Let Them Eat Cake by Sandra Byrd & Aussie Giveaway

Tired of disappointing her parents with her inability to retain a job and the subsequent interference by family with inappropriate career advice, Lexi Stuart finally lands a job of her dreams. Well, it will be once she gets past the entry level! Sadly for Lexi no one is going to view her new role as counter help at a French Bakery as career advancement.

Ever the optimist, Lexi hopes that her mastery of the French language and love of cooking will soon see her move beyond the counter into a managerial position especially when the owner of L’Esperance, the attractive and very French, Luc, begins to appreciate the innovations she makes to the bakery.

Yet all her hopes seem lost when, in a fit of pique, Lexi finally loses her cool with everyone’s disapproval and let’s fly with Marie Antoinette’s infamous quote, “Let them eat cake!” in the middle of the crowded bakery, directing her frustration at a valuable L’Esperence client. It seems like her future is toast!

Let Them Eat Cake is as fresh and crisp as a buttery croissant! Sandra Byrd entertains with the likeable Lexi and her search for fulfilment in faith, career and love. Lexi’s desire to please her family while knowing their hopes will not bring her happiness or satisfaction in life is frustrating her no end. As she slowly builds the courage to be true to herself and rejoice in the talents God has given her, Lexi’s journey is sure to resonate with many a reader. Filled to the brim with delectable descriptions of French food, Lexi’s own recipes and interesting characters, Let Them Eat Cake is a fun and mouth watering read. The intermittent illustrated business cards, letters and even a job application form are delightfully unique and add fun and interest to the tale. I am looking forward to Lexi’s ongoing journey in Bon Appetit, releasing in September, 2008.

Available now from Waterbrook Multnomah.

To enter the draw for a copy of this book:~

1. Have an Aussie postal address;

2. Post by midnight on Sunday 16th March, 2008; and

3. Tell me your favourite kind of cake!

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