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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a few hours to sit and talk books with your favourite author? Maybe share a meal and talk about characters, plot twists, and why they tortured that poor character so (I’m looking at you, Ronie Kendig!)?

My question today is simple…

Which author would you invite to chat, and what’s one question you would ask them?

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15 Responses to Bookish Question of the Week

  1. Lynn Austin and….. just one question? I would ask a bazillion. It’s actually a life dream of mine to have coffee with Lynn Austin

  2. Well, this dream came true for me, Rel, when I met Gilbert Morris. But what God had planned was so much more than any dream!

    • Hi Aaron! Since you brought up Gilbert Morris, I’ve always wondered, as I loved the Spirit of Appalachia series, why was the 5th book so different from the rest of the series, with brand new characters and not much connection to the other books? Thanks!

      • Hey Deborah! Well, yes, the book was supposed to be about Joshua Spencer against the history of Tennessee actually becoming a state. However, as time for the book to be due to the publisher came, my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She passed away a few months after. I was unable to write anything for a time and Bethany needed the book, so Gilbert graciously wrote the final book himself. Tennessee is my home state, so as I was the one doing all the research for the historical plots (and no internet at that time!) Gilbert created a different story to finish the series. Thanks so much for your interest in that series! I must admit I have been thinking a lot about those times since Gilbert passed away last month. Blessings to you!

  3. I would absolutely love to meet Jody Hedlund! She has been such an inspiration to me through her writing. And as to one question…there’s no way I could ask just one.

  4. Terri Wangard. What exciting locations can we expect to visit in Book 3 of her Promises of Tomorrow series?

  5. It would be fabulous to meet Jocelyn Green. I love her work and she provides great book recommendations. I can envision spending hours talking about her Civil War research and books in general. If only…

  6. I’d love to meet Jenny B. Jones. I’d love to “talk shop” regarding teaching high school and so much more.

  7. I would want to sit down with Sibella Giorello. I have many, many questions for her. The first would be what’s happening with Raleigh & Jack 😉 (Glad to hear the next book is coming out this summer!!!) I also want to know if Danato’s restaurant is real–I want to eat there! But we would probably just talk about everything.

  8. Tamara Leigh – “Other than God (who is the greatest influence for us all) – what person made the greatest influence in your writing life?”

  9. Lots and lots of authors! But I’m afraid my awkwardness and shyness would kick in and I’d clam up and be unable to say anything intelligent at all, which has happened essentially all three times I’ve met authors. :/ So I’ll go with Amber Stokes because I think she’d be able to overcome my awkwardness and we’d start chatting about books and blogging and life and everything under the sun.

  10. Would love to meet Tamara Leigh and asked why she decided to “clean up” her previous books and how her former writing style influences how she writes now? We both live in Tennessee, so maybe there’s hope we’ll bump into each other. But to be honest….I’d probably become a bumbling mute and just stare at her while smiling uncontrollably praying I didn’t freak her out.

  11. I would want to hang out with Ruth Logan Herne or Julie Lessman. They appear to be very transparent when online and I am drawn to their luminous love for the Lord. I don’t have any specific question I would want to ask. I would just want to engage and receive during any time spent with them. I have the impression that they are amazing disciples of the Lord.

  12. There are so many great authors so it would be hard to choose just one.
    The question I would ask, “Who influenced your writing and have you always loved to read”?

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