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BookishQu250So, I’m still coming to grips with some pretty amazing news. I’m heading to Nashville this August to attend the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Conference!


The best part, along with getting to spend time with some beloved friends, is that I have a partner in crime, er, I mean a partner in travel – my precious friend, Dorothy Adamek, who also happens to be a fabulously talented writer as you may know if you have hung around my blog for the past 6 months. Of course, this visit is strictly business! There will be no shenanigans whatsoever from two sensible and restrained Aussie girls who get to fly the coop and leave the family responsibilities to their wonderfully supportive husbands, right? Ahem…well, not too many shenanigans 😉 We will try not to be too Thelma and Louise, and there for sure won’t be any driving off cliffs…or driving at all, for that matter. Driving on the wrong side of the road over there is just simply, wrong!

I can’t wait to spend time with beloved author friends – Ronie and Tamara, you are braver than you think – and hopefully hang out with wonderful women like Katherine Reay, Amy Matayo, Nicole Deese, Katie Breslin, Kara Isaac, Becky Wade, to just name a few. And of course, hug the gorgeous Beth Vogt, as well as catch up with some of the lovely folk from the publishing houses I work with. I dearly hope some other wonderful author friends are able to attend so I can hug their necks, too! And I’m feeling sad about some of the authors I know aren’t able to attend this year.

I’m also excited to meet the fabulous bloggers, Carrie and Annie, who are behind the Christian Fiction Readers’ Retreat that takes place on August 24 – if you are in the Nashville area, be sure to check out all the details.



But that leads me to my Bookish Question ~ if you were to attend ACFW, name three authors (no, you can’t name just one for all 3 responses!) who just might generate the following responses from you:

  • Make you go all fangirl
  • Leave you speechless
  • Cause you to shove other people out of the way to ensure you got a selfie


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28 Responses to Bookish Question of the Week

  1. Oh, goodness! What great news for you! How excited!

    1. Becky Wade
    2. ummm perhaps Tamera Alexander?
    3. Ronie Kendig

  2. Rel, I’ll be at ACFW this year, so watch for me. I’ll be the Cary Grant look-alike disguised as an aging, short, dumpy Texan wearing glasses. And since none of my colleagues “make me go all fangirl,” I’ll pass on the questions. But I think that by then I’ll be able to share some great news about my own novels and their new home.

  3. Are. You. Kidding. ME?? I live in a suburb of Nashville and have already purchased my ticket to this retreat. I’m literally giddy with excitement knowing you’ll be there, too! Whittling down my top 3 is painful and cruel, as I have too many I want to meet.

    1) Tamara Leigh
    2) Julie Lessman
    3) Ronie Kendig
    4) RELZ!!!!!

    I assure you I will be generating ALL of the reponses you mentioned above. I just hope I don’t have Security called on me for uncontrollable squealing and shrieking with delight (note: pack ear plugs). Or I may just pass out from “sensory overload”. Can’t wait to meeting you in person….and may I be the first to welcome you to Nashville.

    • Amy » Sweet Amy – that is so gorgeous…and exciting! Let’s plan to catch up. You never know, but I may even get to arrange for you to fangirl and get your selfie :)

  4. Gaaaaah!!!! So excited for you my dear and CAN NOT wait to see all the amazing behind the scenes features you share. Nashville has been on my travel bucket list for ages.

    *Fangirl: Ronie Kendig
    *Speechless: Katherine Reay
    *Selfie: Jenny B Jones

    That was a hard question to answer. I’d want to hug everyone and bribe them with chocolate for upcoming book info 😉

  5. Oh and to answer your question (even though there’s so many!!):
    Fangirl: Jody Hedlund
    Speechless: Lynn Austin or Francine Rivers
    Selfie: Ronie!

    I meet Katherine and she’s so fun, so I’d probably demand a selfie again too!

  6. I must have misunderstood. I thought you and Dotti were going to Nashville, not “two sensible and restrained Aussie girls”. Have a great trip, ladies!

  7. Whoa!! Just 3???!!

    – Julie Lessman (I’m still doing a crazy open mouth stance since she will be at the CFRR this summer!)
    – Jen Turano (my funny author to go to for a laugh!)
    – Pepper Basham (have you read her The Thorn Keeper?!! A Twist of Faith!!! The Thorn Bearer!!!)
    – Shelley Shepard Gray (love Shelley)
    – Ruth Logan Herne (one MUST meet Ruthy)
    – Mary Connealy (cowboy talks is nothing without her)
    – Laura Frantz (enough said)
    – Cynthia Ruchti (grace and wisdom – a composer of books!)

    O…did I pass the 3 mark…oops.. I just couldn’t stop, well, I could. Just don’t want to. I can also still name many more…..this booknerd can’t help the fangirl part. That’s why we have mini fans as swags in CFRR! Oops.. was I suppose to give that out?

    THANK YOU REL for the shout out!!! We hope to see everyone at the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat / ACFW (I plan on some stalking *ahem I mean lounging at the lobby)!

    • Julie, Jen, and Cynthia are sweethearts – I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting them back in 2013. Such a joy :)

      Three is never enough, I agree!


  8. OHHHHHHHH! I am SO excited for you!!!

    I have been fortunate to meet many fabulous authors.
    Except Laura Frantz, Dorothy Adamek, and Amber Perry.

  9. Hi Rel,
    I’ve been a bit out of the loop and am only just realizing we have left Blogger and climbed WordPress mountain, you and I. So pardon that oversight in my email back to you. This post is welcome news indeed! You’ve long been on my bucket list, my dream being a visit to OZ but you graciously come this way instead. ACFW conference is one of my fav venues and this reader retreat prior is long overdue and God-timed. SO excited! I spy Jennifer and other friends above. One day will absolutely not be enough and I just might have to stay on;)

    Counting down with you!

    • WordPress is the way to go, right?!

      You must still come to Australia, Laura – native tour guide at the ready! So excited to meet your lovely self in person.

      Hugs xo

  10. I am so pleased you’ll be in Nashville, Rel. Looking forward to hanging out with you! xox

  11. I am thrilled you and Dorothy will be in Nashville too! That’s a tough question only 3. Ha! Since I’ve met Laura Frantz already I might be able to show restraint there, I’ll give it a go with 3 😉
    1. Melissa Tagg
    2. Jody Hedlund
    3. Pepper Basham
    Honestly the answer to the “go fangirl over” all of them! Lol!

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