderful antagonist! The story would not be the same without him …

    Taksidian represents a very immense force, that this family would have never dreamed they could have faced the challenge, but because of their love for their lost ones they are willing to meet this challenge … no matter where it may continue to take them …

  12. I really would have to say marsuvees Black from the Cile trilogy. Made the story funny bu was really pure evil.


    Jessica N.

  13. I think the most recent "bad guy" i loved to hate was Adam from Ted Dekker's book with the same name. He was evil, twisted, insane and yet somehow you felt sorry for him and wished things had been different for him.


  14. Ted Dekker's Marsuvees Black, hands down.

  15. Hmm… Well I must say, the bad guy that I have always loved to hate is Julian Sark from the TV series ALIAS.

  16. Ted Dekker's Marsuvees Black. 😀 He's one of the few that I can really get into hating. Most bad guys I feel sorry for in one way or another.

    Or even more so–Ted's representation of Teeleh.

  17. i have to say marsuvees black, but since he has already been said…

    i choose Alucard, from Ted Dekker's trilogy. He's so gross and mysterious and creepy!

  18. That would be Smeagol/Gollom from the Lord of the Rings movies. You go back and forth from feeling sorry for him, to hating his guts!


  19. far Gollum has it. How about Zack from Bones?

  20. I would have to say the Joker from The Dark Night as well. I mean he is so creepy but than he laughs when he hurts someone…thats why i love to hate him
    Dustin S.

  21. I would definitely have to say,Taksidian or Count Olaf from "A Series of Unfortunate Events". Although they butchered him in the film by making him funny, he was actually very evil and very freaky almost always. There was an eerie way to the way he kept secrets, he was a great villain!

  22. David Iseminger II

    That interview was AWESOME! Hahaha, absolutely genius!

    And my favorite villian that I love to hate would the Marsuvees Black from Ted Dekker's "Books of History Chronicles" Hes pure and utter evil that walks the earth causing more damage than any one man should be allowed to cause…


    Hope you pick me!

  23. Lex Luthoer, Dr Doom, Darth maul, and Hanibal Lecotr.

  24. So many Dekker comments. Marsuvees Black certainly is a favorite villain to hate. Dekker writes villains so well.

    I'm going to go with the vampires of Eric Wilson's Jerusalem's Undead trilogy.


  25. I LOVE The Tinman from House by Frank Peretti amd Ted Dekker.

    %100 pure evil. There's nothing I find more attractive in a villian than someone who enjoys twisting the lives of others!

    -Robyn :)

  26. Frankenstien, Mary Shelly


  27. Wow, everybody took my main ones. The Dark Knight Joker (Heath Ledger), Benjamin Linus from Lost, Marsuvees Black from the Dekker books, Count Olaf from Lemony Snicket's books, and not to be a brown nose, but Brenden Page was pretty sick.


  28. I used to love to hate Hannibal Lector, but Thomas Harris totally overdid him with he last two novels. So…I have to say Olaf from Comes a Horseman. Liparulo did a good job humanizing him (rubbing the trinket his kids had given him!), but, cutting off people's heads! Years after reading the book, I still think about Olaf. I'd love to read more about him someday.

    I already have Whirlwind (woo-hoo!). Love the series and Taksidian is threatening to become my new favorite! Especially after that interview. Haha!

  29. My favorite villian or bad guy would have to be Darth Vader

  30. Here's a new one, a bit odd selection, but ohh..this character/bad guy of the movie i love to hate…is Annie Wilkes from Misery….that lady is messed up, haha..she breaks that writer's legs to keep him trapped with her.


  31. Marsuuv from Ted Dekker's book 'Green' is definitely a bad guy I love to hate. Marsuuv in this book seemed even more evil than Marsuvees Black, but ultimately, I love to hate them both (or are they the same…. 😉 )

  32. I would have to say Lex Luther from Smallville. There are times when you wonder at how he and Clark were ever friends. Thanks Rel and Bob for the chance to win this book.

  33. The character I love to hate is Marsuvees Black from Ted Dekker's Showdown. I've never actually hated a real character, until I met Marsuvees Black.

  34. The character I love to hate is Marsuvees Black from Ted Dekker's Showdown. I've never actually hated a real character, until I met Marsuvees Black.

  35. My pick is Darth Vader. Though I felt more sorry for him in the end.

  36. I'm the annonymous that accidentally posted my comment twice. My email address is

  37. Although i am not reading this series it would be great for my brother. Would the Sheriff or Guy of Gisborne from the Robin Hood series count?? If not I would have to choose Magneto from x-men 2. Please enter me. Thanks heaps.

  38. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from Star Wars. Thanks Rel.

  39. I would have to go with Gollum and Darth Vader.

    I would love a chance to win Whirlwind!

    Michelle V

  40. Dexter. I can't help but love the guy for all his endearing qualities (& his quirkiness is adorable), but his murderous moonlighting isn't so lovable…even though I often justify my affection for Dexter by reassuring myself that the folks he plays judge, jury & executioner with…well, even though it's wrong, …they really do deserve it!

    mrsrj @ live (dot) com

    Thank you!

  41. I'll say Cinderella's stepmother! (I hope she counts) Please enter me in.

  42. I love Draco Malfoy, i know its supposed to be like the nº1 enemy in the HP movies/books… but i just love him!
    battyaboutbats at

  43. I would have to say Snape (he's not really a bad guy, but he's so serious and mean)

    mkshriver (at) gmail (.) com

  44. Sorry if I'm to late to enter but the only person I can think of at the moment is Taksidian! I just can't wait to read this book!:D

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