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bookishqu250xmasHello friends! Sorry for being absent around here – this time of year there seems to be a pull on our energy and time in one hundred different directions. I will get back on track over the coming weeks, and I’m certainly looking forward to posting my Top 10 list which I traditionally do on NYE! I’m looking forward to 2017 for many reasons, but one thing I love anticipating is a whole year of new releases to anticipate! When I look at the books I can’t wait  for, they always seem to arrive quicker than I anticipate. The days sure move quickly for me :)

Here’s a pictorial approach to books I’m excited to read. It’s certainly not exhaustive as there are many 2017 books that I don’t have a cover for yet ~ books by Ronie Kendig, Amy Matayo, Katherine Reay, Jim Rubart, Nicole Deese, Jenny B. Jones, and Tammy L. Gray, to name a few. And I also could be cheating a little as a number of these below, I’ve already read!

What books you are looking forward to in 2017?



















Loop train riding above a street in Chicago






Purgatory Road



A Moonbow Night



The Mark of the King



To the Farthest Shores



Moving Target



Still Life



One Day a Warrior
















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19 Responses to Bookish Question of the Week

  1. Wow Rel,
    I better keep reading all my other books. I need to whittle down my TBR pile!
    These all look great!

  2. I’m so out of it, I don’t even know what I’m looking forward to!!!! However, there are a whole bunch of authors you’ve highlighted in this post, that I absolutely adore. So I’ll just go with that idea. Whatever comes, I know I have a whole year ahead filled with many good reads, because I rarely find a less-than-good one!

  3. Ooh! There are a couple on this list I wasn’t aware of yet! And of course plenty that I’m looking forward to reading too. ‘Mark of the King’ is the first one on my list – although I’ll technically be reading it at the end of 2016. But I think my most anticipated has to be Ronie Kendig’s ‘Crown of Souls’. It’s a good thing there are plenty of other good reads to fill in the time while I wait :-)

  4. Life After, The Mark of the King, A Note Yet Unsung, A Lady in Disguise, If I’m Found (Terri Blackstock), With You Always, Wings of the Wind (Connilyn Cossette), Uncommon Protector (Shelley Shephard Gray) and Looking Into You (Chris Fabry) are at the top of my list for anticipated 2017 reads.

  5. SO MANY great books to look forward to!!!
    And the covers? Oh my!

  6. Life after is the one I would like to read most in 2017.

  7. Hi Rel!
    I know what you mean about staying busy this holiday season! Thanks so much for including High As The Heavens in your list of upcoming TBRs. I see several I want to get my hands on! :-) I hope you enjoy a little relaxation in the coming days, and have a very merry Christmas!

  8. I’ve been compiling a list over the past several months of 2017 releases that I’m looking forward to reading… I have them listed on my blog. 😉

    These are the top 5 I’m looking forward to:
    An Uncommon Courtship ~ Kristi Ann Hunter
    Still Life ~ Dani Pettrey
    Behind the Scenes ~ Jen Turano
    Moving Target ~ Lynette Eason
    Chasing Secrets ~ Lynette Eason

    • Aerykah » I checked out your list, Aerykah (and left a comment which didn’t show up – boo!) – some fabulous books on it. A good reminder about Pepper’s – thanks!

  9. These are some great reads to be looking forward to for 2017!
    At the top of my list is the highly anticipated and long awaited 6th novel of the “Age of Faith” series by Tamara Leigh – the story of Sir Durand!!! YES!!!
    And I will certainly be looking for the Tessa Afshar release and although I’ve never read anything by Thomas Womack, the cover for “One Day A Warrior” looks very interesting.
    I’ve become a fan of Connilyn Cossette, so I’ll be looking for her releases.
    And just a suggestion for a GREAT Christmas read – – “Giver of Wonders” by Roseanna White is simply AMAZING!!
    So many spiritual truths in a wonderful story set in early church biblical times – – really fantastic!! If you’re not a “holiday” book reader, but want something with a Christmas message – – then read this one!!
    Merry Christmas from Florida!!! Time to finish trimming the tree – – getting up to those high palm branches is getting harder each year – and my angel looks more like an airport beacon with the height she’s at – lol!!

    • Pam – Florida » Yes, of course, Durand’s story almost goes without saying, Pam!! Thanks for the suggestion of Giver of Wonders – love hearing what you have loved. Merry Christmas to you, my friend!

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