Character Spotlight: Roseanna M. White’s Peter & Rosemary (with giveaway)

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A Name UnknownMeet a writer and a thief in

Roseanna M. White’s

Edwardian novel

A Name Unknown

Bethany House


The Story

Rosemary Gresham has no family beyond the band of former urchins that helped her survive as a girl in the mean streets of London. Grown now, they concentrate on stealing high-value items and have learned how to blend into upper-class society. But when Rosemary must determine whether a certain wealthy gentleman is loyal to Britain or to Germany, she is in for the challenge of a lifetime. How does one steal a family’s history, their very name?

Peter Holstein, given his family’s German blood, writes his popular series of adventure novels under a pen name. With European politics boiling and his own neighbors suspicious of him, Peter debates whether it might be best to change his name for good. When Rosemary shows up at his door pretending to be a historian and offering to help him trace his family history, his question might be answered. 

But as the two work together and Rosemary sees his gracious reaction to his neighbors’ scornful attacks, she wonders if her assignment is going down the wrong path. Is it too late to help him prove that he’s more than his name?

Introducing Peter & Rosemary

Brief physical description

When Rosemary first met Peter, she noted, of course, his blond hair, blue eyes, and slenderness, his average height…and the cleft in his chin that her little sister would have swooned over. He was, she supposed, handsome enough—but it wasn’t what one paid attention to in his company. More noteworthy was his stutter, and the odd fact that he seemed completely at ease with himself despite it.

Peter was no slouch in the observation department either. He saw at once that Rosemary was far too thin—well beyond fashionable—with sharp shoulder blades always ready to rise in defence. But there was something fetching about her dark curls and challenging eyes. She had the normal sort of beauty that it took a few minutes to notice, and the sort of spunky, forceful personally that eclipsed it.


I have my picks for pictures on my Pinterest boardRebecca Hall and Josh Pence. The model BHP chose for the cover was absolutely perfect for Rosemary!

Strengths and weaknesses

Rosemary is a Cockney girl—from the roughest neighbourhoods of London, she’s emerged with a fighting spirit. She’ll fight for those she loves, and she’ll do whatever she must to protect them. Which may lead her occasionally into arguments and even physical fights that any well-bred young lady would steer clear of.

Peter’s deep strength comes entirely from his faith. Having lived all his life with a stutter that keeps him from communicating easily, he’s become a bit of a recluse…but one with a heart that yearns to touch the world through the written word and to quietly do good wherever the Lord leads. He’s occasionally oblivious to the world around him and doesn’t always see the other side of an argument. But once he does, he recognizes right and follows it.

Quirk (if any)

Rosemary lapses into her native Cockney accent, rather than the educated one she’s learned, in moments of high emotion. And as a thief, she’s constantly casing the world around her. She doesn’t just notice a person’s hair and eye color, she notes the quality of their watch and the bulge of their handbag and whether there are any electro-magnetic alarms on their windows and doors.

Peter gets so fully caught up in his writing that it often takes five to ten minutes for a knock at his office door to stir him. And let’s not get into the family trait he’s inherited for hoarding books. And magazines. And books. And newspapers. And books. And letters. And did I mention books?

Your inspiration for the character

Peter was actually inspired by King George V, who was king of England in 1914 when the story takes place; the king had “a difficult time expressing himself in speech” and so wrote letters to his wife that, from all accounts, kept them thoroughly in love. I wanted a hero like that, and one with a deep-seated faith that would be his rock in the storm. Because already I had a storm in mind—that also like the king, he was of German heritage in a time when being German was viewed with suspicion and fear.

Rosemary was partly inspired by a story my best friend was then working on, about a girl whose mother was a thief. I was intrigued by the idea of a main character who was herself a thief…but who had a noble side the world might not readily see. Rosemary isn’t just defined by what she does, she’s defined by why she does it—the family of orphans she’s taken in and protected over the years. That part of the inspiration came largely from my own family, who will do anything for each other, whether the members were born a part of said family or not. It isn’t blood that makes a family, after all. It’s love.

Background to the story

My stories often begin with characters, so my inspiration for them led largely to the plot. In addition, I’d learned that King George actually had his last name changed during the war, as a visible sign of his loyalty to England (new Windsor surname) rather than Germany (Saxe-Coburg had been his surname before). What if, I asked myself, another man of German descent considered doing the same thing? And what if he was a friend of the king, and that made people even more suspicious of his motives? And what if a mysterious someone in fact hired a thief to steal evidence that he was disloyal to England?

I love playing what-if games. =)

Thanks Roseanna!

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