10 Year Celebration Day #7 ~ Ronie Kendig, my favourite genre, & wrap up!


On my last day celebrating a decade of blogging I’m thrilled to feature the talented Ronie Kendig and her stories – they are the best! I share my thoughts on her novels, her new series, the one and only Tox Russell, and why you should read her books. I’m also talking favourite genre and sharing some of my very early reads that inspired my love for it. Finally I issue some thank yous for the wonderful support I have received from authors, publishers, and my readers for my anniversary celebrations. Be sure to enter the new giveaways and the ones that are still open. 

My heartfelt thanks for your comments and congratulations – I have loved sharing this past week with you and can’t wait for more to come!

Love and hugs, dear readers xo


Ronie Kendig

10 years ago…

I was writing… two stories: a space opera entitled Brand & Bound, and a romantic suspense, Midnight Zone, that I eventually gained representation with Steve Laube with.

My favourite thing to wear was… capris and sandals (I lived in TX then!)

My most beloved book to read was… probably a Ted Dekker novel, though I couldn’t tell you now which one. LOL

I was dreaming about… getting an agent and being published.


Love this girl ~ Nashville, 2016


I am writing… the final book in the Abiassa’s Fire series, Fierian, as well as the final book in The Tox Files (ironic that I am actually being published in both now…).

My favourite thing to wear is… knee-high boots during the fall! (I live in Northern Virginia now).

My most beloved book to read is… anything by David Baldacci, Jim Rubart, or Tosca Lee.

My new dream is… to rediscover how to simply write for the joy of writing again.

As you look back over the past decade, how has God challenged you?

God has really challenged me to learn to look to Him for my identity and let Him determine “success.” It’s not an easy journey or challenge, but I’m learning (slowly).

What would you like to say to your readers?

That I absolutely would not be writing still if readers weren’t still reading—and offering so much encouragement! THANK YOU!! And I’m excited for y’all to meet Tox Russell.


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Read my first review of a Ronie Kendig novel – Dead Reckoning

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200 Responses to 10 Year Celebration Day #7 ~ Ronie Kendig, my favourite genre, & wrap up!

  1. Historical fiction is my very favorite genre. I appreciate the research the authors do to place their characters within the happenings/events of the time period. So much more than we might have learned in school. I like reading about those coming through Ellis Island and acclimating from their homeland and orphan trains when the families want the child for themselves to complete their family and not for a work-hand.
    Then and now novels with two generations are interesting. Finding a journal or diary, and it ties in with what the other person is experiencing.
    Showing characters leaning on the Lord is a wonderful expression of His love for us.

    Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  2. Happy Anniversary Rel!!! What a fantastic celebration! Can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring for you.

    Such a fantastic feature on Ronie Kindig!!

  3. Signed copies from Carrie Fancett Pagels have been so meaningful. I appreciate reviewing for authors and their care for readers.
    Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  4. Love Christian suspense :)

  5. Congrats on ten years, Rel! Your blog is definitely one of the best and first I visit when I want to know more about new Christian fiction! Here’s to the next ten years!

  6. WHOA!! Wow, I’m stunned stupid. What an incredible – I’m in tears. You are such a beautiful friend, and you’v encouraged me and kept me going so many times, Rel. Love you so much–love your heart and your passion for Christian fiction! You’re AMAZING!!!

  7. I haven’t read any of Ronnie’s books yet … I would love the chance to read any of them.

    Well… out of the 22 categories of books I have (which majority are Christian fiction) … historical fiction is by far my favorite!

    I don’t have signed copies of books, which I’m fine with.
    I suppose if I did, I’d pick one of Sarah Sundin’s or Tricia Goyer’s books.

  8. My favorite genre is probably historical romance, but contemporary is pretty close. I also love a good mystery and some women’s fiction.

    I would love it if you would feature some Australian Christian fiction authors on your blog/vlog. We could get better acquainted with some and get introduced to others. I would also be neat if some of your book club members/”library” patrons would tell us how they got introduced to Christian fiction. Since you are acquainted/friends with people in the industry you could vlog about upcoming trends/genres that you see in the future of the CBA.


  9. Marylin Furumasu

    This has been so fun! I have read many of these authors and yet you’ve introduced me to many more. Wow, ten years of blogging and reviewing! I’d love to just read all day and review. My question for you is, how doo you keep all the books separate and not forget what they’re about? I love to read and I do read a lot, but time management is a feature. I try to change genre once in a while just so I don’t get stuck in one style, but all of the books I try to read are clean reads.

    • Marylin Furumasu » Juggling characters and stories can be a challenge but mostly I can keep them where they belong 😉 I’m delighted to have introduced you to authors you now cherish, Marylin – thank you for sharing!

  10. My favorite genres would be historical, contemporary, chicklit, women’s fiction and suspense, preferably all with romance.

    As for signed copies of books, I have Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor by Melanie Dobson, Wishing on Willows by Katie Ganshert, two by Jocelyn Green, The Wedding Chapel by Rachel Hauck, Sabotaged by Dani Pettrey and Duchess by Susan May Warren all I will cherish!

    Thank you,

  11. Yep, you introduced me to Ronie’s writing and I quickly fell in love with her action-packed thrilling adventures. I know lots of blokes who anxiously await the arrival of Ronie’s new novels. Very excited about the Tox Files and in fact the novella landed on my Kindle as I watched your video, Rel.

    My personal favourite of Ronie’s is Operation Zulu. Fabulous concept and Ronie delivered it originally in serial form which was really cool. But gee I think that almost killed her as she wrote so many words in such a short period to meet the demands of the regular story drops.

    Love Ronie and love watching your friendship from afar – how you encourage & love each other so practically even though so far apart in distance terms.

    Rel – have loved these blogs. Please do more at some point and here’s to the next 10 years of RelzReviewz!


    • Ian » That’s so fun, Ian, that Warrior’s Seal arrived then :) I’m sure you will enjoy it. Your encouragement is always such a blessing. So loved getting to know you more in Nashville. When are you coming to Melbourne?!?!

  12. Kelli Jo Calvert

    I have a signed book, but not one of Ronie’s. I would love ANY of hers signed!

  13. I have a signed set of Becky Wade newest series and also Rachel Dylan’s latest!

  14. My favorite genre is anything contemporary whether it is suspense or romance or a mixture of the two!

  15. I do have signed copies of Donna Fleisher’s Homeland Heroes series, but most notably I have a signed copy of Wolfsbane – thanks Ronie :) And that one would have to fall into my favourite genre to read. Thanks heaps for another great feature Rel, and for the wonderful chances to win some great books! Looking forward to more great blogging in the years ahead.

  16. My copy of Tosca Lee’s “Havah” has a signed book plate. I know I have others that are signed but I can’t remember which ones they are!!!!!! Miss Mischief reminded me that my review of Chris Fabry’s “Dogwood” is in the ARC for “Junebug”. A signed set from Ronnie is not something I would soon forget though. You are so right. Her books are phenomenal.

    Great series of vlogs Rel. Such a great, “new” thing for you to embark on into the next 10 years. Congratulations dear friend. It has been such a pleasure to have shared the journey over the past ten years and then to celebrate this with you!

    • Tracy » Thank you for your excitement, Tracy – it has been so wonderful. And dinner out last night was a VERY special treat – thank you from the bottom of my heart xoxox

  17. Michelle Greip’s book Undercurrent LOVE THAT BOOK 😀

  18. Christina Pereira

    My favorite genre is his toric al fiction and/or romance, and Bethany House is by far my favorite publisher with beautiful stories and covers. (I love a good cover.)

  19. Historical and historical romance are my favorite genres. Thanks for such a fun week with awesome giveaways and vlogs! Congratulations on ten years of blogging!!

  20. I love suspense/mystery, historical, and of course a little romance mixed in :)

  21. I have a signed copy of Ronie Kendig’s Acclerant. I love historical,and suspense romance novels

  22. Ohhh, Ronie! I love her so dearly. I don’t know how or why Digitalis made it to my desk at work.. but I am so thankful. It’s one of my favorite books ever! I gobble up every book after they’re released! Such talent, I can never say enough good things about her books. I also wouldn’t have had the honor and privilege of being introduced to you if it wasn’t for Ronie. So today’s celebration was super special to me, as well! So grateful for you two ladies and joy you’ve brought me. Thank you for your hard work and sharing your passion.

    • Kate Burnett » You are a sweetheart, Kate – sharing that means so much. Miss you around the traps these days. Hope you are doing well, my friend xo

  23. I love to read suspense&mystery!

    And I have a signed book – signed by e-signature by Authorgraph website, but still! It´s DARE TO LOVE AGAIN by Julie Lessman, who has been gracious enough to trouble herself with this e-signature. Such a treat for me!!!

  24. Historical fiction please!

  25. My very Very favorite is Christian Historical Romance…but since I’ve started reading to review I’ve found that I love most any Christian fiction book…well…almost any :) There are a few that I’m not into, but Bethany doesn’t usually publish those, thankfully 😀 I haven’t read any of Ronie’s books as of yet.

    As far as signed books…I have a few. April W Gardner, Sharon Srock, Jennifer Davids, Diana Brandmeyer and maybe a couple others…mostly indie authors :) Love when authors autograph books <3

  26. Love Ronie’s books!! My favorite genre is anything in Christian fiction. I read everything and plan on continuing to read everything. :)

  27. I have a book signed by Lynette Eason.
    I loved this vlog today. Romantic suspense is definitely my favorite genre to read! You mentioned almost all of my favorites, I think. :)
    Twenty years ago, those palisades books by Lisa Tawn Bergren were my favorite, and I still have them! I need to read them again, once I’m caught up from reading all these new books I’ve been discovering here on your blog! 😉
    Ronie Kendig is one of my favorites, and I’ve read almost all of her books. I’m currently working on the fantasy series, Abiassa’s Fire, I think it is. I do love a variety, so this is also intriguing, although probably won’t be my favorite of hers.

    I’m so glad I discovered your blog, and believe me, I will be back to visit! :) The “love of books” we have in common makes me feel like I have gotten to know you a tiny bit.
    In the future, I’d love to hear more about Australian authors/writers of Christian fiction. I do enjoy books about our own country, but I’m sure there are many more wonderful writers & books out there!
    Reading is such a great way to “meet” new friends, and learn about other lands & cultures!
    Happy 10th anniversary! Thanks for doing these!

    • Rosalyn » Squeeee! Love it when someone else has the ‘oldies’ too :) I think we share a lot of the same favourite authors, Rosalyn, and I agree that it’s a lovely connection. Here’s a few Australian authors to look up – Dorothy Adamek, Ian Acheson, Andrea Grigg, Narelle Atkins, Rose Dee :)

  28. I love Regency but anything historical romance/fiction. I love reading about the more simple days of life.

  29. Wow…10 years…I’m celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary in a little over a week. It is amazing to see how quickly 10 years pass. Congratulations and here’s to wishing you many more to come.

  30. I love Ronie’s books she is the first author that got me into reading. I have not found one book that I don’t like thank you Ronie for showing me the world of books.

  31. I love to read romantic suspense.

  32. I love all genres!! LOL. OK, my review list might tell you differently. I’m crazy about all Christian genres, but I tend to gravitate towards historical and contemporary Christian fiction.

    What to vlog about next? Hmmm. Not sure. Reading? but that requires approval. O, if there’s a vlog with the authors, that’ll be awesome. Like vlog interview or even if it’s on skype. No?

  33. Love to read a wide variety of books but historical fiction is my favorite!

  34. My favorite genres to read are Amish and historical romance.
    This is an absolute fabulous giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to win😊

  35. Contemporary Fiction with a bit of romance and a bit of suspense!

  36. I love historical fiction! This has been a fun week reading your blog, thanks for all your hard work!!

  37. I read most genres at some point, but historical fiction is definitely my favorite! :)

  38. I have so many I love that I don’t know if I have a true favorite. Romantic suspense is definitely one of them!

  39. Very nice giveaway!

  40. You said “D M Zed!!” I LOVE it!! Spoken like a true Commonwealther!
    And I am honoured to have encouraged you, and honoured to be your friend.
    Happy Anniversary!!

    • Jennifer Zarifeh Major » Hahaha! I had to look at this twice because I’m thinking “Of course, I said it that way!”. Then the light dawned about our American friends penchant for ‘zee’! You are the bestest, my friend xo

  41. As to signed copies of books. I have several, thanks to the authors at the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat! Too bad we didn’t get a pic together, Rel!

    I appreciate the personal messages, especially of my favorite books.

  42. I do not have a signed copy of any of your books. I’d be happy with any of them!

  43. my favorite genre is historical fiction

  44. 1. I don’t have any of Ronie’s books so a signed copy of any would be enjoyed.
    2. The only thing I don’t read is vampire books not interested but anything else fiction is enjoyed.

  45. I love reading historical romance.

  46. Attending Christian Fiction Reader’s Retreat this year, I was able to get some of my favorite books signed! Kara Isaac, Susan Anne Mason, Kristi Ann Hunter, Melanie Dickerson, Julie Lessman, Jen Turano, Carrie Turansky, Mary Connealy, and more…However, I NEED a book signed by Jody Hedlund still.

  47. And…I love Christian Historical Romance…Although, a couple of my favorite books are contemporary.

  48. Historical fiction is my favorite, but contemporary fiction is a close second.

  49. I treasure my signed copies! I have a signed copy of Accelerant and Books 1-3 of Dawn Crandall’s The Everstone Chronicles.

  50. I have a number of signed books, two by Gayle Roper, one by Mesu Andrews, Karen Witmeyer, Hannah Alexander…there might be more.

    I don’t have an actual favorite genre to read…I love contemporary fiction, historical fiction, romance, suspense, Biblical fiction…I can usually find something I like in most every genre!

  51. REL, it has been so much fun celebrating your blogiversary! I enjoyed your videos. It was nice having you “visit”.

    I LOVE Christian fiction! I enjoy reading mystery/suspense, historical and contemporary romance.

    I’m excited to see what you will be sharing in the future! BLESSINGS and ((((HUGS))))

  52. Historical romance has always been my favorite, but I read a good bit of contemporary stuff too.

    Haven’t tried much romantic suspense, but I need to! Lynette Eason lives in the same part of SC as me, and I know I have one of her books on my shelf to read…

  53. I love christian fiction, historical fiction, mystery & suspense. I love books!

  54. Jordann Langness

    I love all genres, but my favorites are Hostorical Fiction and Suspense!!

  55. My favorite is historical fiction – if it has a bit of romance, that is my happy place! I also love a good fantasy novel, as well. :)

  56. Happy anniversary, I love reading all the blogs and book reviews etc. I love historical fiction the best (especially regency era), but read pretty much everything! Excited about the giveaways what a wonderful idea. Thank you.

  57. I have a signed book from Ronie Kendig Operation Zulu-Redemption that is #5 on my TBR list. That means I get to read it soon. YaY! I also have around 15 other author-signed novels. I’d love to have a signed book by any of these featured novels on the giveaway post.

    And I like all genres, as long as they’re Christian or at least clean reads. I am an avid reader, and love finding new authors that I haven’t yet read. Then I end up reading everything they write! LOL! I can’t wait to read Ronie’s book, because this will be the first one of hers that I have read.

    This is a fun blog! Congrats on 10 years!!!!

  58. I was able to get signed copies of Dan Walsh’s series that starts with “The Dance.” I think I’ve got some others too, but it’s been awhile since I got them, and I’ve got LOTS of books… I’ve read one of Ronie’s books and look forward to reading more!

  59. How can I choose a favorite genre??? I read historical fiction for awhile, then switch to fantasy/speculative fiction, then to contemporary, then to non-fiction! I need them all :-)

  60. I love suspense and historical fiction, but I also love every book I read!!
    Thank you for giveaway

  61. Love, Love, Love Ronie’s books! Found her about a year ago and thoroughly enjoyed all of her books. Can’t wait for more! And I would be happy to have any signed book.

  62. I have signed copies of many books including Susan Sleeman, Kim VOGEL Sawy and Winnie Griggs and others.

  63. Favorite genre??? I like various ones but right now I’m really liking suspense.

  64. I adore fantasy, suspense, and historical fiction. It mostly depends on what i’m in the mood for. I have read most of Ronie Kendig’s books and can’t wait to dive into Fierian and the Tox files!

  65. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on 10 years!!

    I have a signed copy of Nicole Deese’s book A Season To Love. It was a great book!

    My favorite genres are Suspense and Historical Romance. Can’t just choose one! 😀

    • RachelS » Thank you Rachel! A Season to Love is great. You will LOVE The Promise of Rayne – Nicole just keeps getting better with each book.

  66. I have really enjoyed your anniversary posts. I have a signed Candace Calvert book that I love. I would also really enjoy having a signed Ronie Kendig book. I have read some of her books and would like to have some new ones.

  67. I have two loves in fiction. These past few years the pendulum has swung to the side of historical fiction, but I don’t think I’ll ever lose my love of fantasy, especially fairy tales. I’m just a lot pickier about them these days.

    I have a few signed books–two of Julie Lessman’s Heart of San Francisco series, I think two by Mary Connealy, and one from my childhood (Girls to the Rescue book 3, by Bruce Lansky).

  68. RONIE!!! KENDIG!!!! WOO! HOO! You turned me on to her books, Rel, and I’m ever so thankful you did. I love the way Ronie writes “in your face” military suspense that taps into every other emotion as well. As if I didn’t love her enough, then I win an autograph copy of “Operation Zulu Redemption” and I become like a 13-year old Justin Bieber fan at my mailbox literally screaming and jumping for ‘joy’ while my neighbors gather their children and give me a wide berth. Over the top? Yes, but her books are worth any embarrassment I may garner. Cannot wait to meet Tox and his team. That being said, Christian Fiction suspense with romance is my favorite genre, but I read all over the board and welcome any book as long as the story is good.

    I suggested yesterday you allow your dog to be in one of your vlogs, and have a spot light on pets/animals in books, so I won’t repeat the whole comment here. You could also vlog about non-Christian books you like as well. Honestly, you can talk about anything as long as you keep vlogging :-)

    Finally, I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to make this 10th celebration extra special. I’m sure it was a lot of work, and your sore knee and crutches didn’t help, but I want you to know how much I appreciate it. You looked very sassy in your Rapid-Fire Task Force and don’t worry about your hair….you are beautiful inside and out. I heart you!

    • Amy!! hahahahahahah 13-year old Justin Bieber fan at the mailbox.

      Amy, you have SUCH a way with words–and encouragement!! Thank you. So glad you’ve enjoyed my novels, and I love the way you view them.

    • Amy » Love it, Amy!!!! Always love sharing the Kendig awesomeness, but especially with you. Pets! Gotcha – I will ensure Sherlock makes an appearance just for you! I’ve had a ball doing the vlogs and giveaways, but yes, it’s probably good that it only comes around every 10 years 😉

  69. I’ve won signed copies in giveaways and then I had the wonderful opportunity to have several books signed at CFRR in Nashville this year (my first in person signing experience)!
    I just love the great variety that is Christian fiction! I enjoy everything from Biblical to contemporary with few exceptions.
    Your vlogs are fabulous, Rel! You are such a sweet person and I love hearing about your blogging experiences and author fangirling (and all in your lovely accent)! HUGS!

  70. My absolute favorite genre is speculative fiction. It might have to do with the fact that they tend to also be a trilogy or numerous novels so the character depth is wonderful and the story lines are complex. I currently really enjoy meaty novels.

    I do have a few signed books but none from my favorite authors. I’d love to have a book signed from a speculative fiction author.

  71. I have so loved this celebratory week with Relz Reviewz! I absolutely love all of Ronie’s books…in fact, she is how I found out about your blog! Congrats & thanks for the fun week! I’ve learned about a lot of new authors this week, too 😉

  72. Happy 10 year blogaversary! I would probably say Amish is my favorite genre to read, but I really also enjoy christian romance, suspense and historical too. I like to switch it up alot.

  73. My favorite genre is historical fiction.

  74. My favorite genre to read is historical fiction, but I like a lot of different time periods so it keeps it exciting.

  75. My favorite genre is Christian Fiction Historical Romance. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, Bethany – you have some fabulous authors!!

  76. I have many signed books, although none by Ronie!! I’ve been reviewing for a number of years, many authors sign their books before mailing them to me. As an organizer of the CFRR (Christian Fiction Readers Retreat)in Nashville this year – I was able to get many author signatures there, as well as at the Omni Hotel the remainder of the week – during the ACFW conference.

    Again, congrats on 10 years blogging, Rel – thanks for all you do for both readers and authors!! And thanks for a fun celebration week – I loved all the vlogs, author posts, and giveaways!!

  77. Romance, suspense, or a combo of them both!

  78. I love variety… all different genres and especially love how you blog on all of them :)

  79. Picking one genre is hard! I guess I would say good old YA Fiction is my favorite, and I’m a sucker for anything with a romance twist to it. I must add, though, that historical fiction done well is really good, too.
    I own one signed book. It was a gift from a friend who wrote a book about his experiences flying planes.

  80. I have several signed books. They are all very special but I’m always glad to share them with friends and family.

  81. I love romance and coming of age stories.

  82. I don’t have any signed books. It’s hard to pick a favorite genre, but I think mine is either historical fiction or a good supernatural book a la Ted Dekker or Frank Peretti.

  83. I love historical fiction, so any blogs about that would be great.

  84. My favorite genre’ to read is Christian mystery/suspense

  85. I have never had a book signed by an author that I know of. I don’t have a preference for a signed book. Any will do!

    My favorite genre would have been easy to pick years ago. I always went for mystery/suspense. Although I still like that genre I have opened up to liking many more to include historical romance, contemporary romance, and dystopian, and occasionally fantasy. I like to mix it up. After I finish a book in one genre I usually want to read my next book in a different genre. I would like to add that all of the books that I read are usually Christian fiction.

  86. This is a tasting celebration!! I love Ronie’s books. I’ve read most of them
    and the ones I haven’t read are on my to read list. Thank you so much
    for this awesome giveaway!
    Blessings. Joy

  87. What a great celebration! Great giveaways! Love historical fiction, sone contemporary romance and mysteries.

  88. This is an amazing giveaway, thanks!
    I am the proud owner of a signed copy of Jill Williamson’s book ‘Outcasts’. It’s actually an ARC I won in a giveaway.

  89. I love so many genres, but Historical Fiction remains my favorite.

  90. Thanks to awesome bloggers (like yourself) who host amazing giveaways (like these), I now have several autographed books! :) I have autographs from Ronie Kendig, Lynette Eason, Melissa Tagg, Dawn Crandall, Sarah Sundin, Anne Mateer… some recent additions: DiAnn Mills & Johnnie Alexander… There are several others, these are just the ones I can think of right now.
    I would love to get at least one book (I don’t suppose it really matters which one) signed by Julie Klassen, Karen Witemeyer, Lynn Austin, Dee Henderson, Denise Hunter… *sigh* My favorites, you know? 😉

    • I think I’ve mentioned this, but my favorite genre is historical fiction, especially when it’s romantic, suspenseful historical fiction! 😀

      I must say I’ve really enjoyed seeing many of my favorite authors and books in your vlogs! And watching/listening to you talk about books has been loads of fun! I’m glad you decided to do this. :)

    • Aerykah » Wow – you have some great ones! Hope you get to add your favourites someday, too!

  91. I have quite a few signed books. Some I received from the authors after winning them on a blog, others were signed by the authors when I went to their book signing events. The last book signing I went to was to see Kim Vogel Sawyers and Melissa Jagears, where I bought Melissa’s book, A Heart Most Certain. It’s always fun to have an autographed copy, especially when it is personalized with a message or verse.

  92. I like a variety of genres: historical, contemporary, mystery, suspense, Women’s fiction, and think these are even better with at least a little romance.

  93. My favorite genre would have to be fantasy/fairy tale. But I do enjoy a wide variety of genres! Historical (all eras), Dystopian, Science Fiction, even contemporary at times! :)

    Thanks and blessings!

  94. My favorite genre would be historical fiction. I love reading books where talented authors can bring tears or laughter or keep my nose in the book to wee hours! I feel I can always trust Bethany to put out quality pure authors.

  95. Nicole Wetherington

    Yes, recently I got the book It Ends With Us signed by Colleen Hoover. My favorite genres are fantasy, historical romance, and thrillers.

  96. I read mostly Christian Fiction now, and I love historical or contemporary fiction but also enjoy suspense. A little romance adds to the story, too, for me. I love to have signed copies of books, especially ones that I have enjoyed by my favorite authors. A lot of my favorite authors write for Bethany House.

  97. I have several signed copies of books my favorites are Surprised by Love by Julie Lessman ( I have a character named after me in this one), Keep Holding On, and Operation Zulu Redemption by Ronie Kendig (I think I have another one of her’s signed but I don’t remember exactly which one).
    My favorite genres are historical fiction, romantic suspense, and contemporary romance!

  98. Yes, I have several signed copies of books. The Land of Promise Series by Jerry Eicher is one of my favorites. I love to read Amish fiction, Historical Christian, Christian Mystery&Suspense, &a some Christian contemporary.
    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway. Have a blessed day.

  99. Happy Anniversary! That is a lot of years of reviewing great books.

    Personally, I love a wide array of books, but have been on a christian historical/romance kick lately. Love learning about different periods in time all while having a fun plot to follow. I like getting lost in books. It is my one escape and a cheap vacation, haha!

  100. I love both historical fiction and mystery and suspense written from a Christian perspective.

  101. I have a few signed copies, my favorite would be by Charles Martin.

  102. Adrienne Everitt

    I have a few signed books, but my favorite would have to be The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I love the book, and he is the most gracious author I’ve ever met.

  103. I have a few signed books: Murder Mezzo Forte by Donn Taylor, This Road We Traveled by Jane Kirkpatick, and John by Michael Card.

  104. My favorite genre is historical romance.

  105. I have never read a Ronie Kendig but you do make me want to. I enjoy many genres and I wish I had time to read all the great books you previewed in these blogs. I will be trying a few new authors.

    • Penny » Love hearing that, Penny! Do come back and let me know which authors you love. Ronie is a sure thing – hope you get the chance to read her books.

  106. I love Christian Fiction. New to your site so not sure what you should vlog about just yet.

  107. I like reading historical fiction, inspirational fiction and mysteries.

  108. I love clean contemporary romance the most at the moment, although I also enjoy historical romance and romantic suspense.

  109. I have several books signed by inspirational fiction authors. I think it would be special to have a book signed by an author who is deceased.

  110. HandiworkinGirls

    My favorite genre is mysteries.

  111. I truly enjoy multiple genres, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be contemporary romance with an emphasis on romantic comedy. This is why I really like Jenny B. Jones and new author Kara Isaac.

  112. I have always loved historical fiction, but I have recently read some wonderful contemporary fiction. Any fiction that teaches me good lessons and gives glory to God is something I will enjoy!

  113. I love many types of genre with a Christian base. This has been a wonderful celebration. I enjoy your vlogs. I’m trying to catch up to make sure I view each one. Thank you!

  114. I love the vlogs, by the way! :) My favorite genre is romantic suspense – in whatever other form that takes (contemporary, historical, etc.)

  115. My favorite Christian fiction to read is historical. I love Francine Rivers, Laura Frantz, Siri Mitchell…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. Oh I enjoy so many genres! Maybe a good, innocent romance…historical, some Christian fantasy, some mystery…a combination!!

  117. Congratulations and Best Wishes on 10 years of blogging!
    To answer your question, I enjoy reading mystery and suspense books. I love figuring out who did it, why they did it, and where did they do it.
    Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.

  118. My favorite genre is historical romance, specifically set in colonial America or earlier.

  119. I love medieval and historical fiction.

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