Digitalis by Ronie Kendig (with giveaway)


An Intriguing Woman Draws a Former Marine into a Deadly Game

Colton Neeley left the Marines to take care of his four-year old daughter. Although he’s firm in his faith now, the repercussions of his former life are still evident—namely debilitating flashbacks from combat-related trauma. But his position with the Nightshade team give him a new lease on life.

Piper Blum is hiding—from life and the assassins bent on destroying her family. Although smitten by Colton, she fears the day he discovers her secrets. Because those secrets could very well put his life and family in danger, too. And no relationship has a chance when it’s built on lies.

Colton must find a way to forgive Piper’s lies, even when her justifications catapult the team into another near-death mission. They’ll find out the hard way if love covers a multitude of sins.

My endorsement:~

This is my endorsement of the first edition and my thoughts remain enthusiastically the same, and actually more so. My recent reread has reminded me just how much I adore this brilliant series!

Ronie Kendig’s debut novel Dead Reckoning set the bar high, Nightshade popped over the top and Digitalis clears it with air to spare! Ronie Kendig has stamped herself as the premier author of romantic thrillers in Christian writing today. Digitalis, the sequel to the brilliant Nightshade, is nothing short of a cinematic experience in written form. With the relentless action of The Bourne Identity, the electrifying chemistry of Speed and the emotional punch of A Few Good Men, Digitalis is a stomach clenching, all consuming thrill ride as the Nightshade Black Ops team is attacked on mission and at home. Ronie’s incomparable ability to express the emotional depths of her characters sets her stories apart. From Colton’s debilitating PTSD episodes, Griffin’s aversion to new blood and Piper’s fear for those she loves, Digitalis bleeds authentic desolation, passion and devotion. Then there’s The Kid, the youngest member of the team whose smart mouth provides the perfect humourous release just when you thought you couldn’t take the tension any more. And if you think I’m overstating it, read Digitalis and I promise to refrain from saying, “I told you so”. 😉 Bring on Wolfsbane and Firethorn!

With thanks to the author for my review copy, both original and the Rapid-Fire Fiction Rewrite

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15 Responses to Digitalis by Ronie Kendig (with giveaway)

  1. What do I like about cowboys…well there’s something about a rugged, hard workin’, horse-ridin’ man….

  2. First off, Digitalis is my all time favorite! Cowboys just have a ruggedness and integrity that oozes from them! Gotta love ’em!

  3. Cowboys….they’re always portrayed as rugged, loyal, hard-working….what’s not to like?

  4. I like their ruggedness and their strong work ethic.

  5. I loved reading my dad’s Louis L’Amour westerns as a teenager so cowboys are one of my favorite types of heroes! I love the ruggedness and hard-working ethic.

  6. What’s not to love about the fictional cowboy?! They’re usually handsome and rugged yet down to earth. And they’re always ready, willing, and able to save the day!

  7. I absolutely love ❤️ reading Military books that have real people in the books. Amazing. Would love to read this book

  8. I married a guy who grew up on a farm. He started riding horses very young,and is a cowboy at heart. He’s a hard worker and enjoys herding cattle when someone needs help. He likes helping his brother on his farm. He taught school for almost 40 years and just does cowboy stuff for fun.

  9. This is one of my fav books. I love the cowboy/rescuer part of Colton & the story that unfolds dealing with relationships and PTSD. I love your review…and I love the cover!

  10. Since I’m a native Texan, it comes naturally! Cowboys have a connection with the land. They are hard-working and have a sense of adventure. 😉

  11. What doesn’t appeal to people about cowboys? 😉 I think the thing that gets me is that they seem to always be willing to sacrifice and do hard things (weather physically or emotionally) for those they love.

  12. This was my favorite of the Discarded Heros books! Such a great story with a lot of impact.

  13. Cowboys are “real” men. What you see is what you get.

  14. As a reader fictional cowboys are usually pictured as hardworking, ruggedly handsome, loyal and adventuresome….sigh….that’s very appealing :)

    Love this series! Your review of Digitalis was AWESOME and I can’t wait to delve into this story. Thanks for the opportunity of this giveaway!!!

  15. Cowboys usually have a great accent. They are gentlemanly, even if they are a little rough around the edges.

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