Ryann Watters and the King’s Sword by Eric Reinhold ~ EJ’s Take

I am delighted to introduce my latest guest reviewer, my 10 year old daughter, EJ, along with her first review. When this book arrived, EJ’s eyes lit up and three days later she was done! Proud mum, that I am, I think she has done a fantastic job!

Ryann Watters and the King’s Sword is a fantasy story written by Eric Reinhold. It is about a 12 year old boy named Ryann Watters, who is paid a remarkable visit by the Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel gives Ryan three supernatural objects, a ring, a staff and a horn. They may seem like regular objects but they aren’t.

The class bully, Drake Dunfellow, is visited by a dark angel who provides him with a cloak, a persuasion ring, a bow and a set of arrows. This sets both boys on an adventurous journey.

Ryann soon travels through a portal to the majestic land of Aeliana and is sent on a quest to find the King’s sword with the help of his friends from Earth, Liddy Thomas and Terell Peterson, and some new friends from Aeliana. He is pursued by Drake, who uses his ring to persuade some Aelianans to support his evil quest.

I was captivated by the book due to the descriptive language and the way Eric Reinhold created the characters with their individual personalities. The book starts with illustrations and descriptions of the main characters which were fascinating, together with a data page to record the powers or meanings that you find in the book about Ryann’s gifts. I enjoyed this interactive page. I stayed up late reading it as I couldn’t put it down and that’s a fact! I highly recommend this book to readers 10 to 14 years of age, but this exciting adventure novel would appeal to anyone. I am looking forward to reading about Ryann’s further adventures.

Now available from Creation House

Guest reviewer:~ my eldest daughter, EJ

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6 Responses to Ryann Watters and the King’s Sword by Eric Reinhold ~ EJ’s Take

  1. Good review Erin.I got the book today and i love the look of it.

  2. Good review Erin! My son Luke (12 years old) would love this book. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Way to go, Erin! That’s a terrific review! I bet your Mom’s going to ask you to write more of them in the future. :) Keep up the great work, and thank you for telling us about this book. It sounds very interesting! Isn’t the cover cool?

  4. Great review Erin! I’m going to make my son green with envy you already finished the book. Maybe I should be a little lenient; he just finished GERM last week. Way to go!

  5. Well done, Erin!!

  6. Thanks for the review. I will have to keep my eyes open for this one. You made it sound great.

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