Days and Hours by Susan Meissner and Aussie Giveaway

When lawyer and mother, Rachel Flynn wakes to the sound of her own screams, she realises the case she is working on is taking more of a toll on her than any case before. Newborn baby, Leo Shipley had been left to die in a dumpster and his single mum’s claim to have no recollection of the night seem flimsy at best. Leo’s future rests with Rachel ~ does she return him to his mother whose own family believes she is not fit for motherhood or does Rachel resign Leo to the revolving door of foster care?

When Rachel’s decision results in further tragedy, will she be able to move past her guilt to solve the mystery surrounding this helpless baby and the danger stalking him?

Days and Hours is an intriguing mystery coupled with a compassionate look at the complex and difficult life of single parenthood. Susan Meissner’s prose is tight and descriptive, the reader guilelessly drawn in to the compelling storyline with perfectly timed revelations. Susan’s characterisation is superb, from Rachel, wrestling with the competing demands of her legal career, motherhood and marriage, Marcie, repeating her history of bad choices and the effervescent Fig with his weird culinary tastes and unique babysitting practices! Prepare to be enthralled, dismayed, entertained and totally hooked not only by the twists and turns of the case but also Rachel’s internal struggle. The mystery remains hidden until the closing pages as Rachel’s dreams, and God’s promptings, lead her closer to the truth about Leo and her own future. An excellent addition to this unique series further cementing Susan Meissner’s place on my bookshelves.

Available now from Harvest House.


Post a comment before midnight Thursday 26th October for your chance to win a copy of Susan’s latest book! But there is an extra twist! Rachel is a wonderful lead character – compassionate, strong, wife and mother, dedicated, etc. – please tell me what appeals to you most in a female character :) Aussie addresses only!

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17 Responses to Days and Hours by Susan Meissner and Aussie Giveaway

  1. Can I borrow this one please? Ta Rel. Enjoyed the others in series.

  2. you’re determined to make us work, aren’t you? 😉hmmm, i have never thought about that before, let me see…maybe somebody who has a strong faith-base or else is searching. i guess that translates into somebody with depth of character.please enter me :)

  3. Someone who knows her stengths and weaknesses and is able to use these in a positive way.Ta Rel

  4. Aussietigger your so right this is a tough one.I guess I like a lead I can relate to in a way. someone whos strong when needed and not a pushover.with intergity, but also i like the quirky or funloving side.someone who isn’t a doormat, with compassion and makes us feel. if they make mistakes we can feel with them. I guess someone real not someone whos perfect and does everything right and everything always goes right.

  5. Lucky, lucky Aussies. Seems like a good book.

  6. Compassion appeals to me most in a female character. Please enter me in.

  7. This was interesting to think about. I guess I like someone who is authentic and compassionate. I guess women who have a bit of a can do attitude is also good.Please enter me in!

  8. Could you please put me in the draw too? Ta.What most appeals in a female character? Hmmmmmmmm…When they show their strength of character, determination and grit, but are not afraid to ask for help and who explore and deepen their faith in the process.Tracy

  9. add my name too, please.I find appealing the ability to offer wise counsel when they themselves are not ‘trained’ as a counsellor/pyschologist.

  10. I like a compassionate,relatable,living out their faith kind of woman.please put my name in too,ta.

  11. What appeals to me most in a female character is someone who is not too good to be true. But although I think they need to be believable they must also have that special “something” that we all wish we had but don’t.In other words a character that makes me want to say “hey I wish that was me”.

  12. Please enter me to win the bookA Christian woman who is living biblical womanhood in our present

  13. Wow! This IS hard! I guess, someone that has a good sense of humour, and can take a few payouts:) Also, it helps if they like kids.

  14. Oops! I forgot to say, Please enter me! itsmyemail (at)

  15. Yeah I love a real character. One that I can relate to or at least understand. I love female characters that are really working through their faith, struggling, rejoicing, up and down, it encourages me in my faith and journey with God.

  16. I like a character I can relate to, who has similar life struggles, but can teach me ways to get through. Enter me please.

  17. I love this series, they are fantastic books. I must admit that Fig is my fave character!!!!As for what appeals to me in a female character, definitely some ‘loopy quirks’!!!

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