Fatal Reunion by Jessica R. Patch

Fatal reunionSynopsis:~

When her beloved grandmother is almost killed during a home invasion, Piper Kennedy isn’t surprised that she’s a suspect—especially since Luke Ransom is on the case. The handsome detective she once loved thinks she knows more than she’s telling about the attack. And given her crooked past and the heartbreaking way she’d been forced to betray Luke years ago, Piper understands why he doesn’t trust her. But when attempts are made on her life, Luke insists on keeping her safe and finding out who wants her dead. And Piper and Luke soon realize a remorseless criminal will do anything to keep them from the truth…or an unexpected second shot at a future.

My take:~

My first experience of a Jessica R. Patch novel was her fabulous novella, Just the Way You Are, when she offered a promotion to her newsletter subscribers. So impressed by her unique story and writing style, I jumped at the chance to review her first Love Inspired Suspense novel despite rarely read category romance novels. Jessica ticks all the boxes for her target audience in Fatal Reunion with a handsome detective, wary of the woman who betrayed their love years before, a complex heroine still wrestling with her criminal past, with danger and attraction vying for top honours! Jessica packs a lot of action and character development into this compact story, proving she is more than adept at pacing, plot, and sigh worthy romance. I’m so hoping there’s a full length novel from Jessica in my future and yours.

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  1. I agree, Rel. Her novellas are some of the better ones I’ve seen and was excited to see a longer story coming down the pike. Maybe she’s taking baby steps and we’ll see a good 350-400+ novel in the future. :)

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