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Time for another cover art reveal! This time from my friends at Waterbrook Multnomah. WM don’t publish a big fiction list, but it’s my experience that the books they do select are always of excellent quality and depth, and I do like they way they are heading with their covers.

I love the simplicity of Kim’s cover, although I feel like the title font is a little overwhelming of the very expressive photo. Adore the expression on the little girl’s face – perfect for the dreaded hair brushing! With three daughters I’ve become familiar with that look! Miriam captures the Biblical fiction theme with a unique look from most Biblical fiction covers, so you know how much I’m going to enjoy something different.

While I’m not a huge fan of the cowboy look (I know, I know!), I find Ruth’s cover quite appealing 😉 Much more so than a recent cowboy romance cover for another publisher. Lori’s could be the worst cover ever and I would still jump at the chance to read it – that said, I do like this one, especially the skyline and clouds, the richness of the colours.

Chuck’s reflects the genre though it doesn’t personally appeal, and Hillary’s? LOVE!

What say you, friends?


Room for Hope

Kim Vogel SawyerRoom for Hope

Neva Shilling’s content world is shattered with the news of her husband’s death, followed by the delivery of three orphaned children. Now widowed and forced to support the family in the difficult Depression years, how can she keep these children…and how can she not?

February, 2016


Mesu AndrewsMiriam

When Moses flees Pharaoh’s wrath, the remaining members of Amram and Jochebed’s family are left in Egypt to serve and await El Shaddai’s deliverance. Miriam has always felt God close, in her dreams and giving her a song for the people. Now her brother has returned and is called to face Ramesses and demand freedom for the Hebrews. Miriam wonders what her role will be preparing God’s people for exodus—can an old woman, neither mother or wife, nurture a nation longing for a vision of Yahweh?

March, 2016

Back in the Saddle

Ruth Logan HerneBack in the Saddle

Colt Stafford has made and lost a fortune wheeling and dealing in Wall Street’s financial distract, but news of his father’s ill health and fiscal crashes wrangle the prodigal son back to the family ranch in Grey’s Glen, Washington. A busy calving season and western life await Colt as well a father hoping to make amends for a lifetime of neglect and a bewitching house manager harboring a secret.

March, 2016

A Flight of Arrows

Lori Benton – A Flight of Arrows

No one connected to Reginald Aubrey has remained untouched by his choice made twenty years ago. Not William, the Oneida child Reginald stole and raised as his own. Identity shattered, enlisted in the British army, William trains with Loyalists eager to annihilate the rebels who forced them into exile. Not Reginald’s daughter Anna, nor Two Hawks, William’s twin, who long for Reginald to accept their love that bridges two cultures. As the British prepare to attack frontier New York and Patriot regiments rally to defend it, loyalties will be tested, hearts divided, while two families separated by culture, united by love, will do all in their power to reclaim the son marching toward them in the ranks of their enemies.

April, 2016

The Light of the Last

Chuck Black – The Light of the Last

In this powerful conclusion to the Wars of the Realm trilogy, CIA agent Drew Carter’s two worlds – the seen and unseen one – are on a massive collision course. Surrounded by angels and targeted by demons, Drew’s faced with a decision that will forever alter the destiny of the nation and his soul. This angelic series is perfect for equipping young adult readers in the fight against the powers of darkness.


Together at the Table

Hillary Manton LodgeTogether at the Table

Juliette D’Alisa travels to Chicago and Provence on her continuing search to discover answers to her grandmother’s secret wartime past. As she tries to untangle the past, she must also decide about her own romantic and professional future.

May, 2016

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14 Responses to Coming soon from Waterbrook Multnomah

  1. Hillary’s is beautiful. I’ve liked all three of her covers. They’re complimentary of one another, yet each has a distant “flavor” all their own. In fact, I think her first one (for this series) has the most differences from the other two. It’s more focused and the photograph’s black and white were as this one is certainly less about the people, and more about the image of a bountiful table (and presumably yummy food). Aw, Kim’s IS indeed sweet… and my mother would totally agree with you about the hair-brushing routine. 😉

    Ruth’s is great too! Gotta love it when a guy makes it onto the cover. :)

    Thanks for sharing, Rel – and for your expert thoughts on these newbies. :)

  2. Hey Rel,
    Well, you may be affecting my choices in covers! :) My favorite is “Together at the Table.” I love the rustic wooden table and chairs in an outdoor setting. The table is also set nicely. The lights in the tree add a great touch, and the people add that bit of human warmth to draw me in. I also love Lori Benton’s cover. I actually prefer this one to the first in the series. I agree with you about Kim Sawyer’s. I love the picture, and the expressions are spot on, but the font is too busy and large for me, detracting some from the picture. I really like Ruth Herne’s cowboy cover. And if someone wants some of the facial features hidden, the hat works much better than a decapitation. Chuck Black’s cover is ok, but I like the others in the series better. One I disagree with you on is Mesu Andrews’. At first look, it was hard to make things out to me. I don’t think her back being turned is the best approach for this one. But the thing I am most unsure about is the robe going back so far and appearing to drape over the picture of the parting of the Red Sea. It almost gives the outfit the appearance of an 1800s dress with a large bustle or hoop. I love the inclusion of that picture of the parting, but the overall look is a bit too busy to me for a book titled “Miriam” as she is so nondescript on the cover. However, Mesu is great at biblical fiction, and I am sure the book is superb! As I am sure the others in this group are! Thanks for posting, Rel.

  3. I just love these covers! Every book says come and read me! I am looking forward to them. Nice job on the cover photos!

  4. I agree mostly with you Rel :) I like that the cowboy-novel shows the male, not his love interest. (I assume there is a love interest?) Mesu’s Miriam looks… distinct from her other books. It’s not my favorite, because I keep thinking it’s a fantasy YA-novel – despite the fact that I know the story rather well from Sunday School :)

  5. I think my favorite cover is Mesu Andrews’ Miriam. And after an especially lively discussion of a Biblical fiction title at my book club last month, I am now on the lookout for more books in this genre. Thanks for the post!

  6. I am very glad to have Rel an Australian to bridge the gap of publishers new season books being revealed to the public as such. I admit I don’t follow a huge genre range or multitude of authors. Limit to maybe 20 authors but am faithful. Lori’s n Ruth’s books interest me from this publisher. Thanks for a preview of what’s coming in 2016. Dianne

  7. Such a gorgeous line up! There is something about the tone and angle of Kim’s cover that’s really eye catching, sort of in a quiet way. Lovely! And Lori’s is stunning. I think with Hillary’s, this is my favorite cover yet. So inviting! Mesus’s is really, really unique which I think is refreshing for Christian historical fiction. Okay…I have to add that the horse one catches my eye immensely! :) Such great covers.

  8. Hillary’s is wonderful! It makes you feel as if you’ve been invited to a charming dinner party. Love it.

  9. I love Ruth’s and Hillary’s covers! I’ve not read either of them, but the covers do compel me to give each of them a try.

    I am SO with you on Lori Benton. The cover could be a blank sheet with her name and title in block letters and I’d be excited about the novel. I CAN NOT WAIT to read A Flight of Arrows. A Flight of Arrows was on my TBR list the second I finished The Wood’s Edge.

    So which of these did I actually add to my TBR list…Kim’s novel as I enjoy her non-Amish work (haven’t read her Amish Fiction).

  10. My favorite cover’s are Ruth Logan Herne’s, Back in the Saddle and Kim Vogel Sawyer’s, Room For Hope. Kim’s is so simple but intrigues me. As for Ruth’s, I just like a nice cowboy cover. Also, it takes place in Washington – my home. Gotta Love that! They are all amazing.

  11. I so love Mesu Andrews cover. It draws the eye, very intriguing. I just love all of Mesu Andrews books. When I read her books I always feel like I am living during that time period.

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