Carry Me Home by Dorothy Adamek


Finella Mayfield hates two things: liars and thieves. And she’s determined to marry a man who’s neither. Chasing her dead father’s dreams, the twenty-year-old English bride arrives in Australia in 1875 for an arranged marriage. Anticipating her future as village preacher’s wife, she records her thoughts in her Everlasting journal.

But instead of her fiancé, Finella is met by Shadrach Jones, a poor farmer sent to collect her from the busy Melbourne pier.

This is not what her father planned. And it’s only the beginning of the unraveling of Finella Mayfield ~ the bride with no groom.

All Shadrach longs for is rows of mustard and chicory. He’s busy growing a farm near the Phillip Island fishing village of Cowes, and caring for Molly, his simple sister. Far from the brutal life they remember with their ex-convict father, Shadrach’s building something new.

But he’s also made a promise to a dying friend. To collect and marry the English girl destined to never be a preacher’s wife.

Can Shadrach convince Finella she has a future with a farmer? Can he convince himself, knowing his family secrets will haunt their future?

My endorsement:~

**Here’s the deal, folks! Dotti is a dear friend. I’m Australian. The book is set not too far from where I live. I’ve read her book. I’ve proofed her book. I attended the photo shoot for the cover. I love this girl. I’m honoured to be mentioned in the acknowledgments. I want you to know all of that before you read this endorsement, so you understand I’m not trying to hide my connection to her. Read the following thoughts with that knowledge, but know none of that changes that this is a beautiful story and Dotti is one talented writer!**

Carry Me Home is a stunning tale of loss, betrayal, sacrifice, and love. Belying her debut status, Dorothy Adamek immerses readers in this historical romance with alluring prose, vivid imagery, and characters that are intriguing, complex, and layered. Neither Shadrach or Finella anticipated their lives would be upended by tragedy,  two unwilling souls thrust into a battle of survival and unfolding attraction in a world unknown by Finella, while being Shad’s lifeblood. Witty dialogue and the warmth of young Molly’s simple and innocent belief in them both make for a story that is charming and evocative. Historically accurate, Dorothy weaves intriguing local mores within the story, adding complexity and interest to each page. With the romantic tension of a Laura Frantz novel and the attention to detail reminiscent of Lori Benton’s tales, Carry Me Home will make a superb gift for anyone wishing for a high quality read and a trip overseas without the cost of the airfare!

And if you are worried about my bias, here’s what some beloved authors are saying about Carry Me Home

Sarah Sundin ~ “In Carry Me Home, Dorothy Adamek gives a familiar tale a fresh Australian twist. With gripping characters, a playful romance, delightful writing and heart-rending moments, this novel held me tight and wouldn’t let me go. Why, this gifted writer even makes mud romantic! A sterling debut!” 

Siri Mitchell ~ “As irresistible and winsome as a Phillip Island sunset, Dorothy Adamek’s Carry Me Home is beautifully written and a lyrical portrayal of the power of forgiveness.” 

Joanne Bischof ~ “Reading Dorothy’s debut novel is like a walk with friends from the cliffs to the sea. The first steps take your breath away by the beauty, the next leave you laughing at calamity at hand, and the rest leave your heart full for the good company. Each word is profound – shells lovingly placed by the author to be gathered and kept. When you reach the shore, you do it with tears in your eyes and a realization that you are changed.”

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17 Responses to Carry Me Home by Dorothy Adamek

  1. Looking forward to getting my copy, come December 1! So… soon! Sounds really good. And, Rel, I don’t think anyone ever thinks you give anything less than honest reviews.

  2. Congratulations on the release, Dorothy. Beautiful cover and intriguing synopsis!

  3. I’m definitely putting this on my wish list. Sounds like it would be really good,
    and like the type of book I like to read.

  4. Forgetting the glitches and dramas along the way… we really did have fun bringing this book to life, Rel. It wouldn’t have been anywhere near the memorable experience without YOU!

    • Dorothy Adamek » It’s been a honor and delight…along with the acquisition of a few white hairs…to walk alongside you on this writing adventure, dear Dotti xo

  5. Carrie Fancett Pagels

    Very blessed to be able to critique this book of Dottie’s a couple of years ago and to have her critique one of my stories! This was s wonderful manuscript! Great review Rel!

  6. Every … Single … Adjective that you used to describe Dorothy’s book, pulled me in. According to your review, it has all the elements that I LOVE in a story.

  7. Oh, this book has been coming for so long I knew it had to be something very special. It sounds meltingly lovely and just the kind of novel I LOVE to read. It must be my holiday read.
    I’ll be wanting a signed copy, Dotti. How do I go about that?

  8. I also meant to say, what a wonderful friend in Rel. It’s so encouraging for an author to have someone who not only knows the business but who believes in you 100%. You make a great team!

  9. Such a wonderful book. Well written Dorothy! I laughed, cried, got frustrated! Your descriptions of your beloved Australia inspire me to want to visit even more to see it! It’s been a dream of mine since I was a teen or younger. (So just last year! Lol!) Thank you for penning a book written in Australia! I can’t wait to enjoy book 2! And I loved the characters Finella, Shadrach and Molly!

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