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Lawyer  Chuck Graham turns his hand to fiction with

The Company

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The Story

A meteor explodes into the planet. Massive earthquakes rock the land as giant tsunamis engulf the coasts. Sleeping volcanoes violently erupt, filling the sky with clouds of suffocating ash, and soon, the world is shrouded in darkness. Last Day has come, bringing death, destruction, and despair. Yet hidden in a mountain valley, the Brigons manage to survive, but with no power and little food or water, their hope is fading into the eternal night. Then a voice calls out in the darkness and offers to bring them light.

This is the story of Sam Mitchell, an engineer with one of the power managers in Brigos Glen. Seventy years have passed since light was restored to the village. Few remember the time before Last Day or the strangers who helped them in their time of need. But Sam has heard the stories and, with the guidance of his friend, seeks to help others as he goes about his seemingly unimportant, routine existence. That is, until he receives an ominous order from beyond the mountains that will change his life forever. For centuries mankind has sought God…not simply to find Him, but to understand Him.

This quest has left many struggling in a maze of contradictions – one God but a Father, one God but a Son, one God but a Spirit – leading them to the ultimate question: Who is the Trinity? The answer is revealed in The Company by Chuck Graham, a clever allegory, carefully woven with surprising revelation of who God is, who we are before Him, and our calling to love and encourage each other.

Enjoy meeting Sam!

Brief physical description

Credit: Caryn Loveless Creative Commons

Sam Mitchell, an engineer in his early to mid-thirties. He has brown hair, no facial hair, and steel gray eyes. He’s fit but not overly. He dresses business casual in this book. The first time we see him, he’s in the required employee’s garb of khakis and navy blue dress shirt. And he always wears a digital watch.

Actor/famous person

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but more with Jake Gyllenhaal’s eyes.

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths: Sam has above-average intelligence, is analytical, and has superior attention to detail. He listens very well and cares about others. He’s a devoted husband and father and a very loyal friend.

Weaknesses: Sam lacks self-confidence and tends to be timid and quiet. He will go to great lengths to avoid attention and confrontation, though he will stand up for others if necessary.

Quirk (if any)

He tends to obsess about the order and presumed significance of where people should or do sit or stand in relation to each other.

Your inspiration for the character

Myself at that age.

Background to the story

The Company is an allegory that goes to the nature of God. Many years ago, a Hindu friend compared our different faiths and said that he found them very similar, particularly that we worshipped many gods. He had no understanding of the Trinity, and I quickly discovered I had no clear way of explaining it. The Company is the result of my efforts to find a way to explain the Trinity to young Christians, confused Christians, and those of different religions faiths or none at all.

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