Operation Zulu Redemption by Ronie Kendig with giveaways

Operation Zulu RedemptionSynopsis:~

They never should’ve existed. Now they don’t.  

Zulu, the first all-female special ops team, was set up to take a devastating fall. Fearing for their lives, Zulu members vanished with new identities. Isolated and haunted by their past, they are terrified of being discovered.  Over the years, the brave women of Zulu have begun to hope they might be safe and the terrible tragedy forgotten.  Until two of them are murdered.

My endorsement:~

There’s always been something utterly addictive about Ronie Kendig’s writing but she has injected Operation Zulu Redemption with extra high-octane habit forming fuel. You are strapped in and immobilised from the get-go as the incredible women of Zulu, a secret black ops team, are introduced and their hidden lives implode as an unknown enemy sights them in his cross hairs. With the same intensity and adrenaline inducing qualities of an episode of 24, Operation Zulu Redemption doesn’t let up for a second as the women are ripped from their homes into the tenuous safety of their former handler, Colonel Trace Weston, a man one of Team Zulu hoped never to see again. Ronie maintains the frantic pace, never downplays the action, nor reduces the emotional kick. Her characterisation is nothing short of brilliant – it’s so easy to fall in love with these characters, smile at their quirks, cry with their pain, and fear for their lives! While the story wraps up well, I’m desperately hoping for a sequel as I’m so engaged in these characters stories that I want to know more. Brace yourselves, readers, this is one hair-raising, heart- pumping ride you can’t afford to miss!

With thanks to the author for my review copy. This updated review is a combination of my previous reviews of the serialisation episodes that are now contained in one paperback volume.

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23 Responses to Operation Zulu Redemption by Ronie Kendig with giveaways

  1. Peggy Carter comes to mind when I think of action heroines I enjoyed watching!

  2. This is so a difficult question! I love Agent Carter and Captain America (probably my overall favorites), but also Arrow (Oliver Queen) and The Flash a.k.a. Barry Allen too. So many great people from which to pick. :) And of course, all of Ronie’s heroes are favorites! (My latest read from her – Falcon, was one of my all time favorites.)

    How about you ladies!? :)

  3. I think this is my favourite work of Ronie’s. Such a clever premise and because Ronie had more pages to work with her characters are that much more developed.

    I also loved it’s original ‘serialisation’ format but I’m looking forward to having a copy of it sitting on my bookshelf.

  4. Definitely need to read Ronie’s books! I guess my favorite action heroes are still Superman & Batman. LOL! But there are so many heroes in the books I read! And the real heroes are our military who keep us safe!

  5. Every since having my first son a few years ago, I’ve slacked significantly in the reading department and haven’t gotten to read Ronie’s latest books. This one sounds fantastic! I think my favorite action hero would have to be Wonder Woman. She saves the day and has an invisible airplane – doesn’t get much better than that! :)

  6. Gosh, such a tough question! My favorite movie action hero is Iron Man, tv action hero would be Sydney Bristow in the show Alias and in print, Canyon from Ronie Kendig’s book Wolfsbane.

  7. So thrilled this is FINALLY in paperback was super jealous of all the e-readers out there who had already read it. My favorite action heroes are:

    Movie: Winter Solider (aka Bucky Barnes)
    TV: Green Arrow (aka Oliver Queen)
    Book: Green Beret Tony “Candyman” VanAllen from “Beowulf” by Ronie Kendig

  8. I really have enjoyed Peggy Carter especially her series where she just uses the talents she was born with- no super hero power.

    I also like She-Ra and Wonder Woman if they count.

  9. I have a soft spot in my heart for Superman….!

  10. Oh that is a tough question. I really like Captain America but I have to say that Agent Carter is my favorite right now. Thanks for the giveaway. I am sooo excited that this is releasing as a print version.

  11. I going to have to go with everyone else on this one – I really like Agent Peggy Carter.

  12. I adore the Bourne series, he is a great action hero. Zulu ROCKS!!!! I cannot get enough of it!!

  13. Bond, James Bond! 😉

  14. beth hammann-belew

    this is tough for me because I automatically think of Military persons(past/present & future). we just watched 13 Hours & the guys(the ones that were actually there) to me are heros, for putting themselves out there to protect & serve.

  15. Janet Estridge

    My favorite action hero’s would be the Green Hornet and his sidekick, Kato, played by the late Bruce Lee. Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.

  16. Tough one. I’m not so sure. I mean I like watching the Marvel heroes, but I think real -life heroes are more worth the mention. Our veterans and soldiers, Mother Teresa, and those who fought against a debilitating disease. Kudos to them!

  17. I love Captian America and Black Widow!

  18. I was going to say that’s an almost impossible question to answer because I was thinking of trying to pick a favorite from all the books I’ve read! But since it seems that quite a few people are going with superheroes here….. That I can do! 😛

    Steve Rogers all the way, y’all! 😀

  19. Kelly Bridgewater

    My favorite hero is Dominic Torrent in the Fast and Furious franchise. He is strong, a family man, and stands up for what he believes in. Ronie Kendig has some great heroes too like Hawk.

  20. I really enjoy most action movies with Dwayne Johnson or Vin Disel. The heroes and heroines Ronie Kendig writes, though, are always thrilling and her heroes are definitely swoon worthy.

  21. Superman !

  22. Mmmm, Captain America.

    I love Ronie Kendig’s books. I haven’t read Operation Zulu Redemption, I would love to win a copy.

  23. I don’t know that I necessarily have a favorite, but if I had to pick I would say Captain America. I love Ronie’s books. Thanks for the giveaway!

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