Character Spotlight: Richard Mabry’s Josh & Rachel

Miracle DrugMeet two medical professionals in

Richard Mabry’s

medical suspense

Miracle Drug

Abingdon House


The Story

The president’s life is in Dr. Josh Pearson’s hands.  When the president becomes infected with a universally fatal virus, it is up to Josh to find a cure.  Will this experimental drug work?  What if the manufacturer has already discarded its supply? 

Josh is under a great deal of stress with the entire nation watching him, only to find that the situation worsens when the woman he loves becomes ill with the same virus.  Will Josh pull off a miracle to save them?

Introducing Josh & Rachel

Dr. Josh Pearson

Brief physical description

Josh is in his late 30s, about six feet tall, and of average build. He’s widowed, his wife having died in a car crash two years earlier). He wears his sandy hair a bit longer than is fashionable. His blue eyes rarely reflected happiness…until he met Rachel.


Actor Ryan Reynolds.


Josh sometimes hates to ask for help. On the other hand, there are times when self-doubt makes him pause. In other words—he’s like most physicians who sometimes have tdo make life and death decisions.

Inspiration for the character

Josh doesn’t reflect any one person, but rather is a distillation of characteristics observed over the years I spent in private practice and academic medicine.


Nurse Rachel Moore

Brief physical description

Rachel is in her mid 30s. She has light brown hair, worn short, and hazel eyes. She’s only five feet six, but well proportioned.  Rachel was engaged once, but it didn’t work out, and she didn’t expect to ever find “the one”—until she met Josh.


Actress Jennifer Stone.


As the story progresses, Rachel wishes she’d declared her love to Josh earlier…before it was too late.

Inspiration for the character

I have to admit that Rachel is somewhat modeled for my late wife, Cynthia, who was a nurse.

Inspiration For The Story

My friend and colleague, the late Dr. Michael Palmer, wrote on more than one occasion about medical situations involving a President of the United States, but I’d seen no novels about the care of a former President. Since we have an ex-President living in my home area, I decided to explore the subject. As I fleshed out the story, I chose a fictitious infection for the crux upon which the plot hinged, not knowing that several months after I finished the book, the Ebola epidemic would be all over the front pages. I’m proud that much of what I devised seemed reasonable in light of the precautions and treatment that evolved in that particular situation.

Thanks Richard!

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3 Responses to Character Spotlight: Richard Mabry’s Josh & Rachel

  1. Rel, Richard let me use his computer to send you this note. Thanks for letting folks know about us. Personally, I don’t think I’m much different from other doctors…except, of course, that I wound up taking care of a former president of the US who’s come back from an overseas trip with a rare disease. Oh, and there’s not supposed to be a cure for it. Other than that, and the fact that the woman I’m in love with came back with the same illness, I don’t think there’s anything special about me. But thanks for spotlighting us. Josh

  2. Rel, I liked this book a lot. Glad to put a face to the characters that captured my imagination. Thanks for the spotlight.

  3. Looking forward to reading this one Relle!

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