Character Spotlight ~ Robin Caroll’s Layla Taylor & Maddox Bishop

Layla & Maddox

If you are looking for great romantic suspense with issues that touch our lives today, grab hold of Robin’s books including her latest, In The Shadow of Evil.

Enjoy this insight into a contractor and a cop! Over to you, Robin:!

Brief physical description

Layla Taylor: Dirty blond, curly, shoulder-length hair with green eyes and sports a muscular build.

Maddox Bishop: Black, short hair with bright, bright blue eyes, 6’1″ and sporting a physically muscular build

Actor/famous person

For Layla, think Kyra Sedgewick and for Maddox, think Rob Estes

Strengths and weaknesses

Layla: outgoing personality….loyal

Maddox: loveable rogue

Quirk (if any)

Both Layla and Maddox have specific phrases that are their quirks

Your inspiration for the character

I love spunky female protagonists who are working in a male-dominated profession. Thus was my inspiration for Layla.

Background to the story

A romantic suspense in south Louisiana in which the modern day issue of building rebound scamming is exposed, leading a homicide detective to lose his heart to a building contractor.

Thanks Robin ~ good to have you back again for a visit!

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  1. Thanks, Rel!

  2. Such a great read!! Left you wanting more! The best of an already awesome series!

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