The INSPY Awards ~ 2013 Short Lists Announced

inspyrs2Well, after months of furious reading, and deliberating in earnest with my fellow Advisory Board members, the INPSY Award 2013 Short Lists have been announced. The responsibility for determining which of the five books in each category garners the 2013 award now rests with our amazing judges.

Selecting the short listed books is not for the faint hearted – it is a responsibility that the Board does not take lightly, especially when there are fabulous books that have to miss out. We hope that this process introduces readers to the range of books that are available, written from a faith perspective, and that they fall in love with some of the amazing stories.

Be sure to check out the lists here and get reading yourselves ~ these books are great quality reading!

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10 Responses to The INSPY Awards ~ 2013 Short Lists Announced

  1. So thankful for the dedication and spirit behind this award and all the commitment it requires from faithful judges. This makes a wonderful reading list and I’m adding titles and authors in anticipation. Bless you and others who’ve made this award what it is, Rel!

    • Laura Frantz » Your kind words are much appreciated, Laura – thanks for understanding the committment that goes into something like the INSPYs

  2. AWESOME JOB, Inspy Board! So grateful for all your hard work. And I’m so glad you’re all back in business.

  3. Second & third that…

    Congratulations on a tremendous job reading all those novels… it’s the passion, commitment & love of the INSPY Board & judges that help make this industry such a special one.

  4. Thank you, Rel, and all of the INSPY team, for your dedication to authors. What a tremendous job you all do. You are loved and appreciated.

  5. Excited about the books that made the list! Thanks for all the amazing work you and the board did, Rel. :)

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