Sticks & Stones by Susan Meissner

5 Stars

When lawyer Rachael Flynn receives an anonymous letter telling her a body will soon be discovered she can’t begin to imagine the journey ahead of her. An excavation uncovers the body of a teenage boy buried more than twenty years earlier and Rachael feels compelled to uncover the truth behind the crime. With the help of Sgt Will Pendleton and the artistic skills of her husband Trace and his talented and eclectic friends, Rachael soon discovers that fear is a powerful motivator and sadly, time does not heal all wounds.

Susan Meissner has excelled in every way with Sticks & Stones, the second Rachael Flynn mystery. The mystery is powerful and compelling and the characterisation spot on. The emotions of her characters are so tangible that at times it is exquisitely painful to read. I was captivated by Rachael and Trace as they worked through the tension Rachael’s desire for truth, and the risks she takes, creates in their marriage. Fig, Sid and Brick are back adding flavour to the story with their artistry once again shedding light on the crime scene. The lifelong impact bullying can have on children is clearly portrayed and yet Susan weaves hope and the healing it can bring into this thought-provoking and beautifully written story that will absorb you from beginning to end.

I have a copy of Sticks & Stones to give away :) Please leave a comment to be included in the draw before Friday 16th March, 2007.

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13 Responses to Sticks & Stones by Susan Meissner

  1. This sounds like it could be compelling and thought provoking. Count me in.

  2. Wow – that was quick! I just posted. I think you would enjoy it a lot given your background in social work!

  3. I have really been enjoying this series…can’t wait for Days & Hours in September. Susan’s books get stronger with each new release. The person who wins this book will not be disappointed!

  4. Have I read the first one? If not can you make me down for that in my next batch of books please.

  5. Wow 5 stars, count me in too!!!

  6. I love hearing good things about Susan and her writing. She’s amazing. Her editors positively adore her. : )

  7. They sure do!

  8. Easy to see why you do Nick :) Thanks for the post.Hi Donna – looking forward to getting my hands on your book too! I know for a fact your editors think you are pretty good yourself!

  9. sounds like a good book. I enjoy reading Dee Henderson’s books and this story line seems to be along a similar theme. Pls enter me!

  10. Will do Karen – great to have you visit!

  11. I love Susan’s books thus far…and I love a good mystery (I can even resist the temptation of reading the last page now!!!!!).Please put me in the draw too :)

  12. this sounds good and I like the author.

  13. I read Widows & Orphans, but haven’t read Sticks & Stones yet…it’s on my shelf…and I know there’s going to be a third book…have it on a wishlist.

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