David & Beverly Lewis: An Interview & Giveaway

Discover more about writing duo

David & Beverly Lewis

and their Amish novel

Child of Mine

Bethany House


A favourite childhood book?

Dave:  Alfred Hitchcock’s The Three Investigators.

Beverly: The Yearling, by Marjorie Rawlings.

Do you remember the title of the first story you ever wrote? What was it about?

Dave: My first was Sanctuary with my wife and co-author, Beverly Lewis.

Beverly: “She Shall Have Music,” written in pencil on yellow-lined paper, while I was in sixth grade. It turned out to be 77 pages long.

If you weren’t a writer, what career would you/did you/do you have pursued?

Dave: I was a music instructor for years, offering classes in piano performance, composition and theory in our home-based studio. Since that time, I’ve been Beverly’s first editor, research assistant, her co-author, and a real estate investor. Oh, and a pilot.  :)

Beverly: I taught in the public schools prior to adopting our three children: general vocal music for K-6, and 5th grade English and creative writing, as well as teaching music students in our duo-studios, including piano, voice, violin, theory, and composition.

Why do you write stories?

Beverly: Since my early childhood, I have been crazy-passionate about books—reading and writing. I sometimes think I write to make sense of life in general. I also feel called to tell stories that lift one’s spirit and nudges readers toward making a difference in the world.

Child of MineChild of Mine

Flight instructor Jack Livingston has been raising his eight-year-old adopted niece, Natalie, since the accident that took her parents’ lives. When he travels, Natalie is tenderly cared for by her Amish nanny, Laura Mast, who loves the little girl as her own.
Eight excruciating years ago, Kelly Maines’s baby was kidnapped. Determined to find her child, Kelly has tirelessly pursued every lead to its bitter end. And now, with the clock ticking, one last clue from a private investigator ignites a tiny flame of hope: Just a few miles away lives a young girl who matches the profile. 
Can this be, at long last, Kelly’s beloved daughter?

Describe your novel in 5 adjectives

Dave:  Unexpected twists, heart-warming, entertaining, faith-inspiring, and compelling.

Please share a little about one of your main characters

Beverly: Kelly Maines is any loving, caring mother. She is tenacious, refusing to give up her desperate search for her baby girl. Kelly is beautiful inside and out, loves life, determined against all odds, with God’s help. She’s impulsive at times, vulnerable, expressive, and fearless. And not afraid to take flying lessons!  :)

What spiritual theme or question does your story deal with?

Dave: The challenge of maintaining one’s faith under difficult, if not impossible, circumstances.

Share a recent movie or tv show that you have loved, and why?

Dave:  I enjoy the kind of films our young character Nattie loves: Frozen, Tangled, How to Train Your Dragon. My personal favourite: Lincoln. One of our family favourites:  We Bought A  Zoo.  Also, Bev and I particularly enjoy the TV mini-series, Downton Abbey.

Beverly: Dave and I watched each episode of Hallmark’s mini-series: When Calls the Heart. We’re rather taken with my own movie, “Saving Sarah Cain,” by the same director and producer as WCTH movie and mini-series. Honestly, we’re not big TV viewers; we tend to have our collective noses in books—either our own, or other authors’.  :)

What novel are you working on now?

Dave: I’m outlining another book, possibly a solo novel, and assisting Bev with research for her Spring 2015 novel, THE LOVE LETTERS.

Beverly: Presently, I’m doing the final tweaks for my stand-alone novel, THE RIVER, releasing Sept. 2, 2014, and writing the first draft for THE LOVE LETTERS, which debuts in March 2015.

Thanks David & Beverly ~ how lovely for you both to join us!

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104 Responses to David & Beverly Lewis: An Interview & Giveaway

  1. Yes, I read Amish stories.
    I have read some of Beverly’s books and loved them.
    I did not realize her husband and her have co-authored.

  2. I love the Amish books that remind me of the quieter, simple life of my childhood. Love the love of family and community. We had that too. I think there was much more family interaction before all of the Tech stuff. Of course if we didn’t have it, I would have gotten to meet you. It was so thrilling. A fantastic
    Birthday for me. i read Beverly’s first book on recommendation of a friend in MO. while visiting my sister. Also my first Amish book and hooked ever since. Would love to win your book. Relz, I enjoyed this interview with Beverly and David. I would be thrilled to win their new book. Please add my name to the drawing. Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

  3. Connie Saunders

    I enjoy reading Amish stories and learning more about their beliefs and their lifestyles. Their complete trust in God reminds me that I also should be as trusting. Thanks for an excellent interview.

  4. I enjoy Amish stories because it reminds me of the simpler life. It’s great to get away from the hustle of the world, even if it’s only through a book. I also like that the stories are clean and usually Christian based.

  5. I read Amish stories because they open the world for me into a different lifestyle.
    I find the closeness of families combined with the backbone of faith and the support from their communities very inspiring.
    I know they have struggles to and I like to read how they work through them.
    mcnuttjem0(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you

  6. Andrea Williams

    I think these books are simple, interesting stories that are totally clean and I never have to worry about content.

  7. Amish books remind me that there was a time when people actually lived a simpler, less hectic lifestyle. A life that included faith, community and home. Today our world is so hectic that even in the good times we are fragmented families and/or communities because of so much to do either in reality or in the world of social media. Amish books take me away from all that.

    • Good morning, Sherrey!

      Yes, the day-to-day life on an Amish farm certainly lends itself to a less hectic pace, as you mentioned. They do work from dawn to dusk, and it’s not an easy life, as you can imagine. But there is predictability in the daily, as well as seasonal, ebb and flow of things. Thanks for your responses!

  8. Some years ago when my husband and I were in the U.S. we visited with an Amish family in Indianapolis. There was so much we wanted to ask about their way of life, but they were more keen to ask us. Questions like… “Do you have bears in Australia?”

    I think our scary animal/reptile/insect reputation ‘goeth before us.’ :)

    • How interesting, Dorothy!
      We, too, have encountered fascinating questions from our Amish friends. And admonishments, such as: “Don’t paint us too perfect, Miss Beverly, ’cause we certainly ain’t!” :)

    • The scary animal thing is funny, Dorothy, isn’t it? I don’t give it a second thought. Besides it’s much easier to squash a spider than a bear, cougar, or wolf!

  9. I enjoy Amish books because of their beautiful faith and family values, but they still struggle with many of the issues we face. Thanks for a great interview Rel :)

  10. I haven’t read many Amish stories lately, but in my mind Beverly is the first and best in that genre. I have several of her series on my bookshelf…

  11. I never really thought about “why” I read Amish stories. I really love their simplicity of living. It’s good to reflect sometimes on our own lives and what do we “really” need for our lives to be complete. I just LOVE to read!!!



  12. I enjoy the faith based struggles of regular people who are just trying to live a good life within their traditions.

  13. I am a huge fan of Beverly Lewis and I would love to read this book!

  14. Oh! I would love to win this book!

  15. Pauline Osborne

    This couple looks good together, I always see Beverly on FB alone and didn’t know a lot about the hubby till this book has been talked about. I hope to read it as all of her books are fantastic. I can see they have a busy life and it looks like a fulfilled one.thanks for sharing your comments and the book.

  16. I would LOVE to win.. I love reading about the Amish way of life,and I love that they are books I can read with my granddaughter and not had cussing and bad words in them.. I also love this for myself ,as a Christian , I refuse to read books like that .. THANK you Beverly and everyone who writes good clean books for Christians to read and enjoy… :)

  17. I think I love Amish books as it represents all that I have longed for. A close family, Strong Faith and a simpler lifestyle than the hectic world we live in.
    It nice when we can just get lost in a book that represents that. Beverly certainly gives us that opportunity with her books.

  18. I really looking forward to reading Child of Mine! My favorite series of yours is Seasons of Grace, very touching and I connected easily with each character.Love your books :)

  19. I love reading Amish fiction – and Mrs. Lewis’ works in particular – because I am enamored and encouraged by the lifestyle of the Amish characters. Reading about their great faith helps me restore my own. Learning about their simple lifestyle makes me reconsider the way I live mine. I long for the simple, family-and-Christ-centered life of these wonderful characters.

  20. I love the simplicity and sincerity of there lifestyle and I love the good Christian love stories in them.

  21. The stories remind me of beautiful Ohio Amish country.
    Thank you and God Bless You :-)

  22. Hi Beverly, How do I go about getting on a free book, Child of mine. I look on this website and couldn’t find a place to enter. Please let me know, I don’t want to miss out on this like I did the last time. A fan of yours. I love reading your book a lot.


  23. Because it helps me to relax when I am very stressed. Once I start reading them I can’t put them dowm. I love reading Amish books a lot.

  24. you have to post a comment. and then submit it okay.

  25. I read Amish books because they are warm and encouraging. Their belief and being a close knit family. I love your books because yours are always heartfelt and warming stories. I would like to read Child of Mine is on my want list. Thanks for the chance. Blessings to you and other Amish authors.

  26. Beverly,

    Hi, I love reading your books. especially the one called The Parting. I didn’t get to finished it because my apartment that I was living in got flooded. I really Miss that book. I miss reading it. So I am hoping that I can get child of mine. I tell everyone about your books. They are easy to read.

  27. I love reading the Amish books. Love their simple life, the closeness of the families

  28. Thank-you Beverly and David for such wonderful books. I have all of your books, and always look forward to the next one. I share them with friends to read, hoping they will enjoy them like I do. We live about 50 miles south in Shelbyville Illinois where there is a big Amish settlement in Arthur, Il. We visit the area quite frequently and buy many things from their stores. A wonderful place to visit, and there are many people in the area that do the same. I have learned so much from your books that my respect for the Amish is greater than ever. Blessings to you and your family. I met you at the Berean Book store in Decatur Illinois in May ’06 and have an autographed copy of the “Englisher” Thank both of you for such wonderful good Christian books!

    • Thanks for sharing, Patricia :)

    • Hi, Patricia!
      I so enjoyed coming to Decatur, and look forward to returning at some point in the near future, on book tour. I believe that an “Amish Barn Theatre” is being constructed near your area, and my musical/play The Confession will debut there very soon. Have you heard about this? Have a terrific summer, OK?

      • I am not aware of an “Amish Barn Theatre coming anywhere close to Shelbyville. But that is not to say it is happening. I just haven’t heard about it. But will try to find out more later. And will look forward to seeing you in the future. Blessings and thank-you for taking the time to send me an email. I hope you have a terrific summer also.

  29. Judy Day-Trenary

    I read all of Beverly’s books. I did read the copy of Child of Mine at the public library. It is a memorable book. You two did a great job of collaborating. I would like to win a copy of the book because I usually buy all of Beverly’s books and they end up being placed in the library of the First Baptist Church here in Arkansas City, KS.

  30. I enjoy Amish stories because the Amish are part of my family heritage. I come from the largest Amish settlement in Illinois – Arthur. While I am not Amish, my mother’s side of the family comes from an Amish background. My grandparents were both Amish until they were adults, and I have many Amish relatives I enjoy visiting. For me, Amish stories are a bit of home that I can not find anywhere else. I love the simple lifestyle, the thoughtfulness and faithfulness, and the work ethic of the Amish. Thanks Beverly and David for your delightful stories that give me bit of home!

  31. I love reading the Amish stories because I enjoy the simple lifestyle that they have. It also brings back a lot of memories of my childhood when we used horses on the farm. We had a horse named Polly that was used for plowing the garden and tobacco fields. When I was a little girl, all the modern things were not available. We didn’t have a lot but we were a close family. That reminds me of a lot of the Amish stories. They do things together and are close. Even though I would not like to go back to some of the things that we had in the “old days”, I think we have lost a lot of the closeness and doing things together that we used to do. I don’t think the simple life of the Amish brings about as much stress as we have today. They take time for each other and when there is a need, families come together and help one another. I have enjoyed reading all of your books and look forward to reading “Child of Mine”.

  32. Karen Misiaszek

    Amish stories are my escape from the stress and pressures of life. I admire their lifestyle and the close knit community that they create. They teach their children responsibility at a young age, to be dedicated to the family, and they grow to be hard working individuals. These are all values that I admire and instill in my children. I grab a Amish book, get a tall glass of lemonade, put my feet up, and sit on my farmer’s porch and read, read, read! :)

  33. Tammy Woolever

    My boss got me hook on Amish books a little over a year ago. I have read almost all of your books. I have a good collection of Amish books. Keep writing and I will keep enjoying.

  34. I am hooked on reading Amish books. I enjoy them, now on my kindle it is easy to get them and not so expensive. Thank you for all your good books. You are a great writer.

  35. Nicole Orrantia

    I absolutely love Amish based books and have read almost all of BOOKS BY BEVERLY LEWIS! By far the best author ever! <3

  36. I love to read Amish books because of their devotion to God and family. Which our world is desperately in need of. Beverly Lewis is an author that can transport you right in the middle of Amish country and you feel part of the story. I was fortunate many years ago to visit Lancaster PA and have carried those memories with me ever since. I have read many of Beverly’s books and love them. Thank you for this chance to win Child of Mine. Looks and sounds like another great book. Love the cover

  37. I love Amish fiction! Their simple lifestyle and close-knit communities are so different from the hectic, insulated lives we tend to lead.

  38. I love to read your books and have been for years! About two years ago, I began having seizures. This means I have to rest quite a bit. I have re-read a lot of your book and read all your new ones as they come out. I am excited for the opportunity to win the newest release!

  39. I love reading your books Beverly. They are inspiring and humble. They make you look at how you are serving your own life for the Lord. Prayers for you and your family. You are an amazing writter and I love that you actually research the Amish. I have been to an Amish town when I was a teen, I won’t say how many years that was. Lol. God Bless you!

  40. I absolutely love Beverly Lewis! I love reading Amish novels, because I love the simplicity of the Amish life and Beverly’s novels always leave me with a thought of how my own faith in Christ needs to be strengthened in one or more particular areas.

  41. I love the Amish books and hardly read anything else.

  42. It was Beverly Lewis’ novel The Parting (Book 1 of The Courtship of Nellie Fisher) that got me hooked on Amish novels, as well as Christian fiction in general. It’s wonderfully refreshing to have good, clean, uplifting stories to read, especially romances that don’t require graphic language or sexuality to be enjoyable. Amish novels also offer a glimpse into the simple life and timeless values of the Amish life and faith, which I believe we can all learn from.

  43. I have loved Beverly Lewis’s books since reading the Summerhill Secrets books, which were the first of many that I have read. I would love to read Child of Mine!

  44. Living in Pennsylvania, I have often had contact with Amish folks and your stories give me a way to understand a little bit about their ways and lifestyle without asking a lot of questions. I admire their devotion to God and family as well as their willingness to work hard and obey what they believe God asks of them.

  45. I read Amish books because their culture fascinates me. Their beliefs are strong and it is so interesting to see how they live their lives without a bunch of modern technology of the world today.

  46. I read Amish fiction because I love the insight it gives into a culture that is very different from mine. I particularly appreciate Beverly Lewis’ books because they encourage my faith and her vivid writing style connects me to her characters in a personal way.

  47. Susan Fletcher

    I have read so many of your books, but didn’t know you taught school or adopted kids. I am a teacher in NC – starting on year 31. I love blog posts so I can learn about the authors I enjoy. Love your books and hope to win this one.

  48. I like reading the Amish stories because of faith and family values.I am looking forward to reading The River September 2014 and The Love Letters March 2015.Thank you for the opportunity to win.I enjoy reading your books.

  49. I just heard about your books. I cannot wait to start reading them. My aunt cannot stop talking about them. We will be spending a few weeks together and looking forward to discussing them with her.

    • It’s always great when you can share the love of books together with someone, Julia. Hope you and your aunt have a great time!

  50. Yolanda Gaines

    I read Amish books because they are clean loving stories to up lift you.

  51. I love reading Mrs. Lewis’s books because they don’t feel like fictional stories. Its like reading family history. I love that!

  52. Donna Butler Simmons

    I read Amish books because I am fascinated with their way of life.

  53. Loretta Shumpert

    Learned some things about Beverly that I haven’t seen in other interviews :)
    Learned some things about Dave, too :)

  54. Katrina Clinebell

    Love your books! Just wish I had time to read more. I like Amish books because they are a welcome change from the murder mysteries I often read.

  55. I read Amish stories because of a fascination about Amish people developed 30 plus years ago. I visited in an Amish woman in her home once, and I was impressed with her simple lifestyle.

  56. I love the simplicity and the sense of community! The things we are losing in our current culture. The Amish culture inspires us to seek those ways again.

  57. I have read all of Beverly’s books. I have quite a collection. I loaned a number of them to an Amish friend in Ronks, PA and he enjoyed the stories. When we moved to our new home and I was unpacking my books, I realized that I was missing most of my collection and returned to PA to retrieve them. They were in the attic of my friend’s home and I had to crawl up to retrieve them. Small price to pay to reclaim my collection. Thank you for the wonderful stories.

  58. I’ve read all your books. Enjoyed them all. Can’t wait to read more.

  59. Cris-Annette Nicholas

    Wow, this book sounds so intriguing. I love reading Amish Books because I enjoy being able to escape into their world and walk in their shoes even if it is only theoretically through the writing and imagery of the Authors imagination . I get so caught up and absorbed in the characters, their families, their lives, their faith and I always come back having gleaned some wonderful life’s lessons. .

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent with us and giving us so many books to enjoy.

  60. I enjoy reading Amish stories for a variety of reasons. First being, that they are wholesome stories with great morals and values hidden throughout the book. Secondly, living in another country near one of the biggest cities in the world, its just nice to sit back and imagine country life and the simple way of living. It’s also a great escape for some “me” time when I take a break from homeschooling or reading children’s novels to my kids.

  61. Thanks so much, Beverly, for taking the time to share with your readers here. Appreciate you!

  62. I find them very fascinating! I really have enjoyed all of your books!

  63. I love reading Amish stories because I grew up around the Amish in Perry County, PA. Also, my dad was a veterinarian of large and small animals and he had a lot of
    Amish and Mennonite clients. Sometimes, he would take me along. The Amish clients were always so thankful and gracious. And now that I live 250 miles from my home, I live near another community of Amish. :)

  64. I have loved Beverly Lewis’ books ever since I started reading them about a year or two ago. I would love to win a paperback copy of her newest book with her husband, especially since The Sanctuary is definitely one of my favorites.

  65. Connie Scruggs

    I read Amish fiction because I am interested in the culture and beliefs of the Amish. I love Beverly Lewis’ books because she writes such wonderful characters, they become real to me. I particularly enjoy when she writes a series, because I become so attached to the characters, I like to know what happens next!

  66. I read Amish novels because they remind me of the most important things in life; i.e.
    faith, family, friendship, responsibility, listening to and helping others. the Amish novels often remind me of significant Bible verses, areas of my faith that require attention and have helped me to strengthen and grow in my faith. These novels also remind me that we all struggle with and work through the same issues in life.

  67. I think I enjoy Amish books because they remind me of a simpler life style and are often based on Christian principles of forgiveness, redemption and restoration. Always good to reinforce those principles in one’s mind and heart! I too enjoy Downton Abbey and am looking forward to January. Thx for the interview and the opportunity to win your book. I am looking forward to reading it.

  68. nancy jo horton

    I love reading your books. They are very relaxing and once I start reading, it is hard to put the book down.

  69. I have most of your books. This is the only collection I have yet to start on. I’m very excited about it, but I am trying find time to get through the others first. Congrats on so many successes!

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