Too Good to be True by Trish Perry

4 Stars

Rennie Young is overwhelmed by her losses. Her husband’s betrayal, the failure of her plans to adopt and her mother’s disapproval of her faith and choice of career culminate in a not so glamorous fainting spell in Wal-Mart. Opening her eyes, Rennie is convinced she is dreaming as the handsome man tending to her looks too good to be true!

Trish Perry has penned another entertaining romance that is fun and engaging yet encompasses the serious issues of prejudice, overbearing parents and how childhood shapes us. Rennie and Tru are appealing characters and although they fit the traditional formula for a romance ~ attractive, young and successful ~ the author has them deal with real life problems from a completely human and realistic perspective which is very refreshing. Trish lets the reader experience their frustration, anger and disappointment and be inspired by their blessings, hopes and joys!

Kara and Gabe are back from The Guy I’m Not Dating together with Jeremy, Sandra and even the infamous Tiffany! Despite feeling the ending was a little rushed, I have no hesitation in recommending this delightful story and I look forward to Trish’s future books.

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6 Responses to Too Good to be True by Trish Perry

  1. I was going to pass on this one because I thought I had enough light-hearted fun in my TBR. But after reading your review, it seems there is more to the story.

  2. I forgot to add: I might have to add to my TBR. :)

  3. Trish does it really well – still manages to keep the Fun side of things while dealing with big issues without making the reader feel consumed by them :)

  4. hehe i must be on a lucky streak. not only did i win a copy of perfecting kate, but i won one of Too Good to be true as well! yay more books

  5. How great is that, Deborah!

  6. Rel, thanks for the review! You’re the best!Cee Cee, I’m glad you’re reconsidering adding TGTBT to your TBR list. And while we’re at it, TGIF (it IS Friday as I type this). 😉Deborah, I’m with you. I’ve have more books sitting here–waiting for me to read them–than I could ever finish in one lifetime. Yet, when I get a freebie, I’m still thrilled! Let me know what you think of Too Good to Be True, okay?Blessings,Trish

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