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BookishQu250So, friends, there is a teensy weensy event coming up at the blog next week, commencing Sunday 25th September. A little celebration of 10 years of blogging for yours truly. I’m super excited as I have some AMAZING giveaways planned thanks to the wonderful publishers and stellar authors I work with, along with some great interviews and a bit of reminiscing.

I’m pondering whether I do something I’ve never done before and that is a vlog or two! What say you? Think you will be able to understand my accent? Anything in particular you would like me to talk about?

Let me know and while I’m not making any promises, I will give it some serious thought :)

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24 Responses to Bookish Question of the Week

  1. I absolutely LOVE your accent, so I hope you do a vlog. Since you’re celebrating your 10th year of blogging it would be fun to have you tell us how you got started and maybe talk about some of the first books you reviewed. What are some of the best things about the past 10 years, some of the worst – or – things you would have differently, and maybe even some mistakes or bloppers you’ve made that might be funny to share. Honestly, anything you talk about I’ll enjoy….and may I be the first to wish you a happy pre-anniversary. I’m so glad I stumbled into your blog-verse. I’ve become a more informed reader, and had my book horizons opened up all thanks to you. Here’s to hoping you’ll have many, many more years as my guiding book compass. XOXO!!!

  2. It would be so fun to hear you vlog. Better you than me, though. I don’t even like skyping, let alone conducting a vlog. I tend to hyper-focus on how I look and sound. haha

    I’m excited that your 10 year anniversary is upon us. You should give us all your book stats. Example: how many books you’ve read in those 10 years, how many authors you’ve interviewed or hosted, and how many authors you have personally met.

    Congrats, Rel. I’m looking forward to next week.

  3. I think a vlog is a great idea. Something completely different and fun. But you don’t have an accent….

  4. 10 Years! Wow! Congratulations, my friend.

    And of course you should do a Vlog or 10 – everyone will love it!

    Enjoy the celebrations next week.

  5. Congratulations for 10 years of happing vlogging.
    I say, go for it!
    You will never know what happens until you try.

  6. Congratulations on 10 years! Wow! As to vlog, why not go for it? Hahah. I am far far away from something like that on my blog (probably bc I’m too self-conscious), but it’ll be fun and different. So how does one do that?! I’ll have to check out your’s for sure. So cool! Happy happy anniversary!

  7. Oh yes, vlog away dear Rel! Looking forward to hearing your lovely accent and seeing your beautiful smile again. Happy 10!

  8. Oh WOW 10 years? That’s amazing Rel! Congrats 😀 And YES do a vlog! They are so fun!

  9. 10 years is a wonderful accomplishment! Congratulations! I think it would be great if you did a vlog. It would feel like we were all together having a celebration. :)

  10. Congratulations on ten years!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! that’s HUGE!!! You have a primo blog, and I look forward to your posts every day!
    I say have a go at it!! I love accents (the actor in me!) and would love to hear you speak! I saw a comment above mention how you got started blogging. Perhaps also, some doozy requests that didn’t make the cut for your blog… (yeeps!) (no names of course!)

  11. ok – I know this makes me a dinosaur to admit this – but what is a vlog? Whatever it is – I say “go for it!” – – if it’s a form of communication that improves our knowledge and understanding of the written word, I’m all for it! Now if I can just figure out how to make the clock on my VCR stop blinking . . . . .

  12. Wow. 10 years– that’s awesome! Congratulations!! 😀
    I think a vlog (or a few) is a great idea! And I’d love to hear your accent. 😉

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