Snow Angel by Jamie Carie & Aussie Giveaway

Elizabeth Smith doesn’t know where she has come from but her future goals are clear ~ she just didn’t count on a storm interfering with those plans.

Noah Wesley loves the solitary wilderness that is his Alaskan home but when God calls him to open his front door during a fearsome blizzard, the unconscious woman lying at his feet unlocks a chamber in his heart previously undiscovered.

While drawn to each other during Elizabeth’s recovery, Noah knows he can’t compete with her yearning to stake a claim in the Yukon gold fields. Noah fears for Elizabeth’s safety as she pursues a perilous course but it is a more evil threat from her past that may haunt them forever.

Snow Angel captured my imagination from beginning to end. It is an epic romance with fast paced intrigue and an emotional intensity rarely achieved. Jamie Carie’s gifted characterisation is of a calibre expected from a multi-published author not one writing her debut novel. Noah and Elizabeth have enormous depth, with appealing attributes alongside tangible weaknesses that evoke an emotional and compassionate response. Jamie does not shy away from portraying genuine romantic tension and desire and the dilemma that poses for Noah, a man of faith and integrity experiencing passion and attraction.

Jamie’s prose is elegant yet accessible, placing the reader amongst the icy shards of the blizzard and the muck and deprivation of the gold fields. Faith and belief is interwoven seamlessly, gently revealing the loving heart of God amidst the heartache of loss and loneliness. Prepare to be swept away by this powerful tale of love and sacrifice and become a devoted reader of anything Jamie Carie pens in the future.

Snow Angel is available now from B&H Publishing Group.

I have four copies of this wonderful novel to give away to my readers with an Australian postal address, thanks to B & H’s generosity. As Snow Angel is set in the wilds of Alaska, leave a comment telling me your favourite “wilderness” place in the world, you have either visited or dream about visiting. Leave a comment by midnight Sunday 14th October to be entered in the draw.

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16 Responses to Snow Angel by Jamie Carie & Aussie Giveaway

  1. Hello Rel!Please enter me! It’s funny that you asked about a favourite wilderness place in relation to this particular book, because for me, Alaska has BEEN that place since I saw the movie “White Fang” when I was in my early teens. I just loved the amazing and breathtaking scenes shot in the Yukon and I decided that if I ever went travelling, I wanted to go there, where things were still unspoilt and wild and beautiful.Danielle

  2. I loved visiting Black Hills of South Dakota! :)

  3. I am showing my Aussie side when I say this, but the wilderness I have always dreamed of visiting is in Tassie. Does that count?

  4. like fiona, i was wondering if tassie counts because i REALLY want to go to the cradle mountain-lake st clair area!! :)

  5. Danielle i am the same ever since i saw white fang and a few other ones featuring Alaska i have always wanted to go there and see the iditarod and the northern lights. I looked into going when i was visiting Canada recently but it didn’t happen but one day I really want to visit Alaska.Fiona, i visited Lake st clair and it is awesome and i love the rugged areas in Tasmania.Please enter me.

  6. I loved driving over the Nullarbor! Other than that, I really don’t know:)Please enter me.itsmyemail (at)

  7. I would like to visit the N.T. – Uluru, Bungle Bungles etc or for an overseas destination, Canada. But I have visited the Tasmanian Wilderness.sorry Rel if this has come through twice my computer was acting up:)

  8. Yes Cradle mountain is very beautiful and Wine Glass Bay in Tasmania. But I too would love one day to go to Alaska. It just looks so gorgeous.

  9. Could you please pop me in the draw ~ yes I double checked it was for Aussie’s (silly me!).My favourite wilderness place? Hmmmmmm we’d love to go to Ayre Rock & the Bungle Bungles. Really though, the wilderness sounds better in books than in person in my experience thus far!

  10. Love the front cover of this book. It is beautiful. My favourite wilderness area I have visited is Bryce Canyon in the US. It was breathtaking and I even got up early to go see it, so that says something!Pop me in please Rel.

  11. I’ve never visited a wilderness place and I don’t know if the Victoria Falls in Africa counts. I would still love to see it though. I would also love to visit the vast savanah wildlife areas in Africa. Please put me in Narelle.

  12. I would love to check out the wildlife in Antartica

  13. A work mate of mine went on a cruise up the coast of Canada to Alaska and his photos were awesome. I went to Canada when I was 21 and had a great time and would love to return. But my ultimate wilderness experience would be to go on an African safari

  14. I have seen lots of photos of canada and an alaskan trip of friends which were amazing .This made me really want to experience the beauty for myself so please add my name so I can dream! thanks.

  15. Hey girls ~ thanks for dropping by :) I am loving reading your repsonses and all count – even little ol’ Tassie – hehe!!Great to see you here, Louise! Your mum will be a convert now given she won a book on her first comment – LOL! Hi Wendy :)

  16. Sounds like a lovely story. Please put my name in. My very favourite wilderness experience is in Finnish Lapland in 2005. How could I say anything else!? Snow covered birch trees, northen lights, reindeer…

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