Lisa Harris: The Writer & her Book (with giveaway)


Today I’m chatting to the lovely Lisa Harris, all the way from Mozambique! We talk family, raspberries, and character name changes. Be sure to enter the giveaway of her latest suspense novel, Pursued, via the Rafflecopter form below.


The Writer

Please describe yourself in three words (ask your best friend or family if you are struggling!)

Disciplined, loyal, adventurous  (says my hubby!)

What’s your favourite season, and why?

I love spring when the weather’s perfect and the flowers are blooming.

What is the best part of your day?

At night, when my family’s home, and we can spend some time together.

What do you miss most about your childhood?

Life was simpler in so many ways. While I’m grateful for the opportunities we have today, I miss the slower pace.

Which TV talk show host would you like to be interviewed by? Why?

Hmm. . .I honestly never watch talk shows, so I have no idea. :)

You are at a fruit market – what do you reach for first?

The berries. While I love tropical fruit, I really miss strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. . .

What was the first Christian Fiction novel you read?

I’m not sure, but probably either a Dee Henderson or Francine Rivers.

What is one author and/or book you always recommend?

Just one? That’s always so hard. It always depends on what genre someone loves, because I have favourites in different genres. Right now I’m listening to a classic, This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti. Definitely an author and novel not to be missed.

What book character has stuck in your mind from a book you have read this year?

I loved Lynette Eason’s Always Watching’s Olivia Edwards. A great romantic suspense!

The Book


Nikki Boyd’s flight into Nashville was routine–up until the crash landing at the airport. When the dust settles, Nikki discovers that the woman who had been seated next to her on the plane is missing–and no one will admit she was ever there. Erika Hamilton had been flying to Nashville with an air marshal as a key witness in an upcoming grand jury trial. When she flees from the crash, is she running from trouble or straight into it? Before Nikki can even see her family, she and her team are pulled into a missing persons case where the motives are as unclear as the suspects.

What was the working title?


Describe your book in 5 adjectives

Hair-raising, suspenseful, chilling, spine-tingling, exciting (At least that’s what I was after when I wrote the book!)

Which character took you by surprise?

The book is about a missing woman Nikki Boyd and her team are trying to find, and there were a lot of things that surprised me as they looked for her. (No spoilers, though!)

What was the latest you stayed up working on this story?

Probably mid-night. My brain usually shuts down about nine unless I have coffee in hand which I rarely drink.

Which character’s name was the hardest to choose? Why?

I changed the missing woman’s name a couple times, which I often do, just until I felt it fit her.

What’s something that didn’t make it into the final copy?

While I definitely have stories where I’ve had to cut out chapters, threads, or even characters, there wasn’t anything major that didn’t make it into this story. Which always is nice when you’re going through edits!

Thanks Lisa!

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23 Responses to Lisa Harris: The Writer & her Book (with giveaway)

  1. Spring & Summer. Colors & smells

  2. Your books keep me in suspense till the end
    I can’t wait to read this one

  3. I love the fall season

  4. Thanks so much for letting me stop by, Rel. And thanks for taking the time to come by as well, ladies!! Happy reading!

  5. Love your books! Always review them on my blog.

  6. Marylin Furumasu

    Rel, Thanks for introducing me to a new to me author. Her work sounds really intriguing! I think I have a new book to add to my pile!

  7. Marylin Furumasu

    Oh and my favorite season is Fall. I love how all the leaves change colors and the air is crisp!

  8. Spring/Summer–where I live they kind of blend into one another. Spring brings a renewal–green of trees & colors of flowers after a drab, gray winter. I love sunshine & warm weather!

  9. Summer!! 64 days til I hit the beach. Would love to have Nikki Boyd tag along :-)

  10. Spring, everything is fresh and new and you see the wild bunnies in the early morning too.

  11. I love spring and fall. I love the flowers coming up and the trees leafing out. I also love the colors of fall with the heat of the summer cooling off.

  12. Hands down my favorite season is summer!

    Thanks for the GREAT interview and giveaway!!!

  13. My favorite season is fall because of the nice weather and autumn colors. I’m adding this book to my TBR list. Thanks for the interview and the giveaway.

  14. Spring is also my favorite season. It’s like the world is waking uo from a long nap. Thr grass is getting green and the flowers are starting to come up and the weather is warmer.

  15. My favorite season is spring, as well. My reason is two-fold: First, it reminds me of college and the first sunny and warm days that we would get out to the lake or bay and play volleyball. Later, the guys who had guitars, would play worship music and we would sit and watch the sunset. Now days, I love the spring flowers that bloom in abundance in my back garden.

  16. Summer and Fall are my favourite seasons! Love the crispness to the air in fall, before it actually gets cold. :)

  17. My favorite season is fall! I love the changing colors and the bringing in of cooler weather after the hot summer.

  18. I am thankful to live in a part of the states with four seasons. Most certainly it says something about my personality that there are parts to each season that I cherish! :)

  19. Fall is my favorite season. I love the crispness of the air and the gorgeous colors.

  20. Andrea Williams

    My favorite season is autumn because of the cooler weather and the bright, deep colors.

  21. Fall is my favorite season because the hot summer comes to an end and cooler temperatures prevail.

  22. Favorite season is Spring too! I love seeing all the trees beginning to get buds, the flowers begin to bloom, warmer weather & animal babies. It also reminds me of my new life in Christ :-)

    Thank you for the fun interview & boo giveaway!

  23. While there are things that I love about each season, my favorite is summer! I love how the days are long and the sun shines way more (at least where I live)! Plus, reading a good book while basking in the sun is always the best!

    Thanks for the fun post and great giveaway! Love all of Lisa’s books and am looking forward to reading Pursued!

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