A Mile From Sunday by Jo Kadlecek

4 Stars

In A Mile From Sunday Jonna Lightfoot McLaughlin is searching for love, just the right hair product and the story that will skyrocket her journalistic career. As the Denver Dispatch’s one and only religion reporter, Jonna has a bird’s eye view of the faithful whether in a church, synagogue, temple or commune together with their representatives, pastors, monks, priests, rabbis, all with their own story to tell. After enduring a smorgasbord approach to spiritual beliefs during her childhood instigated by her eclectic hippie loving parents, those same parents met Jesus, introduced Jonna and her brothers to Him, changing their lives forever.

Jonna’s faith and her childhood experiences give her a compassion and understanding of people’s search for truth which she faithfully turns into articles popular with the Denver community. When Jonna’s investigative nose sniffs out a sinister plot under the guise of faith, a Buddhist temple burns down and “God” starts messaging her, Jonna embarks on a search for truth and justice.
Jo Kadlecek has created a genuinely fascinating yet non-traditional Christian character in Jonna Lightfoot weaving an intriguing story and providing an inside look into the many faiths in our world today. Jo does not shy away from portraying Jonna with human frailties and an intelligence that sees her pondering the realities of life and faith, asking the questions we are often afraid to voice. Although not all will agree, it is Jonna’s imperfections that endear her to the reader. Journeying with Jonna in the sequel, A Quarter After Tuesday , will no doubt be an engaging and rewarding experience.

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3 Responses to A Mile From Sunday by Jo Kadlecek

  1. i have this book sitting on my shelf. i need to get around to it…

  2. I loved this book. I can’t wait to read A Quarter After Tuesday.

  3. I have this book, but haven’t made my way to it yet. Good to know you enjoyed it…I did get excited to see there was going to be a sequel…love sequels!!

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