Stuck in the Middle Aussie Giveaway!

I have another hot giveaway for my Aussie readers ~ Stuck in the Middle by Virginia Smith.

Read about the book and my take on it here and follow the guidelines below:~

1. Have an Australian postal address;

2. Post by midnight Thursday 6th March, 2008; and

3. Joan, the main character in this book has issues with her name! Tell me your favourite name for a girl, excluding ones you have already used for any daughters you may have :)

Jamie” has long been a favourite girl’s name of mine!

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9 Responses to Stuck in the Middle Aussie Giveaway!

  1. I like the names Kathrynne, and Kaitlynne.I’d love to be entered.itsmyemail (at)

  2. Oh yes, please enter me too :)I was going to name a daughter Breanna Janelle, if my Mr Busy boy had been a girl. I don’t want a fourth child, but I’m a little sad I’ll never get to use that name.

  3. I love both Beth and Jessica, cant decide on just one! Thanks again Rel.

  4. I have had a lot of different ones like Jessica, rebecca,but i think now itsCaylee or McKenzie

  5. Jamie was the name of my childhood imaginary friend. ; )

  6. Georgia and Bethany are 2 names I really like, but won’t get to use now!! Please enter me in the draw – thanks.

  7. Rebecca and Bianca. Please enter me in the draw too.

  8. Please enter me!!I must confess I’m something of a hippie when it comes to girls’ names. At the moment I *love* the name Meadow…

  9. I dont mind the names Rebecca or Hannah seeing as I cant use my own daughters name. please enter me as well.ta.

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