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Paige Alder simply doesn’t have time for all this; between work at the adoption agency, volunteering with the church youth group, helping her friend plan an anniversary party and a weeding, and being the go-to girl for everyone who needs a favor, she’s lucky to grab a cheese stick for dinner. She can’t remember the last time she pulled out her crafting supplies or spent time digging into God’s Word, and she certainly doesn’t have time for romance.

But when handsome Tyler comes along, he forces her to rethink whether staying busy for God is the same as spending time with Him. Tyler seems to be the only one that Paige can say no to, but maybe he is the one that she should be saying yes to.

My take:~

Erynn Mangum gives voice to another 20 something girl, determined to make her mark on the world or at least in the state of Texas! Paige Alder dreams big but her reality is a little more bumpy. Dedicated to serving others, Paige doesn’t see the dangers of constantly saying yes to every person who makes a request, until she meets Tyler Jennings, a guy who sees more to her behaviour than she would like. Erynn never fails to infuse her books with wit, joy, and enough angst to keep the sugar at bay. Paige is a character that is vintage Erynn Mangum, yet remains unique. With an estranged sister and a potential love triangle on the horizon, readers have a lot to look forward to when Paige Rewritten releases in October, 2013

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