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bookishqu250xmasIt’s been a while since we’ve had a bookish question here, and I’ve missed chatting with you all! So, here we go…

Yesterday I posted my review of Melissa Tagg’s sweet novella, One Enchanted Eve, sharing that I’m not one to seek out novels with a Christmas setting. However, I know there are plenty of you who can’t wait for October to roll around when most of the Christmas books for the year release. I’d love to hear what brings you joy about Christmas stories and any special titles you might share with those of us less inclined!


Why do you love Christmas stories, and which ones do you recommend?


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9 Responses to Bookish Question of the Week

  1. Hey Rel,
    I LOVE CF Christmas stories!!! I will even step out of my usual historical genre to read a contemporary Christmas story. I think they remind us of the best things about most people’s favorite time of the year while including the true reason for the season. They are like looking at a Christmas tree while sipping peppermint hot chocolate and sharing the moment with those you love most. Or they are like watching your favorite Christmas movie (“It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Miracle on 34th Street,” “White Christmas,” or “A Christmas Carol”-George C. Scott version) and remembering your own favorite Christmas from the past while anticipating the one coming. I also love it when the season occurs within a regular novel. To me it adds something special. I will confess to having it celebrated in a few of my novels. And I loved working on and/or editing the Barbour Christmas novella collections. As for ones to read, first there are just the classic stories like “Gift of the Magi” and “A Christmas Carol” and the relatively newer classic “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” by Barbara Robinson, a must as it is both laugh-out-loud hilarious and endearingly heartwarming at the same time. As for CF, I enjoy the ones by Melody Carlson published by Revell. Start with the first, “Angels in the Snow.” Christmas CF is like watching either Hallmark channel at Christmas. You will love some (Signed, Sealed, Delivered Christmas) and just like others, but you can’t help but feel nostalgic and enjoy the journey as a whole.

  2. Every year I’d love to read more Christmas stories. Or in an ideal world I would. Sadly I never seem to because I’m so busy with review books. But this year I have HOPE! 😉 On my must list is Melissa’s (of course – loved her first one), Susan May Warren’s new one (out tomorrow) and Rachel McMillan’s. I’m also looking for some good Christmas stories, so if anyone has any recommendations, let me know. :)

    (Since I’m such a Hallmark movie junkie, I’m surprised I don’t read more of these.)

  3. I love reading Christmas stories. I love reading of the snow etc in America. I did enjoy An Aussie Summer Christmas which has 6 novellas set in Australia.
    I also enjoy the Barbour ones and Melody Carlson. LI and LIH have great Christmas books also. I actually like novellas for Christmas.

  4. Christmas (and the days leading up to it) is always so busy. I like a light, quick and short Christmas read to help me relax. One of my favorite books of all time is Remembering Christmas by Dan Walsh. I have read a couple of Christmas novellas in the past week. I can recommend O Little Town of Bethany by Rene Guttering and Cheryl McKay and A Christmas to Remember by Linda Brooks Davis.

  5. I guess I should have mentioned the Christmas novella, “An Accidental Christmas,” I co-wrote with Diane in the collection, “A Biltmore Christmas.” The entire collection is wonderful. Also, I did come up with the ideas for a couple of 4-in-1 collections from Barbour that friends wrote. “Christmas Comes to Bethlehem, Maine” contains four contemporary stories about a town’s live Nativity production. “Plantation Christmas Weddings” contains four contemporary stories about Christmas weddings at four well-known antebellum homes in Natchez, Mississippi. I definitely recommend these collections.

  6. I do look forward to reading Christmas novels during the season. It helps me feel like Christmas. I enjoyed “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Susan May Warren and “Love Finds You on Christmas Morning” by Debbie Mayne.

  7. I’ve just in the past couple of years warmed up to Christmas novels. Two of my favorites: An Endless Christmas by Cynthia Ruchti and The Christmas Shoes by Donna VanLiere.

  8. Christmas stories are generally not my favorite thing to read. However, I do have some special memories of reading books as a girl, books that had fun Christmas settings (Laura Ingalls Wilder, Anne of Green Gables). Now, if I read a Christmasy Christian Fiction, it would probably be because of the author. (one whose previous books I have read & enjoyed).
    I enjoyed reading the comments with this post, thanks for the discussion! :)

  9. The best Christmas stories are the ones that make you feel all warm and cozy inside! Many of my favorites are by Melody Carlson (The Christmas Shoppe and Christmas At Harrington’s to name a few). I read The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury a little while ago. Let me tell you, you can’t just finish The Bridge and be expected to go on with your life as normal. I was left in a bookish coma!

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