See No Evil by Gayle Roper

Back of book blurb…

“My home-decorating business was booming, thanks to that new account for model homes in a posh neighborhood. Of course, it didn’t seen quite so posh when I came face-to-face with a man escaping the scene of his crime–a murder right next door to the house I was decorating!”

My review…

Anna Volente is not expecting to find murder, betrayal and attraction while hanging window treatments but find it she does!

Grayson Edwards can’t stand to see a women in danger although his first concern is her rickety old ladder and not the bullet that follows soon after!

I rarely read mass market books but when this one had Gayle Roper’s name on it, I couldn’t resist! See No Evil had me laughing by the third paragraph, anxious by page nine and sighing with delight on page ten! The suspense is palpable, the romance fun and real and unanticipated villains. This book is vintage Roper and a great summer (or Autumn for me!) read.

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  1. See category romance isn’t so bad!

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