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QuoftheweekI skipped my bookish question last week as you were so kind with your comments about my upcoming trip that I didn’t want to exhaust you!! That said, it is my trip that has generated my question this week. I will have the wonderful privilege of meeting lots of authors, publicists, and publisher folk while I’m at ACFW and the opportunity to sit down with many authors to chat and interview them for my blog. I don’t want to waste this opportunity and I would love to give you the chance to participate, too! So, in answer to my question this week, I want a question in response!

If you have ever wondered about an author’s favourite book, what keeps them motivated to write, or their snack of choice when writing in the wee hours of the morning, then now is your opportunity to ask. I want to take your reader questions with me and report back on my blog when I return, acknowledging you and providing the answer. Now, I can’t guarantee an answer as your author may not be in attendance or I may not get the chance to speak to them, but I will do what I can to have your question answered.

You have two options when asking your question – you can ask it publically by placing it in the comments section, or you can keep your question private for now by filling in the form below. Ask one question or more than one. You can ask different questions of different authors – go for it! My focus is giving READERS like me the chance to ask a burning question they have always want to know the answer to. I hope you will join in!


What would you like me to ask your favourite author/publicist/publisher on your behalf, while I am at ACFW this September?


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27 Responses to Bookish Question of the Week

  1. Response recorded! Brilliant and gracious opportunity, Rel. A sincere ‘thank you’!

  2. You are so awesome to do this, Rel! What fun!!

  3. I love this, Rel! Let it be known that I am open for any and all questions — and I’m going to post a few of my own for my favorite authors! (Well, if someone asks me where I hid my stash of jelly beans … )

    • Beth K. Vogt » Oh, yes, please!! I have plenty of questions of my own for you, dear Beth, but I’m sure a good part of our time will be looking at proud Grandma photos, I’m thinking 😉

  4. What a great idea, Rel!Hope you enjoy your trip to the U.S.

  5. What a fabulous idea Rel!! I’ve sent in a few questions for my favourite author, but I may yet send in more. Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. What a fun idea, Rel! Can’t wait to see you in September!!!!

  7. When I grow up I want to thing of brilliant ideas like this.

  8. AWESOME offer, Rel! Thank you for this. Submitted one question… hopefully I’ll think of a couple others and stop back by. :)

  9. Great idea! You are going to have such fun gathering the answers for the questions – kind of like a treasure hunt in some ways. All the best with it. :)

  10. Rel, can’t wait to read all the posts featuring your ACFW interviews… They’ll probably keep you going for months afterwards. Ha.

  11. Excited to see you in Indy! And I totally agree with Ian.

  12. How fun is this??? You are going to be mobbed at the conference… we all can’t wait to meet you, me included!

  13. I’m totally game to answer anything! :)

  14. (Not that we are surprised) What a great idea, Rel! I’m totally looking forward to meeting you in person. And I’m up for any questions–if it’s about a specific recipe (measures and seasonings), I may have to fictionalize a bit. Now THAT could be a kitchen adventure!

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