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Torn Blood

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Torn Blood

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The Story

One man pursues a question left unanswered for four thousand years. His search takes him to the gates of Hell.  

—Will it bring him back?

Three weeks before officially reporting for duty at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, Addison Deverell arrives in Israel determined to find an answer to a question buried for nearly four thousand years.

Bound to an escort by the embassy, he is unable to begin his search as time is running out. Mere days before he must report for duty, Addison is freed from his forced escort, Hafiz IbnMansur, as a female escort, Elizabeth Daniels, takes his place.
Addison issues an ultimatum to Elizabeth that he must go into Palestinian territory for answers he can’t find in Israel. But, as Addison races to uncover a long buried truth that promises to establish a career, he faces peril from those he seeks to understand and finds himself a pawn in an international plot to drive Israel’s Jews into the sea.
Nearly seven thousand miles away in Oregon, Dr. Janelle Henning confronts a past that threatens to destroy the only family she’s ever known. A search for understanding thrusts her into a foreign world long buried to confront a birthright hidden by the passage of time. With no place—or no one—to turn to, Janelle tries to put the pieces of her life back together.
An ill-boding call shreds the little of Janelle’s world that is left, compelling her to leave her home and fly to Israel in search of Addison. But terrorists stand in Janelle’s way of reaching him, the one person that might unlock hidden identities in a relationship that has spanned a lifetime. But will Addison live, or will death, the master of all, once again keep its secret buried?

Enjoy meeing Addison!

I was born Addison Edmond Deverell. At five foot nine my height comes in about average but let me assure you my ambitions are far from average. Couldn’t tell you what a scale would register since I’ve never had an issue with weight so why would I care? I mean look at me, I’m twenty-five and ready to make my mark.

My Master’s degree in International Affairs decided my career more than an interest in world affairs, well a certain professor had his influence but I don’t want Jesse Eisenbergto talk about that now, it still gets to me.

Since dad’s done okay with extorting corporations for contributions to his NGO, The Religious Freedom Institute, I figured being a Consular Officer with State would be a good first step and, after his infatuation with his new trophy wife cools, he might even remember he has a son and start being a dad.

After hearing Shimon Peres tell an interviewer he didn’t know why Arabs hate Jews—the President of Israel doesn’t know why Arabs hate them?—getting assigned to Tel Aviv for my first posting was all the help I needed. So I made it a point to get there three weeks before my assignment began to find an answer to a simple question, thanks Shimon, and with that answer my climb up the State Department ladder is all but assured.

I’d have to say I’m pretty determined. It takes work to get your Masters, they just don’t hand them out to everybody. And, then to get hired by State with all that competition? It’s no easy accomplishment, even if dad might have helped. I didn’t ask and he didn’t say, how could I, he hasn’t called in a couple of years and never bothered to give me his number when he took up residence with the new Mrs. Deverell.

Weakness? I’d have to think about that one, I’m pretty satisfied with things so far. My only quirk, if you can call it that, is a primitive response to religious fanatics I’ve seen around campus. Go save yourself just leave me alone. They infuriate me even if I’m only passing by their spiels intended for others and it doesn’t matter whether they’re male or female. Stay out of my world with your religious babble and we’ll get along just fine. So is that a quirk? Well at least I control my urges when I’m tempted to stop their preaching but why do they get under my skin? Haven’t figured that one out yet but I’ve got time, I’m young and the world is mine.

In talking to the story’s author I found the inspiration for my exploits was to get behind the headlines to show an Israel most have never seen. I don’t even really know what caused all the drama and it happened to me. Evidently by putting an American in Israel—yours truly—with a determination to nose around back streets and go into a Palestinian controlled area—oops—forget I said that, all kinds of people begin to notice so readers will see what’s really happening in that postage stamp of a country. Who knew my innocent curiosity would upset so many people which probably accounts for what happened.

Little did the story’s author realize the seven years research, plus working with Israeli and American researchers, he’d need to be worth listening to. As I was saying, he seems to believe that Israel is pivotal to world events and that if we wait for world leaders to realize how important, things might get a lot worse than they need to.

The biggest surprise was what happened. Still can’t talk about it. Everything changed in a rite of passage I didn’t know I needed but I don’t want to spoil the story for those that want to read it for themselves. I can tell you this, it’s an Israel you never knew.

Good to meet you, Addison ~ be sure to pass on my thanks to the author of your story!

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3 Responses to Character Spotlight ~ David Bain’s Addison Deverell

  1. Rel,
    Thank you for the fun of letting Addison speak for himself. I suspect there’s a little of Addison in many of us men before life levies its own lessons.

    David J. Bain

  2. Very intriguing interview. Makes me want to read the book!

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