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Are you a re-reader? Why, or why not? And if you are, what are some of the books you have read over and over?

There are several books I’d like to read again, but when I look at the stack of new ones on my desk, I usually grab one of those. What I frequently do is reread favorite passages–the ones where the language sings or the kiss is just too exquisite not to read again … and again.

Charles Martin’s books do that for me. There’s always a paragraph or two that’s so beautiful I just want to hold on to it. I’ve also read Penelope Williamson’s The Outsider about five times. You might have seen the movie awhile back. The book was a thousand times better. Her writing sings off the page.

When is your optimal time to read – do you prefer to read in one long block, or do you also read for five minutes here or there when you can?

One long block. I have no discipline at all when it comes to setting a book down, which explains why I’ve shown up at the day job bleary eyed and yawning. That’s why my favorite time to read is in the afternoon, preferably outside on a sunny day. Or better yet, let’s go to the beach

I have another favorite reading place, and that’s on an airplane. I’ve made the flight between Washington DC to LAX several times. Six hours is just the right amount of time to read a 350 page book cover to cover.

I’d love your thoughts on novellas. Are you thumbs up or down? Or does it depend?

They’re fun to write, but I don’t read a lot of them. In general I prefer to read longer books with lots of complexity. The better I know the characters, the more I enjoy the story. On the other hand, a novella can pack a real emotional wallop. Joanne Bischof did that in This Quiet Sky. What a powerful story!

Rel: Love This Quiet Sky, Victoria, and I’ve just had the absolute pleasure of reading her August release, The Lady and the Lionheart…simply exquisite!

Are you faithful to a genre, an author, or simply quality writing?

I stick pretty much to romance and women’s fiction. But every so often I’ll be in the mood for something completely different. That’s when I browse my husband’s bookcase. Michael Connelly totally hooked me with The Lincoln Lawyer, and I enjoy Dick Francis’s horse racing mysteries. He’s written some of the best first lines ever.

Which factors most influence your selection of a book?

I love reading first time authors. You can feel the writer’s enthusiasm leaping off the page. I also like to try new-to-me authors. When it comes down to picking the actual book, I’ll notice the cover, but the back cover copy is what gets me to open the book and read a few paragraphs. If the writing grabs me, I’m sold.

I also go for books with an edgy feel to them. I’m a big fan of Nancy Rue’s Reluctant Prophet series. I read them with a book club, and they generated more discussion than just about any other title.


Victoria’s TBR

Your fiction pet peeve?

Drawn out endings! Once we know what’s going to happen, I’m eager to get to it. There’s a real art to keeping the drama going up to the last few pages.

What book have you read this year that you could not put down, and why?

Earlier this year I glommed on to Charles Martin’s books and read several. When Crickets Cry left me in tears. So did The Mountain Between Us. Stunning! Can’t wait for the movie. Where the River Ends is the second biggest tearjerker I’ve ever read. The first biggest was Old Yeller. If you’ve read that children’s story, you know what I mean!

Rel: Charles’ books are amazing, I agree! When Crickets Cry is an all time favourite novel. And the movie…with Idris Elba, hopefully! Can’t wait :)

How do you mark your spot – folded page corner, bookmark, dollar bill, whatever is at hand?

Last night I used the foil from a piece Dove Mocha Latte Dark Chocolate. Whatever’s handy!

Whose debut novel impressed you more than you anticipated?

Monica Mynk is a friend of mine through a Kentucky writers group. She recently published Cavernous through Mantle Rock Publishing. It’s the first book in a YA series and I just loved it. We need more books that give teens positive role models in real world situations.

When reading, what makes or breaks a story for you?

I want to read about real life–the hard stuff, the funny stuff, the things that make us laugh and cry at the same time. Nothing thrills me more as a reader than a strong spiritual story line. It doesn’t have to be heavy handed or in your face. Not at all. But the books that touch me the deepest are about God changing lives.

What are some of your favourite CF reads from around 10 years ago, or further back?

Ten years ago I was reading mostly secular fiction–historical sagas, western romance, Americana, and women’s fiction. That type of reading became progressively less satisfying, but I was a little gun-shy about reading inspirationals. The first CBA books I read in the mid-1990s didn’t match my life experience at all.

Then I discovered Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love. There was no going back after that. I read several of her novels back to back. The Scarlet Thread and And The Shofar Blew changed how I viewed Christian fiction at the time.

I also have to mention to Deborah Raney’s Beneath The Southern Sky. It won the RWA Rita Award in 2002 in Denver. I was at the conference as a newly published author, wearing my pink first sale ribbon, when she won the award. I bought the book and read it on the flight home. Cried my eyes out!

Rel: I remember my husband and I having quite the discussion over the outcome of Deb’s novel – we both took a different view!

Snack/drink of choice while reading?

More of those Dove Dark Chocolates please! Except I’m trying to lose 10 lbs. Ack! Maybe just a few . . .

What book cover has really caught your eye?

Irish Meadows by Susan Anne Mason grabbed my eye the instant I saw it. Talk about intriguing! It’s as if the heroine is about to open her mouth and speak. I love that one.

Which author makes it easy to turn off your internal editor?

When I pick up a Lisa Samson book, my internal editor says, “Oh! You’re reading Lisa! See you later!” Lisa’s voice is so unique that it defies any kind of interference. Songbird, Embrace Me and especially The Passion of Mary-Margaret are my favorites.

Rel: I think we are reading twins! The Passion of Mary-Margaret is such a powerful story. I miss Lisa’s creative plots and soul-serching writing.

What book do you wish you had written? Why?

Francine Rivers’ Bridge to Haven touched me to the core. She does real life with honesty, conviction, and profound compassion. I have the deepest respect for her work and can’t wait for the next book. At the risk of going all fan-girl, she’s simply the best.

Rel: That she is! Thanks Victoria for sharing about your reading habits.

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Victoria Bylin writes contemporary and historical romances acclaimed for their true-to-life characters and plots. Her work has finaled in contests such as the Carol Awards, the RITAs, and the Reviewers’ Choice Award. A native of California, she and her husband now make their home in Kentucky. Visit her website at to find out more.


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32 Responses to The Reading Habits of Victoria Bylin and a giveaway

  1. I haven’t read any of Charles Martin’s books. He is an author whose name has been mentioned in book club but we haven’t put one of his books on our list yet. It sounds like we should!

    • Hello Pam K! I first heard of Charles Martin through a book club, too. For some reason, we never did read one of his books. Boy, did we miss out! I just finished reading Wrapped in Rain (his second book) and thoroughly enjoyed it. No surprise there!

  2. I love Charles Martin’s writing! My favorite of his books (that I’ve read) is The Mountain Between Us. I’d rather read his books than Nicholas Spark’s books.

    • I totally agree, JJ, both about The Mountain Between Us and preferring Charles Martin to Nicholas Sparks. Admittedly, I haven’t read much Nicholas Sparks. There’s just something about Charles Martin’s writing that sings to me.

  3. Hi Rel and Victoria. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity. I had to look Charles Martin up and am now intrigued. Though he appears quite famous, he is new to me.

  4. Sounds like a great read!

  5. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the author Charles Martin.

  6. Hello Ann! So many books, so little time. My ideal vacation would be a week at the beach with six books and nothing to do but read and relax.

  7. Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of reading Charles Moore YET.

  8. I like Nicholas Sparks, Karen Kingsbury and Francine Rivers Books. I just put When Crickets Cry on hold at the library. Some of your TBR looks like great reads.

  9. I have not read a book by Charles Martin, YET! The funny thing is, I watched a blog post video of his last year before I knew who he was. I wasn’t familiar with him, but his video moved me. I, seriously, thought that he was a more obscure author and come to find out he is quite seasoned. Here, I thought I was so “in the know.” haha Although I haven’t read one of his books, I have actually purchased a couple and will definitely get to them soon.

    Congrats on your new release, Victoria. I have mentioned on another blog that Until I Found You was one of my favorite books that I read last year. Coincidentally, I just purchased the paperback of Together With You TODAY. Better late than never. :)

  10. Excellent choice, Sonnetta! Which Nicholas Sparks book is your favorite?

  11. Well . . . there is pie all over my face – – I am quite familiar with Charles Martin and Francine Rivers and several authors that you mentioned in your interview Victoria – – but I wasn’t familiar with your writings – shame on me. Well, I will soon remedy that as I have downloaded 2 of your books onto my kindle and after finishing my current read, I will be choosing one of yours to start my summer “rock & read” program – that is my southern interpretation of my rocking chair on the back porch with a cool glass of ice tea and a good book! That’s paradise for me! Thanks for the interview Rel – I can always count on a good leading to a good author from you!

    • Hello Pam, A summer “rock & read” program sounds wonderful! I would love to do exactly that, either on a deck with a mountain view or at the beach with the waves breaking to the shore. Living in Lexington, KY, the mountains are closest :) Thanks for supporting my books. I appreciate it!

  12. I have never read one of his books but I keep hearing about them lately!!! Definitely adding to my list of books to read!!! :)

    • Hi Lisa, I think you’ll enjoy his books. The language is poetic to the point of being exquisite. Plus he’s super high-concept. Lots of drama! His books inspire me in two ways. First, to be more vivid and sensory. Second, to up the ante without wondering if I’m going too far. Enjoy!

  13. I have not read any books by author Charles Martin

  14. Brittany Keating

    I have not read any of Charles Martin’s books yet, but “When Crickets Cry” is in my TBR pile!

  15. Deanna Stevens

    I haven’t read his book.. but if he is better that N Sparks!! sign me up! Would love to read it..

  16. I’ve never heard of Charles Martin but I’ll have to go look him up now! I love Someone Like You, great book! Looking forward to reading more Victoria Bylin titles :)

  17. Sarah Barnhart

    I’ve never read any Charles Martin books because I’ve never heard of him, but I’ll definitely look him up!

  18. I haven’t read Charles Martin’s books. I looked at his Amazon page and his books look intriguing.

  19. I’ve never read any Charles Martin novels but I’d love to!

  20. I have never read a Charles Martin book, but I have heard of him. Some of his books look good.

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