ACFW 2016: Nashville

Hello dear friends!

After 30 hours of delays, flights, and running through airports with my dear friend Dorothy Adamek, I’ve now been in Nashville for three days. It’s been a whirlwind few days and ACFW formally commenced today! I’ve had a wonderful time with my dear friend Ronie Kendig, walking the streets of a very humid city! Thought I’d share some pics for you to enjoy, and there’s more to come. I’m pretty weary from the long flight, the fun chats, the walking around downtown Nashville, and the excitement of it all. It’s so good to be amongst people who are passionate about story, Jesus, and others.

I’d chat more but tomorrow is coming soon enough! If you would like to check out more pics, you can follow me on Instagram.

Love from Nashville….xo

20160826_030431 (1)

Dineen Miller & Rachel Hauck


Tamara Leigh & Dorothy Adamek


Sarah Loudin Thomas


Mesu Andrews


Susie May Warren, Ronie Kendig, Beth Vogt, & Cathy West


Laura Frantz


Nicole Deese, Tammy L. Gray, & Amy Matayo

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11 Responses to ACFW 2016: Nashville

  1. It looks like you’re all having a wonderful time, Rel. Keep those pictures coming – and enjoy Nashville. :)

  2. Love all the pictures Rel It is so good to see you enjoying your time with your friends We miss you and look forward to many stories on your return home to cold, non humid Melbourne ❤️

  3. So glad you are here. Can’t wait to find you! :-)

  4. Such fun, Rel! Love being at ACFW with you. Onward!

  5. Still looking for you, but the pictures prove you’re here–along with several hundred others. Enjoy.

  6. I cannot adequately express to you what it meant to me to meet you and Tamara. To see the wonderful person “live” who has brought me such joy in discovering new books and authors (pointing at you, Tamara!), and has expanded my reading horizon had me feeling BEYOND blessed. You are both beautiful inside and out. I hope your ears have stopped ringing from my shrill screaming and that you have only minor bruising from my hugs. I’ll be praying you continue to enjoy (if that’s possible in this humidity) your time here in Nashville and for your safety as you travel home. Thanks again, my book compass, for searching me out… you were the literally ‘icing on the cake’ of a wonderful day at CFRR.

  7. It’s been fun to see you here!!

  8. what fun!!! Next year I’ll be there and look forward to meeting you there!! Thanks for the pics, I’ve living vicariously through them!

  9. What a great experience!! Glad you and Dorothy were able to be at the event.

  10. Glad to see you having fun with those ladies who share your passion for books, story and Jesus. Soak it up Rel! Will be looking forward to hearing about your adventures with Dottie at ACFW when you get back. Big love and hugs xo

  11. OH yea! Love these pics and LOVED seeing you <3

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