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Rising Darkness

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I grew up in…Wichita, Kansas.

I was inspired to write my first published novel by…Watching Murder She Wrote. Although I loved writing at a young age, it took that show for me to say, “Hey! I know who I want to be! Jessica Fletcher!” LOL!

The books that have most influenced my life are…The Bible, anything written by Charles Dickens, Nancy Drew Books (when I was young), Agatha Christie, and Arthur Conan Doyle.

My biggest challenge when writing is…Staying off Facebook! LOL!

One of my favourite authors is…Tosca Lee. She not only knows how to tell a story, her writing is lyrical, poetic…and powerful.

If I wasn’t a writer, I would be…A social worker. (It’s what I used to do.)

The superhero talent I would love to have is…I’d like to go to sleep at night and wake up with the plot of my next book completely figured out. I guess this power would belong to Super Writer! She writes faster than a speeding bullet, is more powerful than the temptation to use too much description, and is able to leap over the “boring middle” with a single bound!

Rising DarknessRising Darkness

Sophie Wittenbauer left her strict Mennonite hometown under a cloud of shame and regret. After a rough childhood, her teenage poor choices harmed others, leaving her with no choice but to change her life. Her entry-level writing job at a newspaper puts her in the right place at the right time to overhear office gossip about a prisoner who has information on a decades-old unsolved crime. While the other reporters write off the tip as the ravings of an angry criminal, Sophie can’t ignore it because she knows the name of this prisoner from her old life.

Upon learning from the man that one of the other suspects is hiding out in the Missouri town of Sanctuary, she takes on a false identity to investigate and meets the young pastor of a local church–the very man she’d loved as a troubled teenager. As she gets closer to finding the suspect, will the truth of her own past come out before she discovers the identity of the criminal–or the very person she’s seeking puts a fatal stop to her investigation?

My latest novel can be described by these 5 adjectives…Suspenseful, Emotional, Romantic, Redeeming, Spiritual.

My main character is… Sophie Wittenbauer (who now calls herself Sophie Bauer) is a young woman who lived through years of abuse at the hands of her parents. After committing a terrible crime in her hometown of Kingdom, Kansas, she ran away, determined to start a new life.

She has changed herself from the uneducated, dirty ragamuffin she once was. Now she is in college, has almost completely transformed her appearance, and will do whatever it takes to become a success. However, inside she is still lost and wounded. She equates her harsh upbringing with her parents’ religious beliefs and wants nothing to do with God.

Searching for a missing bank robber in Sanctuary, Missouri, she will run into someone she used to know, and her feelings for him will force her to confront her painful past.

He remembers her as the girl with the golden eyes.

My main characters resemble….The picture on my book cover. LOL! That rarely happens, but the designers hit the nail on the head this time.

A previously unknown fact about this novel is…This book is really unusual. Sophie’s story actually appeared in a different series. She was in UNBREAKABLE, book two in my Road to Kingdom series. I always felt her story was left hanging, and I wanted to bring her full cycle. My wonderful editor at Bethany House (Raela Schoenherr) allowed me to bring her back to life. Thanks, Raela!

My story’s spiritual theme is…God wants to give us beauty for ashes.

While writing this novel I learned/was challenged by…Trying to convey the pain of sexual abuse. While I couldn’t make it the main theme of the book, it was important to me to present the subject with respect and compassion.

The title was chosen by…My publisher! (They don’t seem to like my titles. LOL!)

As an author, the hardest scenes for me to write are… Romance. Hate to admit it, but I like mystery and suspense. I have to work harder on the romance. (Don’t tell my husband. LOL!)

The story I’m currently working on is…Like nothing I’ve ever written before. I am passionate about law enforcement and believe this country needs to support our LEOs who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect us. The new series revolves around the U.S. Marshal Service. I’m having so much fun writing it!

You may not know this about me, but I…Am crazy about Doctor Who!

If I could be a character in any novel, I would want to be…Only one answer. Sherlock Holmes. :)

Thanks Nancy!

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27 Responses to The Inside Scoop! with Nancy Mehl and a giveaway

  1. I haven’t watched any Dr. Who episodes but I’ve heard my adult kids talk about the show. They like it. I do like Nancy’s books though!

  2. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen Dr. Who. I think it’s time to change that!

  3. Would love to win a copy of Rising Darkness–I have to confess Dr. Who is not on my must watch list.

  4. No not on my to watch list.

    • That’s okay, Kim. My “to watch” list is too long. I have to trim it from time to time. But I won’t trim the Doctor. LOL!

  5. Sorry, I’m not a TV watcher so I don’t know Dr. Who.

  6. Not a Dr Who fan but intend to be a fan of this book! Description is intriguing.

  7. Description is intriguing so I plan to be a fan of this book.

  8. Never watched, but I hear about it occasionally. I know it has been around forever!

  9. I’ve not watched Dr. Who. I would LOVE to read RISING DARKNESS! Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. No, I’m not a fan of Dr Who like Nancy, but I was surprised to see we have several other things in common. Among them our love for Murder She Wrote and Nancy Drew… and my need to avoid staying on Facebook too long! So I can sure relate to that one! 😀

  11. Never heard of it. But I do love all of Nancy books and looking forward to reading this one also.

  12. I’ve never watched a single episode of Dr. Who… I hope to remedy soon! My husband wouldn’t be into it, so I’d have to watch it on my own laptop or Kindle :-) I do have a young woman in our church is a Dr. Who fanatic though….she LOVES everything to do with the show!

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of “Rising Darkness”. This would be the first of Nancy’s books I’ve read….and most definitely NOT the last!

  13. I would love that same super power. 😉 And thank you for taking this topic of a story on with compassion.

    • Thanks for the comment, Katy. It’s a difficult topic to write about. I hope Sophie’s pain comes through realistically.

  14. Beverly Duell-Moore

    I love your books! can’t wait to read “Rising Darkness”!

  15. Would love to win Rising Darkness! And not a huge TV fan, including the very popular Dr. Who. I basically watch less than a handful of shows when I have a moment of free time.

  16. I used to watch Dr. Who many, many years ago. Don’t think it is showing in my area on TV. Plus, I don’t really watch much TV because the hubby watches shows like O’Reilly, Hannity, etc. and I’ll read.

  17. I LOVE Nancy’s books and loved this series. It would be AWESOME to win this book! Thanks for the opportunity!

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