The Reading Habits of Jan Drexler (with giveaway)

Jan DrexlerAre you a re-reader? Why, or why not? And if you are, what are some of the books you have read over and over?

I will re-read some books, especially ones that I read many years ago. I’m in the middle of re-reading the Anne of Green Gables books, and since I’m reading them nearly forty years after my first time through, I’m seeing Anne with a different perspective, and enjoying her immensely.

When is your optimal time to read – do you prefer to read in one long block, or do you also read for five minutes here or there when you can?

I prefer to read in a long block of time. Unfortunately, that block usually comes in the evening and lasts well into the night. But I don’t really need sleep, do I?

I’d love your thoughts on novellas. Are you thumbs up or down? Or does it depend?!

I enjoy novellas, especially when I don’t have a lot of time to read. A short, satisfying story is just enough sometimes.

Are you faithful to a genre, an author, or simply quality writing?

Quality writing gets me every time. I have favorite authors, and I always enjoy historical fiction, but I like to read broadly and deeply.

Which factors most influence your selection of a book?

From my time working in bookstores and libraries, I tend to look at the publisher first. I know that’s unusual, but there are a few publishers that I know I can count on to deliver a good read. The next factor is subject matter (for both fiction and non-fiction) and the author.

Your fiction pet peeve?

Poor research, especially in historical fiction.

What book have you read this year that you could not put down, and why?

Oh. Wow. I read Like a River From its Course by Kelli Stuart a few months ago. It was an all-nighter! The story takes place in Ukraine during World War 2, and I was glued to the page – I had to know how the characters were going to survive.


Despite growing pains in her 1846 Amish community in Indiana, Naomi Schrock has settled into a comfortable life in her parents’ home with her adopted son, Davey. Surrounded by family and friends, she tries not to think about the fact that she’s not at the top of any man’s list of potential wives. Yet when Cap Stoltzfus moves into the area and befriends Davey, Naomi finds herself caught between the plans she has made for her future and the tantalizing thought that Cap might be part of a life she never dared to hope for.

When a couple shows up claiming to be Davey’s true family, Naomi and Cap must unite to make the decision that will determine the boy’s future as well as their own. How can she relinquish him to these unknown relatives? And can God somehow bring wholeness to her heart?

How do you mark your spot – folded page corner, bookmark, dollar bill, whatever is at hand?

Bookmark. Always. I have a favorite one – an illustration of a Corgi by Tasha Tudor.

Whose debut novel impressed you more than you anticipated?

Ruth Logan Herne’s Winter’s End. A lovely story, and just as well-told as her later ones.

When reading, what makes or breaks a story for you?

What makes a story is good story-telling and fascinating, sympathetic characters. When the writer can make me forget that I’m actually reading a book, I’m happy!

What are some of your favourite CF reads from around 10 years ago, or further back?

I have to go further back. I went through a time of reading everything Lori Wick wrote, and all of Janette Oke’s novels. While I was homeschooling my children, I didn’t have as much time to read, but I still would pick up the newest Beverly Lewis book at the library.

Snack/drink of choice while reading?

Tea. And chocolate. Always chocolate. 😊

What book cover has really caught your eye?

Every once in a while, a book cover grabs my emotions. The cover of Home on the Range by Ruth Logan Herne (published by Waterbrook Multnomah) is one that did that recently. The strong cowboy with his little daughter just tugged at my heart strings.

Which author makes it easy to turn off your internal editor?

Tina Russo Radcliffe. Her books flow perfectly, and I’m never second-guessing her plot lines, characters, or anything. They’re a pleasure to read.

What book do you wish you had written? Why?

The Shunning by Beverly Lewis. What an honor it must be to know that your book started an entire sub-genre of fiction!

Thanks Jan!

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7 Responses to The Reading Habits of Jan Drexler (with giveaway)

  1. I never thought about it before, but sometimes I do notice the publisher. I tend to like books that are published with mainstream companies rather than smaller groups.

  2. Yes when I find an author that I really like I tend to read her/his books. Lately, I have been trying authors that I have never heard of and for the most part, been pleasantly surprise.

  3. Nope I choose them bases on what is on the back or inside the cover the burb.

  4. I do know most all the christian publishers so I do look for that in the books I choose and I do choose other books that are clean but dont really notice the publisher.

  5. danielle hammelef

    I don’t choose my books based on publisher, although if I hear about a book coming out from a house that has published my favorite books and authors, I will check out the book.

  6. I don’t pick books by the publisher. I choose my books mostly by author and genre. A great cover and a good description of the book also helps me decide if I’m going to buy the book or not. Dianne Casey because I

  7. I like to read books by certain publishers but I pick and choose from what they have to offer. I definitely will read anything by my favorite authors 😉

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