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Katie Ganshert


Katie Ganshert


Wife, mum, teacher,
writer, and jigsaw puzzler

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Rel:~ What did you do on/for your 13th birthday?

Katie:~ Oh my, I really have to stretch my brain to remember! Let’s see, 13 was seventh grade. So if I’m remembering correctly, a bunch of friends and I went bowling and then hung out at my house? That could have been when I turned 12 though.

What 3 adjectives would your friends/family use to describe your personality?

Okay, so I asked one of my best friends and with the help of my husband, they came up with: dedicated, low-maintenance, genuine.

I’ll take it!

Where did your penchant for writing contemporary romance begin?

When I was a kid! Not only did I write as a little girl, I always wrote romance! Isn’t that random? What ten year old girl writes romance? But seriously, I remember reading A Face on the Milk Carton in like, 5th grade, and I became romance-obsessed. J

Describe Wishing on Willows in 5 adjectives

Okay, so I’m horrible at describing my own work. Which means I solicited the help of my launch team! I sent out an email and got a lot of fabulous responses. Channelling my inner teacher 😉 I categorized the adjectives, tallied them up and came up with the most representative words my launch team used to describe Wishing on Willows….

Captivating, hope-filled, romantic, authentic, bittersweet

What creepy crawly or critter do you most fear?

Centipedes! They are fast and gross and really really creepy.

If you could bring one character to life from your own books, who would it be and why?

Robin probably, because I think we could be great friends.

What’s guaranteed to make you laugh?

Other people laughing! Especially when it’s hysterical laughter.

Please share a favourite Bible verse

Lately, my favorite’s been Isaiah 26:3 – You will keep him in perfect peace whose eyes are stayed on you because he trust in you.

We’re in the process of adopting, which is not an easy journey. In fact, it’s incredibly emotional and it involves a whole lot of unknowns and torturous waiting and what-ifs and financial strain. This verse is literally sustaining me through it. It reminds me to keep my eyes on Him, because He is the embodiment of peace and He’s got this.

Thanks Katie ~ appreciate you!

Katie’s Bookwishing-on-willows

A three-year old son, a struggling café, and fading memories are all Robin Price has left of her late husband. As the proud owner of Willow Tree Café in small town Peaks, Iowa,  she pours her heart into every muffin she bakes and espresso she pulls, thankful for the sense of purpose and community the work provides.
So when developer Ian McKay shows up in Peaks with plans to build condos where her café and a vital town ministry are located, she isn’t about to let go without a fight.
As stubborn as he is handsome, Ian won’t give up easily. His family’s business depends on his success in Peaks. But as Ian pushes to seal the deal, he wonders if he has met his match. Robin’s gracious spirit threatens to undo his resolve, especially when he discovers the beautiful widow harbors a grief that resonates with his own.
With polarized opinions forming all over town, business becomes unavoidably personal and Robin and Ian must decide whether to cling to the familiar or surrender their plans to the God of Second Chances

Katie’s Bio

Katie Ganshert was born and raised in the Midwest, where she writes stories about finding faith and falling in love. When she’s not busy plotting her next novel, she enjoys watching movies with her husband, playing make-believe with her wild-child of a son, and chatting with her girlfriends over bagels. She and her husband are in the process of adopting from the Congo. You can find her online at her blog and on Facebook.

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16 Responses to Pop Quiz ~ Katie Ganshert

  1. Thanks for having me, Rel!

  2. So excited for Katie’s second novel — and having read an ARC, I know how wonderful it is!
    I would have to agree: love laughing with friends & I could totally skip the centipede creepy-crawlies.

  3. Katie, Knew that there’d be more novels forthcoming from your talented pen (computer?). Congratulations.

    And Rel–as always, thanks for this and many other great posts.

  4. ‘dedicated, low-maintenance, genuine.’

    I appreciate you too, Katie. You’ve got such a lovely personnality.

    And she’s a greaat author too, y’all!! You are sorely missing out if you are not planning on giving one of Katie’s books a try – ESPECIALLY her latest, which was indeed fabulous, just like you said (on Twitter) Rel :-)

  5. What a fun interview, Rel and Katie. I’m looking forward to reading Robin’s story.

    I’d have to ask someone else some of those questions too, Katie.

  6. What a fun way to conduct an interview! I am currently about 1/3 through Wishing on Willows and I’m loving it!

  7. Ah, love this! What a great interview idea and very fun. :)

  8. Oh, man, I totally remember that book, “The Face on the Milk Carton.” I don’t remember anything about it, but I do remember it! Hah.

    And “captivating” is definitely a good one for “Wishing on Willows.” Fun interview!

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