RBC Book Club with Alison Strobel & The Weight of Shadows

I’ve just closed the door on the last of my book club members after a great discussion of Alison Strobel’s The Weight of Shadows. Alison chose to answer our questions via YouTube videos which I am delighted to post here for you all. Bear in mind, if you haven’t read the book there are SPOILERS contained in Alison’s answers.

With plenty to discuss about domestic violence, living with guilt, bitterness and betrayal, coping with death and dysfunctional families, The Weight of Shadows is a great book club pick and a challenging read.

A big thanks to you, Alison for the effort and time taken to answer our questions in these videos. It was the next best thing to having you in the room with us. And yes, book us in for Skype next year when the time difference might be more manageable :)

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