Nor Forsake by Julie Presley


Libby Abbott leads a seemingly charmed life: she works from a beautiful home in a rich neighborhood as an aspiring author and has a handsome and successful husband who supports her dreams. But behind closed doors are the suspicions of infidelity, failed pregnancies, a writing career that’s virtually non-existent, and a heart that is so far from God, she’s not sure she knows the way back. When Libby’s short story and headshot land on the desk of literary agent, Jason Randall, he is intrigued by the grace with which she handles her characters and her stunning smile. He’s convinced that she’s his next best-selling author. Publishing is the last thing on Libby’s mind, but Jason’s eagerness to see her succeed pushes her in a direction she never thought she’d travel again – towards the God of her youth, who dares her to embrace life amidst all of the chaos.

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If you are looking for a unique Christian romance novel, Julie Presley’s Nor Forsake is for you! The premise, the characters, and the journey they travel are captivating and challenging. Authentic situations, genuine emotions, and conversations with God make this story one well worth diving into. There is a rawness to Julie’s characters and story that many readers are searching for and not always finding in traditional Christian romances. I enjoyed getting to know Libby, a woman with talent whose insecurities, heightened by her husband’s betrayal, make her easy to relate to. Jason is another complex character, who realises how much his faith must now impact his choices and behaviour. This is a story of grace, love, renewal, and hope. Readers of Kristen Heitzmann’s Told You series and Amy Matayo’s novels will find much to love in Nor Forsake.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to a new-to-me author. Just downloaded the Kindle version.

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