Top 10 Reads, 2017…plus a few more!

Top 10


In previous years I have posted my Top 10 on NYE, but I decided to get in a bit early this year…just because! Sadly, 2017 was another year where my reading time was significantly impacted and I didn’t read nearly the number of books I had hoped and wanted to read. I know there are many amazing stories that I am yet to read and I look forward to seeing them on other book blogger lists. I have high hopes that 2018 will be more productive when it comes to reading and reviewing novels, so stay tuned for more reviews in the coming year…I hope!

Any of your top reads the same? What ones made our list and not mine?






Top 10 Christian Fiction Reads

A New Shade of Summer by Nicole Deese

Colourful ~ Romantic ~ Meaningful

A New Shade of Summer


Crown of Souls, Titanis, and Lygos by Ronie Kendig

I can never choose just one of Ronie’s stories – they are all brilliant!

Adrenaline-inducing ~ Engaging ~ Courageous

PicMonkey Collage (1)


Just Look Up by Courtney Walsh

Thought-provoking ~ Tender ~ Romantic



Life After by Katie Ganshert

Authentic ~ Heart-wrenching ~ Amazing

Life After


Many Sparrows by Lori Benton

Beautiful ~ Tissue-inducing ~ Heartfelt

Many Sparrows


Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter

Genuine ~ Faith-filled ~ Redemptive

Sweetbriar Cottage


The Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green

Intriguing ~ Evocative ~ Passionate



The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck by Bethany Turner

Hilarious ~ Swoony ~ Real

The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck


Then There Was You by Kara Isaac

Witty ~ Captivating ~ Delightful



True to You by Becky Wade

Bookish ~ Charming ~ Alluring


And because I couldn’t leave these amazing reads without noting them ~ Susan May Warren’s Rescue Me, Tammy L. Gray’s My Unexpected Hope, Sarah Monzon’s The Esther Paradigm, and Jennifer Rodewald’s The Carpenter’s Daughter.

top 10 images



Top 5 Clean Reads

Engaged in Trouble by Jenny B. Jones

Delicious ~ Engaging ~ Ingenious



Lady Betrayed by Tamara Leigh

Lush ~ Emotive ~ Captivating

Lady Betrayed


The Moon Stands Still by Sibella Giorello

Mysterious ~ Engrossing ~ Unique

The Moon Stands Still


The Whys Have It and Christmas at Gate 18 by Amy Matayo

Tragic ~ Profound ~ Deep         ||         Sarcastic ~ Clever ~ Spicy

PicMonkey Collage




Top 7 Audiobooks

I’ve fallen a little in love with audiobooks, thanks to Tamara Leigh and her amazing narrator, Mary Sarah Agliotta, who introduced me to audiobooks. They are all I listen to in the car these days and it helps me chip away on my TBR! Here are my top listens for 2017.

Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz

Kept by Sally Bradley

Leaving Oxford by Janet W. Ferguson

Long Way Gone by Charles Martin

Looking Glass Lies by Varina Denman

Playing with Fire by Susan May Warren

The Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Bischof


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33 Responses to Top 10 Reads, 2017…plus a few more!

  1. The vast majority of these are on my list… which is yet to be finalised. It’s so HARD!

  2. Some great books listed! Thank you for mentioning The Esther Paradigm. :)

  3. Great choices, Rel! Looking forward to 2018 books!! Happy New Year!

  4. great list!!

  5. I read and loved many of these too. The rest are still on my TBR list. I’m happy to see Sibella Giorello’s new release on your list. It was a long wait, but she gave us two new releases this year.

  6. Of your Top 5, I have only read Sibella’s The Moon Stands Still and LOVED it! Eagerly looking forward to her next installment due in January! Love Raleigh Harmon!

  7. Thank you, Rel!!

  8. OMGoodness!!! I see one of my books up there with a whole list of amazing reads! Thank you, Rel. I’m so honored! :)

  9. Your top 10 Christian Reads have quite a few books I’ve already read or have in my TBR pile. I just need to get Becky Wade and Jocelyn Green and Lori Benton’s books and I’ll have your entire list! 😉

  10. Great choices! I wholeheartedly agree!!!

  11. Ahh!! SO happy and honored to be included on this list. Thank you, my friend!

  12. I loved Life After and The Mark of the King, too.

  13. You make me want to give audiobooks a try. I don’t get to read nearly as much as I want to. Maybe audiobooks are the answer. Thanks so much!

  14. So blessed Lady Betrayed made your list and is in such lovely company, Rel. Thank you!

  15. What a fabulous list. Always love seeing what resonated with you each year. Thank you soooooo kindly for including my guys on there. 😀 It’s truly an honor!

  16. Rel, I’m so honored! Thank you for including Looking Glass Lies. I love audio books too. Especially when I’m working out or cleaning the house. :)

  17. I really enjoyed Nicole Deese’s book, Becky Wade’s, and Susan May Warren’s book. I have many of the rest of the books you listed, and the rest are on my list to read. This is a great list!!! Happy New Year!

  18. Great list! I’ve read four books mentioned here and would give them all four or five stars. Several of the others are on my to be read shelf.

    I think one of my reading goals in 2018 is to read more new to me authors . I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by
    Courtney Walsh or Nicole Deese But I very well may have copies of some of their books on my Kindle.

  19. Fabulous list, Rel! I loved Many Sparrows and The Mark of the King.

  20. Great list, Rel! I’ve read several of these and have a lot more in my TBR pile to read. It looks like we have similar taste in books.

  21. Great list, Rel. I was only missing Sibella Giorello’s book. I own every last one of her books. How did I miss that one? Like you, one of my most favorite reads from this past year was The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck. My favorite romance sub-genre is romantic comedy and I haven’t read a Christian fiction book that matches my sense of humor like that one. Funny, intensely romantic and a strong faith thread – you can’t go wrong.

    I also love that you included some audio faves. I’ve only been listening to audiobooks for the last year or so and I’m always looking for recs. I’m picky and I have a hard time recovering from a bad audio narration. The ones I haven’t read were added to my Audible wish list.

  22. Many Sparrows and The Mark of the King made my Top 11 list.

    I also very much enjoyed Life After, The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck and Then There was You.

    I have a few others on my TBR.

    Cheers to 2018!

  23. Great list!! Oh so excited to see Leaving Oxford as a favorite audio book!
    Happy New Year!!

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