Skin by Ted Dekker and Aussie Giveaway!

Freak tornadoes are wreaking havoc in the small town of Summerville, Nevada while Sterling Red, a man who embodies evil is creating his own wave of destruction by murdering Summerville’s inhabitants at an ever increasing rate. Wendy Davidson, traumatised by her cult upbringing and unable to accept physical touch, rescues siblings Carey and Nicole, flags down Deputy Colt Jackson, a man unerringly accurate with a gun yet socially inept with women. Together they find refuge in the basement of an old home, to wait out the storm and the terror of a killer set on revenge.

When the storm subsides, the group are dumbfounded by the total destruction of the town but their shock quickly turns to horror when another man stumbles in, missing a finger, hacked off by the killer as a warning and confirming his vendetta is directed towards these individuals.Tentatively, they share their histories in an effort to understand what possible link they have to each other and the killer. Confusion mounts and fear skyrockets as Sterling Red demands they murder the ugliest among them or bear consequences even more unthinkable.

Ted Dekker has written another thriller in every sense of the word, the action is non stop, the tale twisted and confusing and the characters are complex. Many scenes are gruesome and Skin is certainly not for everyone but the intricate plot and mysteriousness of the world the characters find themselves in kept me turning page after page in anticipation of the final showdown. The fleeting nature of our outer skin and what constitutes true beauty are explored in a way that will remain with the reader for some time. Dekker once again stretches the realms of possibility which is somewhat distracting and the book concludes with more questions than answers, an ongoing trademark of Dekker’s books devotees will recognise!

Recently released by Thomas Nelson.

Aussie readers ~ I have a copy of Skin to give to one brave reader – LOL! Post a comment and I will put your name in the draw – this contest closes at midnight onSunday 3rd June, 2007.

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10 Responses to Skin by Ted Dekker and Aussie Giveaway!

  1. This sounds an intriguing maybe scary book,dare I ask for you to put my name in.

  2. Can I ask you to add my name on behalf of my husband, he is hanging out to get this book!!!!

  3. Shameless attempt to score a free book, but hey! I’ve liked all his others!

  4. how excitingly intriguing! Please add my name to the hat.

  5. I’m going to (cautiously) ask that my name be put in for this one as well. Sounds like a book to be read in daylight…rather than a dark stormy night like last night was!!!And who knows…maybe I’ll convert my husband to reading a fast paced book!

  6. Can you put my name down but it really would be for Steve I think!

  7. Could you put my name down too… and yes just like many of the others I’m thinking of my husband.

  8. Hey Burks – good to see you visiting!ad and Jen – not sure it is your thing or Steve’s but you are in the draw!As are all of you other lovely commentors :):)

  9. Loved all of his other books, all well written. Patiently waiting for this one…..please put my name in on this one as well….yes husband of Fiona….

  10. I really enjoyed Dekker’s Thr3e and Blink, but his last few really haven’t “thrilled” me in the way I expect a thriller novel would. Good book, nonetheless, and I did have to read to the end to find out who Red was. 😉

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