Special Spotlight Part 1 ~ Marlo Schalesky’s Kinna Henley

Today the spotlight shines on……………………………………………….Kinna Henley

Marlo Schalesky’s amazing story, If Tomorrow Never Comes is on tour and I have two special spotlights in honour of this new release! Today you can learn more about Kinna Henley as she struggles with infertility and anger and tomorrow I will spotlight Jimmy Henley, her loyal yet broken husband. I hope to wrap up the tour with a review of If Tomorrow Never Comes, which I have just finished and loved.

Thanks Marlo:~


Brief physical description

Wavy, caramel-colored hair that’s grown darker through the years and now has some gray as she’s approaching 40. Medium height and build. Think Sandra Bullock

Strengths and weaknesses

Kinna is in her late 30’s and obsessed with getting pregnant before it’s too late. As a pastor’s daughter, she’s grown up believing in God, but now finds He won’t give her the one thing she longs for. Her goal is to force God’s hand, to get the baby she desires. As a nurse, she’s kind and compassionate. But she’s also driven. Kinna must learn to release her white-knuckled fingers from around her own plans and dreams and instead choose to love others, particularly her husband, in a sacrificial way.

Quirk (if any)

Kinna spells words out when she wants to emphasize what she’s saying.

Your inspiration for the character

Kinna’s a bit like Sydney from the TV show Alias – she’s goal-oriented and determined, but she also has a good heart and tries to do the right thing. (Think Sydney wanting to get pregnant and approaching 40!)

Background to the story

They say you can do anything you set your mind to. This time, they’re wrong.

A story of love washing out with the tide.

Of hope held like grains of sand.

Of a future as elusive as the fog.

A woman walks alone on the seashore, longing for the baby she cannot have. A man turns from a flower stand, remembering a love that used to be. But it’s gone now, lost in the yearning for a baby, hidden by years of failure and fear.

Now, they have nothing left but the memories of young love. Of dragons and princesses and swords made of driftwood. Of a stolen dance in the moonlight. Of a kiss that was supposed to be just pretend.

But the swords are all broken now and washed away. The dances have stilled. The kisses grown cold.

Yet hope lies hidden in a silver locket, held by an old woman rescued from the sea. She has come to save them, before the faces in the locket fade. Before loneliness falls prey to desperation. And the future shivers.

What if tomorrow never comes?

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