Cover Reveal: Coming in early 2017 from Waterbrook Multnomah


Waterbrook Multnomah’s early 2017 selection is small but savvy! 

The richness of the colours in the two historical covers really catch the eye and I love the background of Carrie’s especially. While keeping the traditional elements of Christian historical romance cover, the blue of the dress, the vivid greens of the garden, and the unique title fonts give it a fresh look. While Kim’s leans more towards a traditional cover, the model’s positioning and expression catch the eye. I’m tipping that my friend Aaron with love both of these covers sans decapitations!

Katie Ganshert’s cover! Wow – love this modern look, far removed from the style of her previous covers. Kudos to the designers and Waterbrook for braving such a change. Katie’s books are brilliant and this cover exposes her to a wider reading audience in my view, which she well deserves.

So, I don’t quite get the cowboy thing (apologies to my Texan readers!), but Ruth’s covers for her Double S Ranch series have been spot on for the genre. I’ve loved the use of ‘props’ in the series – horse, little girl, and now guitar. The guitar draws me in (nothing to do with the fact my husband plays beautifully!) and tells me there is more to this hero than chaps and spurs 😉

And one thing for sure, Waterbrook choose their stories wisely and each one with be of the highest quality.

Would love your thoughts, friends!



Shine Like the Dawn by Carrie Turansky

When English inventor and industrialist William Harcourt dies, his son Nathaniel inherits Morningside Manor, with its elaborate gardens, grounds, and inventions. Nate also gains partial control of his father’s company, Clifton Engineering. His father’s dying request to repay an old debt reunites Nate with Margaret Lounsbury, a childhood friend he deeply admired.

Four years earlier, Maggie lost much of her family when their boat sank during an outing. Maggie wonders if the tragedy was truly an accident, and if the Harcourts hold any responsibility. Can Maggie let go of the resentment in her heart that keeps her from forgiving Nate – and reconciling with God?

February, 2017



Grace and the Preacher by Kim Vogel Sawyer

The Kansas community of Fairland anticipates the arrival of their new minister and in recent months, late in 1882, postmistress Grace Cristler has communicated with Reverend Dille via letters, answering his questions about the little town, and developing affection for the man who pens thoughtful missives.

Theophil Garrison grew up under the loving influence of his saintly grandmother, but was roped into his cousins’ train-robbing plan. When they fail and are apprehended, Theo fled the scene, evading jail time. Now an angry cousin is out to avenge Theo’s duplicity, and he’s on the run. He encounters a fatally ill traveler–a minister. Seeing a way to keep hidden, Theo trades identities with the man, dons his fine black suit, carries a Bible, and prays that he’ll be accepted as Rufus Dille.

Once in Fairland, if Theo’s true identity is uncovered, what will be left of the world he has built for himself, Grace, and those in the town who have come to love and accept him?

March, 2017


Loop train riding above a street in Chicago

Life After by Katie Ganshert

On the day of a late spring storm, in Chicago, Autumn Manning boarded an “L” train. A bomb explodes, killing everyone in the train car except for Autumn—the sole survivor. A year has passed and Autumn suffocates under a blanket of what ifs and the pressing desire to bring the victims back to life, every day, if only for her. She doesn’t want their stories to be forgotten. She wants to undo what cannot be undone. An unexpected ally joins her efforts, also seeking answers and trying to find a way to stumble ahead.

But one victim’s husband, Paul Elliott, prays to let the dead—and their secrets—rest in peace, undisturbed and unable to hurt his loved ones.

Caught between loss and hope, these restless souls must release the past to embrace a sovereign God.

April, 2017



Peace in the Valley by Ruth Logan Herne

In spite of past differences, Trey Walker Stafford would never forget how his uncle, a cowboy and rancher, adopted him and made him part of the family. He’d left the Double S Ranch to pursue music against Sam’s wishes and returns discouraged about life and love after tragically losing his wife. Trey feels that he’s living a lie, singing of love and happily-ever-afters while dealing with an emptiness within. Will sacrificing part of himself to help Sam fill the void? Or could it come from befriending the single mother who needs help with her farm?

Can Trey find the “Peace in the Valley” he’s sought for so long?

May, 2017


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25 Responses to Cover Reveal: Coming in early 2017 from Waterbrook Multnomah

  1. I want to read ALL of these!! Excellent novels headed our way!

    As for covers, I love Katie’s the most. Very clean and modern. Seems to fit the story well.

  2. I love Carrie Turansky’s cover- the look on her face is intriguing! So excited for Katie Ganshert’s new book, it looks so different.

  3. Beautiful covers! I love these posts of yours!

  4. Oh Rel, you know my cover tastes so well. :) I do LOVE both of these historical covers and for the reasons you mentioned. The vivid colors of Carrie’s (and I love the hat) are so striking. And the expression on Kim’s fascinates me. It leaves me wondering what is on her mind. Ruth Logan Herne’s is perfect for the genre, and I do really like this cover. The singing cowboy is iconic from early Hollywood days. Katie Ganshert’s is awesome to me, too. I love the light shining into the fog. Very evocative. Definitely a great batch of covers for what is most assuredly a great batch of stories. Thanks again, Rel.

  5. Aren’t these gorgeous covers??? And I’m excited about every one of these books… Rel, thank you for this beautiful posting… and for including “Peace in the Valley” in the group! We’re loving the readers’ reactions to the Double S series and I’m so grateful to you for featuring it!

    And I brought fresh coffee for everyone… or tea, if that’s your pleasure!

    • A pleasure, Ruth! I’m sad I haven’t got to read your series yet, but I’m working on rectifying that – hearing LOTS of good things about them :)

  6. Carrie’s is my favorite. That look. That dress. And that hat. Very beautifully done. Katie’s is unique so it automatically catches my attention. And of course, I’m a sucker for a cowboy. Although Ruth’s “Back in the Saddle” is my favorite cover of all of the books in the Double S series….I ain’t hatin’ this one :-)

  7. Love the cover. Some really great authors too.

  8. I think Katie’s is my favorite – so striking and it stands out as unique. However, I adore the tones in Kim’s cover, and of course that the model has auburn/russet hair. <3

  9. I always love Carrie’s covers. These all look good.

  10. Goodness!! How YUMMY they all look!!

  11. I want them all. ❤️️💚💛💜💙

  12. I’m so excited about Peace in the Valley that I put it on my calendar for April so I can start hunting it down early!!! :) GREAT series! Thanks for sharing the covers, Rel!

  13. I’m kind of prejudice when it comes to Ruthie’s book covers since I’m a hard-core fan of hers. Her books have been coming out one right after the other lately which is thrilling for a fangirl.

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