Leaving Carolina by Tamara Leigh & signed giveaways!


Piper Wick left her hometown of Pickwick, North Carolina, twelve years ago, shook the dust off her feet, ditched her drawl and her family name, and made a new life for herself as a high-powered public relations consultant in LA. She’s even “engaged to be engaged” to the picture-perfect U.S. Congressman Grant Spangler.

Now all of Piper’s hard-won happiness is threatened by a reclusive uncle’s bout of conscience. In the wake of a health scare, Uncle Obadiah Pickwick has decided to change his will, leaving money to make amends for four generations’ worth of family misdeeds. But that will reveal all the Pickwicks’ secrets, including Piper’s.

Though Piper arrives in Pickwick primed for battle, she is unprepared for Uncle Obe’s rugged, blue-eyed gardener. So just who is Axel Smith? Why does he think making amends is more than just making restitution? And why, oh why, can’t she stay on task? With the Lord’s help, Piper is about to discover that although good PR might smooth things over, only the truth will set her free.

My take:~

Tamara Leigh sets the standard in chick-lit for the soul and has raised the bar once again with Leaving Carolina. Infused with genuine wit, emotional depth and always appealing main players, this novel entertained and delighted from beginning to end. Tamara has an intuitive gift for the first person voice and it is on full display as her inimitable Piper Wick attempts to keep her carefully constructed life from falling into disarray. Piper’s conscience comes in the rather attractive yet marred form of enigmatic gardener Axel Smith, a singularly intriguing character and now one of my favourite leading men. Tamara’s trademark snappy dialogue, palpable attraction and spiritual message make this a blissful read. Leaving Carolina is the first in Tamara’s Southern Comfort series and the knowledge of more Pickwick tales to come made my day!

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Thanks to the lovely Tamara Leigh I have two signed copies of Leaving Carolina to give away! One to an Aussie reader and one to a reader from North America.

To enter:~

Post a comment by Sunday 20th September with an AUS or USA to identify your location

Tell me which eye colour appeals to you most in a guy you are reading about ~ piercing blue or unfathomable brown?!

Once you read Tammy’s book, you will know why I asked this!!

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41 Responses to Leaving Carolina by Tamara Leigh & signed giveaways!

  1. Hmmm… Piercing blue generally catches my eye. However, unfathomable brown is less intimidating :)

    joyfuljewelz (at) gmail.com

  2. Sorry, I forgot to put my location.
    I live in Australia :)

  3. definately unfathomable brown!

  4. Unfathomable brown, though there is a certain appeal to piercing blue!


  5. please enter the southern girl!

  6. brown! please enter the southern girl!

  7. piercing blue eyes for me.
    I too am an aussie

  8. Hey Misty – it worked!! And all the way from Japan.


  9. Christy--Southern Sassy Girl

    Gotta love the blue eyes…my hubby has them. :o)

    I've only read Splitting Harriet by this author, but would love to read some of her others…this one looks great, in particular. Oh, and I'm from the US.

    orca0024 at yahoo dot com

  10. OMG!!! This is soooooo hard!!! Why do I have to pick one??!! 😛

    Weeell when I'm reading I do love it when the hero has coffee or chocolate colored eyes that are deep, dark, and warm, with just a hint of mischief! 😉 *sigh*

    Thanks for this great question!

    Please enter me! I'm from the USA!

    XOXO- Renee

  11. Piercing blue, I think – but I have no idea why. On the other hand, unfathomable brown seems warmer. Guess I'll just have to read Leaving Carolina!

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

    cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net


  12. Definitely piercing blue….who couldn't resist blue eyes :)
    Please enter me :) USA


  13. Lori (sugarandgrits)

    Great question…but hard to answer! I guess I'd have to choose unfathomable brown (like melted chocolate), but don't tell my hubby ~ his are hazel! LOL

    I have all of Tamara's other books, so I can't wait to read this one ~ it's been on my wishlist forever!

    ~ Lori – USA
    sugarandgrits {at} hotmail {dot} com

  14. I will have to go with piercing blue eyes as that is what my husband has. This bok sounds very interesting.


  15. Absolutely unfathomable brown! Rich, deep. Best color for eyes.
    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  16. Love reading about those blue eyes in a male character. Don't know why. My hubby's are brown.

  17. Love reading about those blue eyes in a male character. Don't know why. My hubby's are brown.

    Opps forgot first post to mention I'm a US reader. Sorry. If you want to delete my first response you may do so.

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  18. Definitely piercing blue!

  19. Good question, Rel! Let's see, if the book is set in a warm location give me the piercing blue ones to cool me off, and if it's set in a cold location, I'll take the unfathomable brown ones to warm me up. *grin*

    My hubby has brown eyes, but I think green or gray eyes are quite appealing.

    PS – please don't enter me in the contest as I have a copy coming soon. :)

  20. I would definitely have to say piercing blue! I am in the USA.

    danielle at daniellesjourney dot com

  21. Hi, my name is Jasmine and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
    I would love to win this great
    giveaway. The review is excellent
    and is the kind of book I love to read.

    jsrogers at shaw dot ca

  22. From the USA, a vote for unfathomable brown. Intense!
    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  23. Unfathomable Brown all the way! I once read a book where a guys eyes were described as the colour of milk chocolate! Yummy!!

  24. Unfathomable brown!!!

    Very exciting that Tamara has a new book out, they are always a great read!

    Can I ask, Rel, when this will hit the shelves here (just in case we don't win)?


  25. Leaving Carolina releases in the States today so I anticipate it will hit shelves here sometime in the next two months. Definitely here in time to put in your Christmas stocking :)

  26. Piercing blue for me! (Maybe it's the Finn in me)


  27. piercing blue would be the eye color I would pick.


    ejxd95 at gmail dot com

  28. Hi! I enjoy the writings of Tamara Leigh. Please enter me in your delightful book drawing.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  29. please enter me. Thanks Becky

  30. Brown… like delightful chocolate!


  31. Unfathomable brown is what appeals to me the most!

    Carol M
    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  32. Given my husband has 'unfathomable brown' eyes, I suspect I should pick that one. But I come from a long line of 'piercing blue' and I've developed a bit of an obsession for them. Something to do with three brown-eyed children and way-too-dominant genes, I think.

    Tracy AUS

  33. I've never really thought about that before. But I think I'd have to say piercing blue! I like my hubby's blue eyes.
    Looking forward to this book!

  34. Piercing blue for me. Thanks Rel.

  35. Difficult choice! For me it depends on the hair color! I like piercing blue with brown or dark hair and unfathomable brown with blonde hair.


  36. Hmmm. I guess I would have to go with my husbands color, piercing blue! Thanks again Rel!

  37. I'll go for the piercing blue.

  38. I'll add to the piercing blue votes – looking forward to one day reading why the vote is on!
    Thanks Rel

  39. Hey rel,
    I would have to say piercing blue.
    Please enter me.

    thnx heaps =D

  40. Definatley unfathomable brown. I could just drown in them.

  41. Oh, I live in USA.

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