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I grew up in southern New Jersey during the 50s and 60s when life was so much simpler than it is today. We had a party-line telephone we shared with another family and a black and white TV my parents shared with us. The township library, where I volunteered, was my second home and the place where I discovered the absolute wonder of reading.

I was inspired to write my first published novel by my sister, Carol Beth. She dared me to write a novel, so I did. In fact, I wrote four, but it was the fifth book, Evergreen, that became my first published book.  Over twenty years later, she’s still encouraging me to write.

The books that have most influenced my life, particularly my writing life, are mostly non-fiction history books. It is from those sources that I’ve been able to create historical fictional characters who have the same needs for faith and love, family and friends that we do today.

My biggest challenge when writing is keeping track of the time. When I’m writing, I’m “there” – in the story – and the real world just slips away, along with all sense of time. I’ve lost complete days while writing, which is why I have to set an alarm (several in fact) if I have an appointment to keep!

One of my favorite authors is . . . uh oh. I’m not really comfortable answering this one. I have so many wonderful author friends, I couldn’t possibly choose one of them.  I do, however, especially love the historical authors at Bethany House.

If I wasn’t a writer, I would be a teacher. Actually, I was a high school teacher for twenty-five years and wrote during summer break until I retired from the classroom in 2012. Now I do volunteer work with teenage “first offenders” in court and with the local turtle watch program that helps endangered loggerhead turtles to nest and hatch safely, and I still have time to write.

The superhero talent I would love to have is the ability to fly! I have a large family spread between Florida, Texas and New Jersey. It would be so much fun to be able to zip through the sky to visit them on a whim, especially my seven grandchildren.  Just imagine what a great “show and tell” this grandmom would be!

The Midwife's ChoiceThe Midwife’s Choice

In a time when the traditional ways of medicine are constantly being questioned by new doctors fresh from medical school, midwife Martha Cade tries to balance her life’s calling with the demands of her family. Recently reunited with her estranged seventeen-year-old daughter, Martha finds herself torn between guiding her child and allowing her to be an adult. At the same time, she must decide whether she’ll risk reopening the heart she’d long closed off to love.

Though a small town, Trinity, Pennsylvania, is fraught with secrets, and as a midwife, Martha moves among its people. She knows which homes are filled with light and love, which families have slipped into grief, which wives are unhappy, and which husbands dare to cross lines…As Martha struggles with the conflicts of being a mother, a midwife, and a woman, she learns the greatest lessons of all–that hope can shine even in the darkest hours, and that faith has a way of making the impossible possible.

My latest novel can be described by these five adjectives: spiritual, emotional, timely, unpredictable and empowering.

My main character is Martha Cade, and she loves her sweets! In fact, she’s been known to start her meal with dessert and occasionally makes a full meal of her sweet treats. Now that my children are grown and not around at my house at mealtime, I have to admit I’ve treated myself to an occasional “dessert supper.”  Just don’t tell my grandchildren.

My main characters (Martha and Thomas) resemble women and men today who find themselves all alone and single, with a second chance to find love. They also find this experience to be a roller-coaster ride, both emotionally and spiritually.  For some, especially in the past, economic necessity is a driving force, but for all, it is the yearning for love and companionship that gives them the courage to take the leap when love comes around the second time.

A previously unknown fact about this novel is that when I was writing the first draft, I had no idea that there would be a very important new character arriving in Trinity. He almost didn’t make it, but he popped in right at the end and proved essential in the final book of the trilogy, The Midwife’s Dilemma.

My story’s spiritual theme is God’s unfailing ability to provide us all with His love and guidance so we can follow the path He has set before us.

While writing this novel I was challenged by reuniting Martha with her runaway daughter who has finally come home. The emotional dynamics between them were difficult to manage, but well worth the effort in the end.  I do believe there is a bond between mothers and daughters that can often be tested, but only rarely broken forever.  I wanted Martha and her daughter to repair the rift between them and find their way back to a loving relationship.

The title was chosen in a collaborative effort between myself, my editor, and a great team at Bethany House. We work so well together that I’m always very pleased with the titles for my books, most especially those in the At Home in Trinity

As an author, the hardest scenes for me to write are scenes where my heroine is in a situation where she can respond either with anger or disappointment. I need to decide which response is more appropriate and whether or not she might need to respond appropriately or not, in terms of where the story is at that point.  Not easy for me to do.

The story I’m currently working on is the final book in the trilogy, The Midwife’s Dilemma, which is set for release in late March 2016. Midwife Martha Cade has some very tough decisions to make, and I want to be sure they’re the right ones for her!

You may not know this about me, but I can paint a room, hang wallpaper, and tackle most any home improvement project with the tools I store in my most treasured piece of furniture: my workbench!  I do draw the line, however, at almost everything electrical.  I’m also a thrift store shopper, and I almost never pass a thrift store without dropping in to see what second-hand treasures I can find and restore.

If I could be a character in any novel, I would be Allan Karlsson, a nursing home resident in The-Hundred-Year Old-Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson. Allan is so anxious to avoid the party planned to celebrate his 100th birthday that he escapes through the window and embarks on a series of grand adventures.  Actually, I’m excited by the possibility that if I live to be 100, I would be physically able to climb out of a window!  That would be an adventure in itself.

Thank you, Delia.

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33 Responses to The Inside Scoop! with Delia Parr and a giveaway

  1. I do not know anyone who has lived to that age.

  2. I probably have met someone who lived to be 100. I used to take my students to visit the nursing home, and we most likely met at least one such individual. But I can’t pick out one person in particular.

  3. In all honesty, I haven’t met anyone yet who is 100, but my adopted mom is 90 and she is my hero. She cooks and baked everything from scratch, volunteers at church and in the community 3 days a week and drives herself too! She also reads at least 3 books a week. Another friend is 94, and he still golfs every day!

  4. Yes! My mom’s great aunt lived to be 103!

  5. I don’t know anyone that has lived to be 100 just yet.I know some older people now so maybe later I can say I do. Thank you for this interview with Delia Parr.

  6. No, but an Aunt made it to 95..
    Enjoyed the review, on my list to read :)

  7. My Great-Great-Aunt lived to be 108. She lived in her own home until 103.

  8. My grandfather lived to be 105! We had a big shindig for his 100th birthday, what a special memory.

  9. Yes! My grandfather lived to 100. In fact, he was a few months shy of 101.

  10. I don’t think I know any who’s lived to be 100… but I had a lot of great aunt who at least got very close to it. :)

  11. No. I don’t.

  12. My grandmas best friend almost made it to her 100th birthday, sadly she passed a few months before it. I don’t know anyone personally who celebrated a 100 year old birthday

  13. I had two aunts that lived to 102. I currently have a great aunt that is 106 and she is still going strong!

  14. I don’t know anyone right now, but my mom is 97 and she is still very active. She bowls twice a week, lives by herself and she still drives. If she keeps going like she is she may live to be 100. I love having her around.

  15. I have not met anti personally that has lived to be that age. There are a few in n my family trees. Merry Christmas. Thank you.

  16. My granddad lived to be 94. . . Merry Christmas!

  17. I had a great great aunt who lived to be 100+ and she had the same birth date (not yea obviously, lol!) as me :-)

  18. My father-in-law’s aunt lived to be 104.

  19. I don’t know anyone personally who has lived that long. I have seen people online who have lived that long and are doing very well for themselves. I am so excited to see this book. I am really looking forward to reading it.

  20. I have met a couple over the years as a nurse but to know someone personally who is over 100, no. A lady in our church w/ whom we occasionally had breakfast was 98 when she died this year.

  21. I don’t personally know anyone who live to be 100 but I do hope that I can live that long and still be active. Thanks for the interview and giveaway Rel!

  22. I am blessed to know a man who just had his 101st birthday. Ü

  23. My cousin maternal grandmother lived to be 101 out lived some of her children. She was a real spitfire of a woman.

  24. I don’t.

  25. I have not met anyone but we have two grandparents in their mid-90’s so we are hoping to see them reach 100 and more!

  26. I’ve had some relatives live to that age.

  27. A dear lady in our church was 99 years old but never made it to 100.

  28. Only the Biblical characters :) I dont know anyone being that age personally.

  29. No, I don’t know anyone who reached a hundred but there have been a few relatives who reached their 90’s.

  30. I don’t know anyone who lived to be 100. I know someone who was just shy of their 100th birthday when they went to be with the Lord. And my grandmother lived to be in her mid-90s. Kind of close. That’s a long life and lots of changes to see.

  31. My grandmother lived to be 93, but I did take care of a lady at a nursing home who was 101. She was so sweet, and read the Bible every day! :)

  32. My husband’s nana lived to be 100. She was a very sweet lady and loved her family more than anything.

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